dreaming of a good day...  

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7/22/2006 10:23 am

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dreaming of a good day...

So I started things off getting up early, with a bike ride. I'm cruising around looking for something to do. I have been starving for sex and being summertime all the ladies are stepping it up a notch. Legs are all tanned, hair both looks and smells good.

I don't smoke, but in this dream I am headed down a step hill on my bike and look over to see this hot little asian number. I pull up beside her, "got an extra cigarette?" She turns off her Ipod and complies. We engage in some banter, some small talk turns out her name is Amber. She's hot. Dark hair, tanned skin, tiny little meshy brown skirt.

So we chat a little about our lives and what's going on, and I deside to drop it. "what do you have planned today?" You never know until you ask, right? She says not much, then asks if I could accompany her to pick up her bike from the building where she used to live.

"Well I was planning on going home and cleaning my place" I say.

"Do you live far?"

"No, hey if you came by and help me clean, we could finish up quick and then get your bike." With that we were off, I was on my bike staggering infront and behind Amber. As I mentioned she's hot. Tanned legs leading up to a tight mini skirt that as she walked kept riding up giving me glimpses of her tight hamstrings and round cheeks every so often. I was in love from the get go. I wanted to do everything I possibly could to make this woman happy. I felt like a puppy urging to please my new owner.

After maybe an hour we get back to my place, where she asks to use the washroom. Of course it's just there (I point) she disapears for a few minutes then returns. "You can ask me to leave, but I feel I have to do this" she says "I understand if you want me to go"

"What are you talking about?"

"Well, you see I have to do this. I don't have a choice" she says holding some moisturizing lotion.

Confused I move a step towards her and she motions me to the couch. I pretty much lay down putting my feet into her lap. With the skill of a goddess from time long past she carresses and smoothes moisturizing cream about my feet in a deep tissue massage. I groan a little in delight. "Today is a good day" I say. Her hands move from my feet, slowly up and down my calves sending rushes of heat through my lower legs.

"That was great, but fair is fair I should return the favour. I'm more of a back person than a foot person however." She looks over and turns her back to me and moves towards the bed. "You'll need to take off your shirts" with that she pulls out of a loose black shall and a tighter fitting undergarment.

I can't believe this is happening, here in my very apartment! I picked up this incredibly hot woman and now she's disrobes in front of me? This must be my lucky day.

Wow, did I mention the body on this fine girl? 5'4" 125lbs big boobs, like 36c on that little frame. Anyhow I lather my hands and start in on her shoulders, traps, and muscles held tightly to the spine, rhomboids I think they are called. Her left shoulder blade is quite stiff, so after applying heat I delve into a deep tissue massage of my own.

All the while my excitement has been building since I first got her home. Amber laying on her stomach, her dark hair thrown over her shoulder with my hands carressing her body.

This is what I have (and it's probably too long already) but maybe it gives you an idea for an ending?

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