Special People  

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4/10/2005 12:51 pm

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Special People

I imagine I am repeating myself. I am interested in a woman who is interested in the excitement of great purpose and success. I am interested in one who appreciates this and understands this without my being required to teach her to value and respect it and want it veyr badly to share it with me.

I am not interested in those who don't understand this prinicpal. I am interested in a woman who would be comfortably with me and veyr large important clients.

I am interested in a woman who can appreciate this greatly and is interested in this menaingful aspect of life. I am not interested in a wo,man who just wnats the average man and the average retirement destiny but is motivated to create much more richness and community. a blend of body, mind and spirit. A life that works very well in the world and is ppure ecstacy in private as my student in these areas.

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