A Good Way To Start His Day  

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11/10/2005 6:38 pm

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A Good Way To Start His Day

After a night of passionate lovemaking, he sleeps and dreams sweetly. His dream feels so real he can feel her wet mouth on him. He utters a low guttural moan and smiles. He stirs in his sleep, waking slightly. Then he realizes he’s not dreaming. There she is, beneath the covers, kissing and licking him. When she realizes that he has begun to awaken, she takes his balls gently in her mouth and sucks them. He lies on his back, legs apart, letting her have her way with him. He caresses her hair as she gently pulls away, letting his balls fall from her mouth. Her tongue glides up his hardening shaft and darts around his head. Her right hand plays teasingly around his ass while her left hand steadies his hard cock. She turns her head sideways as she takes the lower part of his shaft in her mouth and begins to kiss and suck on it. He grows harder as she slowly works her way up and back down again. He moans with pleasure, enjoying every touch. She begins working her way back up to his head. She kisses and licks it, teasing him as her other hand caresses and massages his balls and ass. He looks down at her to find her looking back up at him. Their eyes lock as she takes his hard cock in her mouth. She slides a finger from her right hand from his balls to his ass as she lets his cock slowly slide from her mouth. Her left hand cups and massages his balls. As she takes his hard cock deeply in her mouth, she slips one finger about an inch in to his ass. As she sucks and massages, she works her finger in a little more until she finds that special spot. He can feel her tongue darting around his head and shaft as she sucks on him. His balls tingle with her touch. He lets out a slightly louder moan this time as she hits that spot with her finger. Feeling her stroke his g-spot while she devours his hard cock become too much to take. He begs for her to climb on top of him, but she continues. He feels her lips tighten around his cock as she sucks faster and more hungrily, her finger keeping rhythm with her mouth. She can feel his muscles contract as he tries to hold back, but it’s a worthless effort. She knows a few more strokes like this will make him lose it. His moans, his breathing, his body language–all tell her how much he enjoys her skill. With quick, firm strokes, she continues, her tongue dancing all over his hard cock as she sucks on him. His body tenses once more, harder and tighter than it did before as he lets go. He lets out a loud hungry moan, almost a yell. He explodes as she hungrily and greedily swallows him up, continuing her sucking and fingering until he becomes a weak throbbing mass of flesh in her mouth. She slides her finger out gently and licks him clean. He pulls her up toward him and kisses her deeply. He loves when she wakes him like this just before the alarm clock rings–one of the many ways they enjoy starting the day.

rm_lvlknu69 57M

11/28/2005 4:41 am

Hi there I must say that sounds like the perfect blowjob!!!That story could be reality,if you want to live out our fantasy E-mail me. I,m sure I could improve on my part-Let me show you!!!!!!!

100percntnocnt 50F

12/29/2005 6:46 pm

Hope you enjoyed your cold shower. First of all.... one would have to be SINGLE!!

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