do I have a story for you guys  

11rorinVT 34M
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8/27/2006 6:42 pm
do I have a story for you guys

See I live in a hotel right now with have of my class in the school that i am in. And in the hotel there is a night club, Tribeca if you are from Newport News you might now it I live in the Omni. So my one friend and I start to the drinking we just came back from watching beerfest. So we head over and get the dancing on and wow it was like we fucking there on the dance floor "Problem she is married" oh well I am single and after 2 or 3 more drinks dont care. The club closes down and the night is almost over and I just head back to my room to sleep the night away. Then my phone rings and get and go answer it and guess who. HAHA so she is like I cant make it to bed I need some help I am drunk and being the gentleman that I am I figure what the hell she just needs a little help I had down there and she leads me into her room. She slowly touchs my chest and then kisses my cheek. At this time I am ready to go and we start making out with some serious dry humping on the side and things are just getting crazy. At this point I am just strip naked and go and she stops keeps me out and say we cant do this. HAHA you all thought we were going to fuck didn't you. She is also 13 years my older and you know what older women that take care of themselves are amazing. Hope you liked.

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