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4/21/2006 4:43 pm

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5/6/2006 8:33 am

I know it's cliche, but seriously I wanna know. My friends all tell me I'm "too nice", at least when it comes to the opposite sex.
I don't cheat on girlfriends, I treat them with respect and I don't really annoy them. but somehow I'm confused with the part that females (most that I run into, my age) are less attracted to "nice guys". Don't get me wrong, I'm not a complete wuss, I drive a Camaro, I love hard rock and adrenaline rushes, but I'm still lost somewhere in the whole thing.

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4/23/2006 8:58 pm

You are way too young to really know this one..but trust me...you are wrong. What YOU find "nice" may not be what I or another finds "nice." And because you are "nice" doesn't make you attractive. I know Quasimodo was a nice guy..but I wouldn't want to have sex with him. Being an asshole doesn't make you attractive either. I can say this...falling at a woman's feet and doing everything before she even asks...is sickening to most of us. Most women don't want that, but there are some. And many men want a waitress, but most don't want it to keep. "NICE" is a relative word and it means different things to different people. There may be something about *you* (sorry to say this) that is *unattractive* as opposed to whether you are nice or not.

Having a camaro, listening to rock and having and adrenaline rush...does NOT make you *nice* or attractive. I have a Camaro..who gives a shit?? Cars do NOT equate to who you are as a person. You are lost because you have to find YOU....not *be nice* to someone. There is no way in HELL I would date someone just because they are *nice*...I need a connection, chemistry. At 18 I am sure you are not aware of all of that quite yet. No insult intended, but I was 18 once and I know.


4/24/2006 12:21 am

Sugar you haven't even took but a few breaths at this point. Things will come naturally. You just figure out who you are and what you want out of life for your self. The females your age are doing the same thing you are and feeling the same things. It's not about anything but that. {=}

just a squirrel trying to get a nut

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4/24/2006 6:12 pm

ok, thanks for the comments thus far, i appreciate actual people responding. i wasn't expecting quite so long of replies by the immaturity of some of the other people on the site, but i agree as i am young age and experience wise, but i was looking more for, .. positive reassurance, so thanks MOfun. And yet to some degree i have to disagree, i work on car for a living technician/mechanic, and yes your car does often discribe a good portion of a persons life. besides that, I know what i want for my future, i'm working towards it and making a serious effort to making myself a good life. which at some point, God willing, will involve a family(american dream). ok, with that out of the way,
i was wondering mostly b/c it is a "cliche" and a lil bit b/c it applies to me. i wasn't looking for "don'ts" i was looking for a "do" type thing. the reference to my car/lifestyle was to help support the fact that I'm not just a nerd sitting at home all day looking for dates online. Maybe i should rephrase the title to "what should a nice guy, who's not completely a dork, do in order for females (or possibly the female) to find me more attractive or entirely shoot me down"
- sorry for the run on sentences, i have a problem w/ that and I really didn't mean to come off rude, it's generally an accident

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4/25/2006 6:34 am

The bit about the car....lets get it straight.

I do NOT go say "Hmm....I am going to date HIM because he drives a *****." THAT was my point. You could have just said "I own my own car" rather than "I own a Camaro." Too many guys think a car is an extention of their penis...see my point???

As to what "YOU" *should* do to make yourself better....well that is like asking us as total strangers to tell you what tastes wrong with a bowl of soup you just made. How the hell would WE know when WE don't know you, have never met you, and don't have a clue what you are like??

Relationships are NOT a piece of paper and a formula. BE YOURSELF!! And that is what I said outright. Again, what ONE person likes...ANOTHER may not!!! So for ME to say "I like this in a man" if YOU are not truly like that....it is NOT GOING TO MATTER!!! You cannot *be* someone you are not. It is not a stage play. Followed by MoFun...may NOT like what I just said I liked. So...now do you *pretend* to be what she likes for her or what I like for me??? Again..see my point??? BE YOURSELF!!!!

No matter how much *positive* you wish to have...knowing the *negatives* makes it easier to walk. If you go through a mind field and no one tells you the *bad spots* you are bound to walk on one and get blown up. Wishful thinking that people will ONLY tell you GOOD things my dear. Again....you will learn that with life.

rdy2try4 52F  
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4/25/2006 7:51 am

Oh yeah...Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world. I am SURE he drives a fancy car. But...HE IS STILL A NERD!!!! Your car doesn't make YOU not a nerd silly. Don't be so *materialistic*....your personage is not measured by that.

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4/25/2006 8:16 am

Well...you are probably going to say "I" am negative also..but I am SERIOUS and HONEST here!! I cannot tell you HOW MANY assholes, dorks, geeks, and dweebs think that if they get a Camaro, Trans Am, or Corvette...the "chicks will love them!!!" Omg..they are now "COOOOL" because they have a hot rod. My dear kiddo...THAT does not prove you are *cool*, *not a nerd* or anything else. The POSITIVE to that was ...do NOT brag about what TYPE of car it is!! It may be a not...a negative in your book, but I am NOT going to tell you to "TALK" about your car to get women. I personally find it just hilarious to see buttheaded dweebs in hot rods that think they are suddenly cool. I could buy a Lambourghini and it won't make me Miss America honey!!!!

I am with Rdy and Catwoman on this...I do NOT look at men and say "hmmm does he listen to Judas Priest??? I gotta date HIM" either. YOU have to be YOU. I know I certainly don't want a guy that thinks if he does what "I" tell him to do, his personal character will conform to it and BE that person and I will like him. THAT in and of itself is a turn off.

I do see this as Immaturity. If you don't like that...oh well. But seriously you do center on some things that are totally immaterial and irrelivant as to YOU being a *nice* guy and wanting dates. YOU have to find YOU...I am not looking for you.

Want women to like you??? DON"T ask us what to do!!!! BE YOURSELF is right. Rdy is a highly respected member on this site. She gives good advise. You cannot expect ALL happy good answers complimenting you. This is a public forum...take the good with the bad. And if you don't like the bad...change it!!!

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4/25/2006 10:42 am

Hi DJ, and welcome to the wide world of sexual frustration, LOL. So far the only responders in this post are women, and they're trying to convey some pointers to help you realize the truth about dating and relationships. Pay close attention to the intended advice, young fellow. They're really trying to help. rdy2try4 has an extremely good point and she's not "getting in your face", she's just a "matter of fact" kind of gal (I've known her for some time, and she's really a sweetie... trust me).
With that said, I guess it's time for a bit of old codger advice, LOL. I've been around the block WAAAAAYYYYY to many times, and I did manage... finally.... to learn a thing or two. The point made about the kind of car you drive is a good one. A huge mistake all of us guys make as young men is to think that the kind of vehicle we own is a factor in our appearance to women. Hey, I made that mistake too, when I was younger. Hell, back when, I had a turbocharged TransAm with T-tops, yada, yada, yada. All it did was eat gas and cost a bundle in insurance, LOL. Actually, if a guy puts too much emphasis on his wheels, it comes off to women that he's going to pay more attention to the car than to the gals. It does make a guy look materialistic, so forget the whole "image" thing with what kind of possesions you have... it just doesn't give off good vibes, bro.
I know this is another "don't", but I have to make this point. Quit worrying about looking like a nerd or whatever. Honestly, I've seen the geekiest, most butt-ugly guys you can imagine that had gals falling over themselves to date them. No, they weren't rich, nor could they lick their eyebrows, LOL. And YES... they're nice guys. This old bullshit about nice guys not getting dates is absolute nonsense. Now keep in mind that there is a difference between "nice guy" and "sucker"..... a HUGE difference. Being a polite gentleman with honesty and integrity makes a fellow very attractive. Falling over himself, waiting on her hand and foot and generally acting subordinate in every way will send a gal running while saying "eeeeewwwwww".

Ok, enough of the don'ts.
The big secret (yeah, like it's a secret) to being a hot commodity in the dating market is confidence. Now, don't confuse confidence with arrogance. An arrogant man is a lonely man. Selfishness is ugly. This doesn't mean you should throw money or gifts around, NOT BY ANY MEANS!!!!!! All that does is attract the gold diggers who play guys for their funds and dump 'em when the cash cow dries up. What I mean is that you share YOURSELF. Give a gal your ears, not your mouth... you know, listen to her and pay attention to details. Of course, if she can't shut up for two seconds, you might want to take a pass, LOL. Self-centered people are a turn off.
CONFIDENCE That's the number one, biggest turn-on. True confidence without arrogance makes ANYONE hot. But there's a catch. How do you get confidence... hmmm. It's a hell of a parodox. You can't appear confident if you don't feel it, and you can't feel it if you haven't gained the social skills. Trial and error is a pain in the ass, with all that rejection.... geesh. So what does a guy so to gain those much needed skills to become comfortable out in the dating scene?
Here's a couple of suggestions, and the reasons why.
Take dance lessons.
Oh dude! You'd be amazed with the results. I'm speaking from hard earned experience. I was a shy-guy who didn't get many dates at all, back many years ago. After I finally met, and married a gal (who's now my EX wife), she drug me reluctantly into a ballroom dance studio. I found out what a challenge it was and after quite some time, I got darned good at it. Best thing she ever did for me! After the divorce, I finally got out of the horrible funk and decided to go out and socialize. I went to a singles dance (for us old farts, lol) and took my dance shoes. Yes, I have real dance shoes. It was hilarious to see the looks on the faces of the people there. The vast majority of the men didn't really know how to dance, and just went there to pick up women... and didn't, by the way, lol. When I changed shoes, all those guys looked at me as if I was some creature from outer space. "Who the hell does he think HE is, with special shoes and all?" All the gals' eyes lit up with that hungry look like..... "ohhhhh, he knows how to REALLY dance!!!!". Needless to say, I didn't set down much at all. I was a hot commodity (grin). I'm VERY confident on the dance floor. I know how to lead a woman and make her feel and look beautiful right in front of God and everybody. Get the picture?
Oh, by the way.... I'm not a hunk. I'm quite homely. You can see my picure. It can scare a rabid Pit Bull, LOL. I'm not wealthy. I drive an old work van... I don't care and neither do the ladies. I have a girlfriend now, and we're really happy. I talked her into taking ballroom dance lessons (like that was difficult... ROFLMAO ). When we go out dancing, the ladies still look at me like I'm some kind of hot stuff. It's that confidence thing.

Join a local Toastmasters organization. They're a group who's function is to teach and practice public speaking. I know, I know... it sounds stupid, but hear me out. The biggest fear tht 97% of all people have is public speaking. Standing up in front of a big crowd scares the hell out of almost everyone. They teach how to overcome this fear and gain confidence in front of others. You ever notice how most gals are hot for musicians, singers, actors, sportsmen and so forth? It's that confidence thing again. I used to play music and sing in several bands. Trust me, getting up on stage is very intimidating, but I got over it and was quite comfortable in public. I noticed how women looked at me. It was nice.

Confidence isn't something people are born with. It's learned. Sometimes it's gained from long years of trial and error, but that's just a waste of time. I'd highly recommend the dancing thing, especially the ballroom style since it also teaches you poise, grace and how to interact with women like a gentleman. Have you noticed how "Dancing With The Stars" has gained such popularity? Jump on the bandwagon early, my friend. It pays off in spades, lol.
Think about this... when you've been out somewhere and there's dancing, did you see some guys who were really good at it and felt a twinge of jealousy? Did you hear the gals talking about those guys and how they were attracted to them? That's a hint.

Oh... one more thing. Learn how to cook like a chef, at least a few gormet dishes. You'd do well to attain that ability, trust me.

Hope this helps you. I'm 52 years old and been through a LOT of living. Ups and downs are always a part of life. Learning good social skills will give you more ups than downs, at least in the dating scene. And don't forget that even the best guys strike out now and then. Everyone is different and some gals won't be attracted to you no matter what you do. I know... been there too. Good luck to you.


siseatsmeattoo 51F

4/25/2006 10:55 am

Hang on a minute here! You getting upset at anything anyone said is a sign of your INexperience. You came here asking a question, the mature thing to do is keep an open mind and listen to what others have to say. That doesn't mean you have to take the advice, or even believe it, but arguing about it will get you nowhere. Some of the girls you are trying to attract might be reading this, that's where they get the idea if they want to talk to you or not. Be careful of first impressions in life...really.

As for your posting; I have 6 teenagers, my boys are 18 & 19 and my girls are 13, 18 & 19(x2). I do understand what you're saying and why, so let me give you a little bit of insight here. At 18, yes you can legally be on your own, but you are still a teenager. There is so much more of life that you haven't even considered much less experienced (not just sex). It's the things you don't see that are the important things to learn and understand, things like the way human beings interact with each other. Not to say that we, as over 30 year olds know it all, because we don't...not by a long shot, but if our experiences can help you, doesn't it make sense that you should listen? Think about it. You can learn things from us and save yourself the heartache of having to go through it like we did.

Girls your age do look at status symbols; cars, where you work, where you live. In a short time, maybe a year, maybe a couple of years the girls you are attracted to won't care about that as much anymore. Being a mechanic is a good thing and is respectable, my ex husband (of 15 years) is a damn good mechanic, so I understand that part of your thought process also. Mechanics do tend to care more about cars than the rest of the population. Unless you intend to only look for girls that have an interest in cars, the fact that you have a Camaro doens't matter. If you are with a girl that knows nothing about cars, it wouldn't matter to her if you had a Camaro or an Escort... as long as it was clean and had a good stereo, she wouldn't know the difference. It wouldn't matter to her if your Camaro is an 1967 SS that you did all of the restoration work on, she would have NO clue what that means. The fact that you have your own car it's what's important and IF you are independant enough to buy it yourself, that would leave an even bigger impression on her. Having a job and working toward an actual goal at 18 is awesome, but do you have a good work ethic? That matters, not what you actually do.
My 19 year old son is on his own, has a great job (better than most 30 & 40 year old men that I know), he has never asked me for a thing, as a matter of fact, he won't let me do anything for him. He just got his first loan by himself (didn't even need a co-signer), to buy a pickup. He is also a "nice guy." He does get the girls he wants most of the time, because he is real; he doens't try to impress anyone or act differently. He never brags about anything (unless it's to me) and he always treats people with respect.

I understand that you wanted some "dos", but you need to understand that we CAN'T give you "dos" about anything, we don't know you at all. Dos only work when you know someone's personality, how they act and react, what they actually feel and how they think. We can only tell you what things we have seen that you shouldn't do, past that it's up to you to look inside yourself and be honest about who you are and what you want out of this moment in life then apply what ever parts of this blog might fit. That is YOUR responsibility as an adult and something that you will have to do almost daily as you get older.

Rdy wasn't attacking you at all. Granted, sometimes when people you don't know say something, it might appear as they are atacking you when they are not, but again, it's your responsiblity as an adult to accept it as what it is, which is: someone you don't know, that doesn't know you trying to give an opinion about soemthing, period. If you don't like the advice someone gives you, ignore it and move on, dwelling on it or bitching because someone answered a question you asked is not only a waste of time, but very immature. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion, some good and some bad, that is also something that you will have to live with for the rest of your life....it's better you learn it now rather than later. If everyone answered everything in the same manner, no one would be able to make a decision and this would be a very boring world we live in. The best decisions are made when others give you options and you are the one that makes the decision, that way there is never any doubt in your mind or in your heart that it was in fact, YOUR decision. Rdy was giving you options, how is that wrong? It's not! Diversity is a beautiful thing, pay attention and see for yourself.

In MY opinion, you were wrong for reacting the way you did to Rdy's response here. It's my opinion and I really don't give a damn if you like it or not, I have a right to it. There is a big difference between a friendly debate and a straight up lack of respect, once you figure that out, learning about people (girls) will come much easier to you and in the end will be much more benefical when looking for a girlfriend and/or a life mate.

Give it some thought, it could be worth it in the long run.

Listen to your heart... it NEVER lies!!

MissAnnThrope 57F
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4/25/2006 11:36 am

Heh. What does driving a sports car and listening to hard rock have to do with not being a wuss?

Now, what are you doing wrong? First, let's talk about what you have in your post here and your profile.

You say you work as a mechanic. Girls your age expect mechanics and other blue collar workers to be bad boys. Nice guys are supposed to have white collar jobs. It is a young girl mindset. Trust me on this one. Look at the urban legend about a serial mechanic. I wrote about it in my blog in Legend Of The Keys, after I saw a blog post putting forth the legend as fact. Yep. Mechanics are supposed to be bad boys and dangerous.

OK, if a girl is shallow, she cares about what kind of car your parents could afford to buy you. If you're 18 and making car payments yourself, more power to you. However, we all know parents help out 99% of kids in your age range. Now, if a girl is impresed by your bitchin' Camaro, she's shallow and only interested in what you can afford to do for her. I do mean afford financially. Girls and women who are impressed by men's cars are looking for men with bucks. While many men consider their car an extension of their penis, women consider it an extension of their wallet.

Now, while matching musical tastes can be important, especially if you're going to spend time cruising around in your car with its expensive (I'm sure) sound system, think about it. Do you really think you can impress some chick who's into Beyonce with death metal? It's not going to happen.

You seem to be an adrenaline junkie. Heh. You might enjoy seeing if you can get your Camaro to break the sound barrier on a deserted highway, but the girl in the passenger seat is going to end up close to having a heart attack. While some might enjoy the extreme rides park at your local Six Flags, girls your age are so not going to go bungee jumping with you.

Your profile doesn't say much more than what you say here. You tell us you're into hardcore rock, but you don't bother to list any of your favorite bands. Trust me on this one, list the bands you like, instead of just listing genres in your description. You also say you're into chicks with tattoos and piercings, but then later on, say you want someone who will look and act conservative around your parents. You seem a bit conflicted there.

Now, are you a nice guy or a doormat? There is a difference. Do you let yourself fall into the platonic guy friend syndrome when you like a girl and are trying to get her to notice you? What is platonic guy friend syndrome?

You're willing to drive over at 2 AM when you have work in the morning, because the guy she started dating while you were trying to woo her broke up with her, cheated on her, whatever and she needs to talk. You're her personal psychiatrist, you give her all sorts of relationship advice on how she should stop dating bad boys and look for someone just like you! She tells you how much she'd like to find a guy like you, but never mentions she's interested in you. By the time you make a move, you're so firmly entrenched in the friend zone, there is no escape. No amount of being there for her is going to get you out of there. You become a doormat, under the guise of a nice guy. You let her walk all over you, but to no avail. If this is you, then you're a doormat and not a nice guy. Doormats end up bitter towards women by the time they're 25.

Oh I know you don't want to hear this at all, but... When men go around announcing to the world that they're nice guys, they rarely are. Most are jerks who think they're nice. I'm not saying you are, but it is the experience of women to stay away from men who label themselves as such. How many times have we all heard, "I'm a nice guy. So you should sleep with me."? Too many. If someone is a nice guy, they will NEVER use that line.

WowieZowie1 57M

4/25/2006 2:37 pm

From a guys perspective...you want some do's...well here you go, here's a few DO's:

#1 Be yourself. Don't worry about what your friends say. If you change to get their approval, you will only be hurting yourself.

#2 Treat everybody with respect, male and female, ALWAYS.

#3 Always be honest about what you are looking for.

Just a few other thoughts:

The kind of car you drive or the kind of music you listen to do not make you who you are. They should never be used as leverage to try to impress someone. If you want to impress someone, impress them with your knowledge, your humor, your sensitivity. Impress them with who you are, not with what you have.

sexy_diva732 45F

4/26/2006 7:46 am

By you looking for females your age, this is the problem that you get. I feel if you look for someone that's older and more mature then there really wouldn't be anything to worry about. Stop looking and let it(her)come to you. When you are searching then it never goes the way you want it but if you stop then sooner or later she will come along and cherish the ground you walk on.

DanaeKC 44F
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4/26/2006 8:30 am

I can say this...falling at a woman's feet and doing everything before she even asks...is sickening to most of us.

Rdy2Try4 is right on the money.

Now, are you a nice guy or a doormat? There is a difference. Do you let yourself fall into the platonic guy friend syndrome when you like a girl and are trying to get her to notice you? What is platonic guy friend syndrome?

MissAnnThorpe is right on the money.

Hang on a minute here! You getting upset at anything anyone said is a sign of your INexperience. You came here asking a question, the mature thing to do is keep an open mind and listen to what others have to say.

siseatsmeattoo is right on the money.

DanaeKC 44F
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4/26/2006 8:36 am

Things will come naturally. You just figure out who you are and what you want out of life for your self. The females your age are doing the same thing you are and feeling the same things. It's not about anything but that.

Mofunnowwow is correct.

Everybody is different so what one woman likes,the next may not.That is life & being human. There is no one magic formula that'll make women like you.Either they do or they don't.

catwoman760 is correct..... she also reminds me of that classic 'married with children' where bud bundy was so desperately trying to prove that nice guys have what it takes too.... only to flip off the beautiful 'nice girl' at the end who gently gave him his own words back to him when she shook off her own doormat. I wonder if dj is suffering from bud's syndrome?

YOU have to be YOU. I know I certainly don't want a guy that thinks if he does what "I" tell him to do, his personal character will conform to it and BE that person and I will like him. THAT in and of itself is a turn off.

myturnthistime2's wisdom should be in bold.

DanaeKC 44F
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4/26/2006 8:37 am

#3 Always be honest about what you are looking for.

now here's some meat, from wowiezowie1... what happens when the 'nice guy' isn't being honest about what he wants, and why he wants it? (or the 'nice girl' isn't being honest about what she wants, or why she wants it?)

mrcofwi 60M  
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4/26/2006 11:53 am

How are you finishing last? From the sounds of it, you're headed off to college in the fall. When you get there, you're going to discover that the kind of young women that interest you most are going to appreciate those "nice" traits. But don't confuse things more than you already seem to feel, your possessions and taste in music don't reflect your chacter ... unless you're doing them with a motivation aimed at achieving something specific, not because they're truly yours. And if it's the case that they're symbols to "act" a certain way, then they reflect on the manipulations. The last thing you need is for me to tell you that you're young. The best thing I can suggest is that you spend some time getting to know a whole lot more young women before coming to embrace a cliche that's typical of bitter middle-aged me.

TerasMaineFixed 30M
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4/26/2006 5:06 pm

sweet, as much as yea, "you don't want to hear this" is true. I am grateful that people actually replied with serious answers. and yea i did take some comments as "bitchy" or offensive. on the other hand Rdy emailed me about another topic, and i don't want to say i got to know her better, but rather I've gained respect for her, and i apologized for being rude.
The car thing, i think MissAnn had it right. the reason i care what car i drive is b/c i work on cars for a "living" - well, it will be my career after college. and yes the heartattack in the passenger seat can be a problem, once in awhile, but i try to avoid it. cars/vehicles just play a large role in my life, via work/hobby.

ok, the immaturity thing, I'm not denying that i am immature, definately experience wise and i'm sure other ways i'm probably avoiding right now. I read all the posts, and i agree. I did make an immature response rather quickly. I guess i automatically had to defend myself rather than just take some advice. it might go along with the fact that not all my posts are while i'm actually in a serious mood, so i'm sorry.

in all seriousness, I'd say i learned something or rather reaffirmed something(s) i already knew. knowing myself and what i want is definately important. and then obviously (yet probably the last thing in my head) is to be myself. I'll have to work on believing it for ahwile, but it something to work on, i guess a personal goal.

oh, and the music thing. I should say that I am passionate about music, i feel it's one of the easiest ways to truely understand what a person is thinking or feeling, and it's one of my favorite ways to express myself. and it does say on my pro what bands i listen to (scroll down to "fav music" section)
i'll post later if i missed anything, pretty much that was my bad, sorry, thanks though for your comments I'm still willing to take andy other advice, althought i think working on one thing at a time is good too.

rdy2try4 52F  
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4/26/2006 5:14 pm

Thanks for the apology djwimbo. I appreciate it and that took...maturity. As for a problem with you, as I said in the last email...I think your *defense* thing...has to go. You have a bit of a chip on your shoulder and it show. THAT could be what is chasing people away. You cannot go out and *expect* people to attack you, it is far better to *expect* or *hope* that you get a pleasant reply. If you WANT positive...you have to GIVE positive. And sometimes as a man wrote to me in a compliment on my profile, it is what you DON'T say that speaks volumes. A negative CAN be a positive as in this scenario. If your *defense mechanism* is the cause..then DON'T do it...turn that negative to a positive!!!

Remember...people in here can *only go by* what you type. If you type "I have a Camaro..I am not a dork" as opposed to "I own my own car...I am independent" it comes across totally different. See my point??

You will find yourself, and you are young. Time is all you need.

daxciter 105M

12/27/2008 5:31 pm

Well hopefully you've learnt alot from your replies diwimbo there are some very profound facts laided out ,my advice is with the MikeMix , ryd2try4 , catwoman team
- why would you want a girl that only wants you're car , money , bling
rather than wanting " YOU "
- hope you sort this out

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