Just a Rave and a Rant  

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4/22/2005 8:03 pm

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Just a Rave and a Rant

A few things I'd like to put out there.
First, I'm addicted to blogging. Reading, writing, commenting, whatever. I just truly enjoy seeing what others deem worthy of spending time jotting down and exposing to the rest of our little society here on AdultFriendFinder. Some very interesting folks, some with wisdom and sexuality I hoped existed outside of myself. Now I realize they run rampant world wide! Hooray for me! Kindred spirits make me happy!

As for my writing, I just need to express my fantasies, desires, philosophies on life and sex, and as some have found, recipes and my twisted sense of humor. Just a place to let anyone who's interested in looking, see what my take is. And the boon of it all is that you just might even find someone you like through your or their words!

SEX. It's what brought me to this site, the chance of it is what kept me here long enough to consider the other attributes of what is going on here at AdultFriendFinder. The exchange of ideas, fantasies, and sometimes phone numbers!

ON BEING A MALE MEMBER. I'm not sure if all you women understand what it's like being on this site as a man. I rarely, if ever, have gotten an e-mail from anyone I haven't sent an initial e-mail to. I was talking with a female friend of mine who also has a profile here, and she told me that she receives dozens, even without a photo. When she had pics, I can't imagine the piles of letters she received. She was amazed that I never got any mail, and frankly, so am I! Oh well, I just get used to making the first move, and hope that people will dignify me with a response. Some do, some don't. Again, oh well. The one's that have, are usually very decent people just trying to have a good time before it all comes to an end.

And to let everyone know, there are fake profiles (duh! ), usually they reply to send to an alternate e-mail, from yahoo or hotmail, to see pics and get phone numbers. Then they link to other pay sites, and no one real ever sends you anything! Shame on these fake profile makers! I've reported 3, and I can only imagine how many more are out there.

What else? Why is it I can see full penetration on peoples pics (not that I'm complaining about the view one bit), yet can't publish a blog containing the slang term for what's being done in said photos, namely F*CKING! I'm very confused about what is taboo to write about! I understand names and addresses, but word usage, swear words? Come on, I'm an adult, this Is AdultFriendFinder, I'm assuming the rest of you all are too. Why do I need to be censored?

Well enough for the moment. Just a rant and rave. Or is that a rave and rant? F*ck it, you figure that out. Ta Ta For Now - K.

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