let us do it girls please  

10inchcuntfucker 58M
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7/18/2006 4:48 pm

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7/19/2006 7:55 am

let us do it girls please

Dear Girls in Bozeman and surrounding Area,

Girls, if you want a new fucking experimentation. You sexy bitches say that you are tired of the same old fuck. That you want something new and different in your sex lives.

I am inviting all you sexy girl, to learn how to fuck a very smart man in a wheelchair. A man who has a 10 inch cock. A cock that works. And I have the best 10 inch cock and I am the horniest little cripple, you girls will ever lay eyes on or fuck.

Come fuck me now girls!! Please.
hope to hear from you

Your Friend,

rm_Icewomin 48F
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7/18/2006 7:11 pm

10inch, i can't believe you haven't gotten laid, for real. that's a god damned shame. i understand your frustration at women who claim to be looking for the new and unexpected...and then, when presented with it...they either recoil or they snicker.

fuck them, 10inch. you should not only be attracting those women who are looking to inject a little spice in their life by fucking a cripple...but you're a virgin! A first time experience!

but until you bag somebody...will you tell us more about your 10 inch cock? how does that work? is it 10 inches hard, or 10 inches soft? how is that you're in a wheelchair, but can still get it up?

and what parts of your body still experience sensation? would a woman be able to bring you pleasure by touching and licking your thighs...your stomach...your nipples?

now...i'm assuming that, because of your paralysis, you'll need a woman on top position...but how does your wheelchair work? would a woman be able to ride you like a bronco in it? is it motorized? would you be able to zoom around a room while fucking?

okay. i'm very excited to have found your blog, 10inch, straight up. please keep us posted on your quest to get fucked!

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