Breaking the ice (part 2)  

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4/17/2005 12:19 pm

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Breaking the ice (part 2)

If you read my part 1 here's part 2... The meeting was really a lot of fun. We chatted and we were extremely flirty. She smelled great, we were laughing at eachother and the people around us and it felt as if we had always been friends.
She continued to buy me drinks and I continued to drink more. She wouldn't let me pay for drinks. This was odd because I usually buy the drinks when out with a nice lady. Oh well. After about 3 hours we were packing a nice healthy buzz.

She then ask me if I wanted to go back to her place and relax. I said YES! When asking her leg was under the table and just about touching my package. (Smile) Lets just say I wanted to leave but couldn't being that I was rock hard. (Ever stand up in public with a fully pitched tent?) So I convinced her to have a few more drinks until the swelling went down.

Shrink occurs....

We walked back to her place and chatted a while. She brought out some fruit / cheese and 2 glasses of nice wine. She then went to the bathroom to dispose the 5 beverages she had at the bar and quickly freshened up. When she came out of the bathroom she looked really hot. Fresh lip stick and her hair was up in a twisted sort of bun with a stick going through it. Looked sexy! (smile)

She came over to me when I was standing by the window and she spun me around and started to kiss my neck and I was totally into it. Who wouldn't be? She kissed, grab my crotch over my pants a bit and we started to slowly go at it.

We stumbled onto the couch and kissed for a while. I kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear and brush my hands over her chest and nipples to get a reaction. Her reaction was silent but hardening. She sounded a small moan and her legs quivered then she took my hand and pushed it up her sexy light sun dress. My hand was softly touching her trimmed region. I slide my finger tips across her clit and she was so moist. I then gently fingered her to tease. She was juicing and I was so turned on.

Stay tuned for part three....

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