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Danny O

When I saw you the other day at Danny O'Shea's barbeque I wanted to come over and talk to you. It's been ages since we've had the opportunity to talk. You looked really good in your sun dress and the hat topped off the outfit.
I felt a little awkward coming over as you were with Michelle Dipietre. Not to get into very much, but she and I had gone out a few times some time back and things got a little strange. I really liked spending time with her but things got awkward after a particular night.
That's ok Sean, I had noticed you as well. And Michelle had mentioned a little. She felt the same. That she had a really nice time with you, but that things got awkward. I realized I was around her all night so I know why you didn't come over. Even still, I wish you had.
Really? It has been a long time since we've talked. We had a lot of good times hanging out. Funny we never ended dating, although there were plenty of nights that something almost happened... lol.
Tell me about it. Remember that night we had a few too many drinks and got into Johnson's row boat and started paddling out to Buck Island. You had that lame excuse that you pulled your bicep or something and asked me to massage it, and when you leaned in to kiss me the boat turned over... hahahaha. Good thing the water never gets deeper than chest deep out to the Island.
That was so funny. Hey listen, I'm so glad I ran into. I need to get some things done this afernoon, can we get together later?
I'm also on an errand run. You know, nails, hair, waxing, facial, spa, shopping. I'm treating myself today in anticipation, but I should be done in the late afternoon. Sounds like a great idea. Why don't you come over around 7.
With big smiles on each of ou faces and a twinkle in the eye we parted and headed off to complete our days errands.
I have to admit my heart began beating a little faster and small little butterflies began flying.
I went about my way finishing the errands I set out to do for the day. Of all the places to run into Glenda Duprey, the bank. Especially since I'd just opened an account at that branch.
The day was glorious. Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature a beautiful 83. I'm sure glad I have a lot to do today or the anticipation would kill me. I headed across the street to CVS. Since the summer had just begun, I thought I should get some plastic utensils along with disposible plates. It's always a toss-up to me. Get the plastic and save a tree, get the paper and save the landfills. I chose the plastic. You can use them a couple times if you want. I went with the red ones.
Had to get the charcoal since it was there as well. As I turned the corner to go over to the aisle, right in front of me were the condoms. That struck me as odd. I pondered it and figured we'd wanted to in the past. Best to be prepared. It's not like I have to announce when I get there, "I bought some condoms today". If not tonight eventually they could be used.
Ribbed for her pleasure, Strawberry flavored, Ultra-thin, there are so many choices. Since I'm more concerned about her pleasure, let's go with "ribbed". I've never actually taken the time to try different kinds with the same partner for comparison purposes.
I suppose I should dilly dallying and go get the charcoal and then move on to the next errand on the list.
Home Depot on the other side of town was the next stop. My favorite store. If I'm not on a schedule I could spend the day there, just rummaging through and figuring out what new projects I could do.
Todays adventure to home depot includes a knew ceiling fan and replacing all my light switches with the new Lutron one tap dimmer light switch. These are so cool. You press them once and light comes all the way on with a 2 second fade in. There's a little dial on the side that you can press to set the light level to your preference. You then tap the light switch again and the light fades off. Tap it one more time and it comes on to the level you set previously. You can also buy the kind that can be networked together and you can then have a central controller set to the light levels to the mood you are in or the event that is happening. Reading, movie time, romantic time, social event, whichever is necessary.
On my drive over there. It's only about 5 miles, but it goes right past the beach. It took all my will to not stop and take a walk. The day was beckoning me. And my fantasies took me there. Glenda's house is not too far from here, maybe we could come down tonight for an evening stroll. Maybe it would get the mood started... I'd better keep my thoughts on driving or I won't make it to tonight at all.
Half the people at Home Depot know me by name. That's a nice feeling. It also tells me that maybe I spend too much time here. But I love tinkering with my house. Idle hands and mind are an waste. I feel like Norm from Cheers, "SEAN!" as I walk in the door.
Hey George, how's the kids? And Sally? The regular idle chit-chat. George was a electrician that found it more stable to work here then be a free lance electrician. He was an excellent electrician, but times were lean. More and more people were getting into do-it-yourself in the area and George felt, why fight it. I explained to him what I was up to this time and was told, "I don't have to tell you were to look, enjoy".
I gathered my necessary equipment, paid for it and made my way back to my SUV. There's just something about this day that's making it better each time I see the sky. Everything seems clearer and crisper. It all seemed to begin after seeing Glenda this morning at the bank. I noticed a difference leaving CVS, when I ducked into Junior's Pizza for a quick sub on my way cross town and now leaving Home Depot. How magical...
Something is brewing. I can feel it. My thoughts drifted back to Glenda and how her day was going. Why is it she told me she was waxing today? Intriguing. She does know I like a clean working space... lol And what did she mean by "anticipation"? She couldn't have possibly ran into me on purpose, could she? That's ridiculous. She'd have no idea that I was planning on going to the bank today. Who was I talking to about my plans today? Well nevermind, it's just a silly thought. You do tend to think of things differently than most people and to come up with crazy coincidences and with far-fetched schemes.
My day was moving along quite quickly and with all my excitement for the pending evening it was fortunate there isn’t too many additional things to do at this point. Just need to go to the post office to mail a few letters, to the supermarket to get a few things for the week, and then just getting cleaned up for the evening’s adventure.

I arrived home and rather than making several smaller trips in and out of the house I like to gather up as much as I can possibly dangle from my arms to minimize the number of trips. With circulation cut off as the plastic digs into my arms and hands, it encourages me to hasten my pace. Fortunately the remnant marks are not permanent. Voice activated doors also makes the difficulty of overburdened arms possible without having to set it all down and reload. One thing I avoid with your standard doors as well, rather than put down the load, I’ll struggle to open the door. Fortunately there was no struggle to open my doors. ☺

I noticed that everything put away very quickly and I had a few hours still before Glenda was expecting me. I thought I’d clean myself up and have plenty of time to primp. With the remaining time I could just relax with a glass wine and some music. The evening is feeling like a little downtempo. Perhaps having a little music with the shower would begin the relaxation. A sound systems that can put music into any room is one of my crowning achievements of all my projects.

I like to undress in my room so there isn’t any clutter in the bathroom. Because it’s a place that you get yourself clean, I tend to keep this as one of the cleanest rooms. As I stroll into the bathroom without a stitch of clothing. The sink is to my left with a window sized mirror in front of it. The sink is stand alone. A counter-top only promotes clutter. The mirror is recessed 10 inches allowing for a narrow shelf to put the everyday toiletries. For additional storage I installed a medicine cabinet that was nearly unnoticeable to the eye except for the silver half dollar sized press point for opening it.

The toilet is the most uninteresting part of the bathroom, just your standard white porcelain toilet no frills. Situated to the right of the sink it really is quite basic.

I chose to use black marble tile that raised half way up the wall. I like the look of the modern classic bathroom. This gives a striking look to the shower. It is another one of my pride and joy projects. Directly opposite to the sink, three glass rise up to the ceiling enclosing the 5 foot by 5 foot shower. The reason to be enclosed is to make it possible for a steam bath and for it to not cause condensation on in the rest of the bathroom. The shower does not have just one nozzle to cleanse ones body but 7 to thoroughly engulf one in the showering experience. I’m one that can spend an hour in the shower feeling the tingle of the threads of water splashing against my body. The warmth of a thick winter blanket and the arousing wisp of sensual massage, you can chose which nozzles will provide this satisfaction.

There’s no need to set the temperature of the shower. Preprogrammed to 92 degrees, this is the optimal temperature for the beginning of a shower. Warmer than the surface temperature of the skin, it is just the right introduction of warmth to the skin. Once there is pressure introduced to the shower floor the temperature gradually increases to 98 degrees. If you want you can increase the temperature for time when you are particularly frozen. ☺ There’s also the steam bath. Since it’s enclosed, I installed a specially designed steam system and placed a wooden bench on one side of it, making for a very relaxing aromatic excursion from life’s stressful demons.

I step in to the bliss that reminds me of an erotic dream. I always have a method to a showering. I feel that the dirt and grime that from your hair, if washed last, will adhere itself to the clean body. So I always wash my hair first and make my way down. This evening was no different. I began with squeezing from one of four reservoirs of hidden cleansing products a citrus shampoo and massaged it into my hair. The other three reservoirs consist of conditioner, body wash, and a more feminine fragrant body wash.

I began to day dream a little wondering if Glenda was getting ready for the night as well. She had looked so beautiful at Danny’s barbecue. Her sundress, when the sun hit it right, gave the hint of being see-through. There were a number of times I wondered if she was wearing panties at all. Her long athletic legs showing a little muscle definition on both her quads and calves. Very sexy. I remember her having a very nice round ass, but dresses tend to hide that. Her measurements must be 36 28 38.

Those were certainly shown off this morning when she was wearing white Capri pants and an aqua tank top. It was a short tank top showing a little bit of mid riff, just enough to show off her pierced navel. She certainly wasn’t wearing a bra. The air conditioning made her large nipples stand at firm attention. It took all my will to keep from staring at them. I did my best to not even notice, but I know she caught looking once and the resulting smirk let me know she enjoyed me looking. When she left I couldn’t help but stare at her round firm ass. Since I am an ass man, I love to look at them. She was wearing a sexy thong, as I could see through her white Capri’s and noticed a symbol on the ‘V’. It looked to me like a daisy. I have a small fetish with thong under and so I found it arousing.

Coming to from my day dream I noticed just thinking about the morning’s meeting was getting me aroused. Since I was lathered up anyway I slide my hand down and began ensuring my cock would get harder. I always like to start playing with it when it’s just a little hard. Soft so I can grab hold it and stroke the underside. The soap that was already on it started getting sudsier and slipperiness always feels incredible. The blood is surging from all reaches of my body giving me a tingle in my groin. The kind of pleasure that has no rival. By now my cock is sticking straight. Obviously it’s complete erectness is no where near the full 8 inches. It would be jutting straight up reaching my navel. I began stroking my dick with a nice rhythm. Reaching behind me with my other hand, I started massaging my anus. I’m imaging Glenda’s body, thinking she’s taking a shower right now and lathering up her supple breasts, those succulent nipples beckoning my tongue. I take some lather from my cock with my finger. I reach back and insert my finger into my ass. It gives my erection a boost and I’m fully erect now. I push my middle finger in to the second knuckle and back out again. I keep in time with my stroking. My thoughts go to Glenda playing with her self in the shower. I love to watch.

I decided stop stroking myself, but I was going to enjoy my finger penetrating my ass a little longer. I wanted to save my load. Just in case things were to progress tonight, I want her to receive my whole load. It been a few months since my last orgasm, so I very surprised I was able to stop. If I’m to cum I want to see that big white giz dripping out of her mouth, so big she couldn’t swallow it all in time without choking.

The steam from the shower has condensed on the glass walls and I can only view into the bathroom by wiping the glass. I enable all the nozzles and let it envelop me. I move my hands all over my body to make sure that no slight film of soap residue is left on my skin. It always accumulates under my balls, so I pay extra attention to that area. My erection has come down considerably and the lubricant for the urethra is coming out. It will continue to come out until the erection is completely gone, but it doesn’t keep me from continuously cleaning the tip while I’m still in the shower.

With a tap of a button the water shuts off and I step out of the shower. On the exterior of the shower wall is a towel rack holding one of the white fluffy towels that you find at the 5 star hotels. They are so soft and big. My cock is hanging straight down now, but it hardly seems to have reduced in length. I dry of the my hair and then move to my member. I like to keep a clean working space as well so it’s just skin I am drying. I move erratically to different areas to dry off. Which every area felt chilled at that moment got my attention. My thoughts were elsewhere in anticipation of the evening. Normally, much like my washing, I would start at the top and make my way down, then returning any areas that I might have missed.

I am getting quite excited to see Glenda. Not physically, but sort of giddy inside. I wrap the towel around my waste and wander out to the kitchen. I pour out a glass of wine and head to the living room. It is has cathedral ceilings separate by a railing on the second floor hallway. My favorite chair to sit in for music listening, when I’m alone, is a leather reclining chair of modern design that has a accompanying ottoman. I selected the pre-decided downtempo music and once again daydreamed about Glenda. I was curious of what she might wear tonight. What she’s wearing can indicate to me what type of evening I could expect. I hoped for a skirt with a provocative top and underwear free, of course, only finding out later how accessible her pussy had been.

I had some tortilla chips and homemade guacamole as an appetizer. I was getting hungry from a long afternoon, my adrenalin up a tad out of excitement from the impending evening. My guacamole is very simple, just mixing the guac with a little salsa. The key is getting the right salsa. Occasionally I make my own, but only for parties and special evenings.

I started going over my wardrobe as well. Seems like it might be a casual thing, so I’ll just were a pair of jeans and a button down shirt. I’m not a Mr. Atlas but I have a nice physique that fills out clothing well. I let that do my talking rather then dousing myself with expensive cologne. I just use a nice smelling deodorant and a light fragrance after shave, which reminds me I better shave. I vary between an electric shaver and a manual razor. Since I used the electric this morning, I’ll use electric again. The manual shaves closer, but only when there is some lengthy stubble.

Since Glenda’s house is about 20 minutes away, I should just have enough time to stop and pick up a bottle of wine and a nice bouquet of flowers. No roses, that would just be a bit too much.

The evening is lovely. And once again I feel the world more vibrant and sharp than had been earlier. Clouds are on the eastern horizon, but no were else. The sky is a beautiful pure and true blue. I drive my Land Rover with the windows down. The temperature is perfect. I felt like the day was being made more and more beautiful just for me. It had already been very pleasurable to this point what was in store for me on my arrival. Since a day like this shouldn’t be spoiled. However the evening turns out, I won’t have any expectations. Just spending time with her will be good enough for me.

The liquor I like to frequent has a very large selection of wines and I can always count on them recommending a few new wines they have imported. My particular favorite is a Los Vascos Chardonnay Reserved. However, I know that Glenda likes her wines a little sweeter. So I think I will go with a Pinot Grigio. I asked Mary Beth is they had any new Pinot Grigio’s in that they would recommend and she replied that they hadn’t gotten anything new in worth recommending to me. So I went got my old stalwart, Santa Isabel Pinot Grigio.

Fortunately a few doors down is a florist. I asked for a nice non-presumptuous bouquet and was very pleased with what they came up with. Some daisies, mixed in with some tulips, iris, and lilies. I was very impressed on how beautiful it turned out. The lilies dominate the arrangement, but just the right amount of striking blue in the iris and pink and reds of the tulips strike the right tone for the evening.

I like to be right on time, so I needed to stop dilly dallying I was still fifteen minutes from Glenda’s house and I had to get some gas. If we were to go out, I didn’t want the lame excuse, oops I ran out of gas. LOL. 6:40. That should give me just enough time to get there on schedule. Sometimes I could relax on being anal, but tonight I was too excited to not get there right as planned.

The neighborhood is about a block from the beach and is very well kept. Each home has a small green yard, each and everyone looking like the outfield of any major league stadium. Her street was just off the main drag that separated the neighborhood from the beach. I pulled up and took a quick look in the mirror, a nervous habit. I hope she isn’t looking. I also did the breath check. Just in case I quickly chewed up a mint and got out. I grabbed the wine and the small bouquet.

The front door was a beautiful wooden door with modest moldings. I knocked and began the nervous wait. Too my surprise, when the door swung open Michelle Dipietre was standing there with a smile on her face. A look of confusion came over my face because, she said, “No, you’re at the right house. Glenda is just in the kitchen getting me a drink”

I was pleased to see her, but certainly stunned. Glenda strolled in from the kitchen and noticed I had wine and flowers. How sweet. Michelle hadn’t noticed and she seemed a little awe struck as well, but it seemed for a different reason.

Glenda took the flowers and the wine and gave me a brush kiss to the lips and headed off toward her kitchen. Let me put these in water and the wine in the refrigerator. I’ll let you two get acquainted again. At which time Michelle came up to me and kissed me. Not the brush kiss that Glenda had given me, but full on passion. My mind was spinning and couldn’t grasp onto a single thought. I think this was somehow part of the plan, as Michelle pulled away from me, she had a sheepish smile, took my hand and guided me over to the couch where she nudged me to sit down. She took a couple steps back and began buttoning her blouse. Both her and Glenda have comparable bodies, but Michelle has larger breasts. Slowly she unbuttoned, not taking her eyes from my face. I decided to just sit back and not question what was happening to me, as there were SO many of those swirling through my head. I would short circuit if I tried to comprehend.

She had on a sexy red demi-bra with lace around the cup. Just as it fell to the floor it was only then did I notice what she had on and for the life of me I could remember what Glenda had on. Michelle proceeded to unbutton her shorts and slide them down. She was wearing a black v-string. I could feel my manhood tingling and beginning to expand. I was looking her body over, every inch of it. Every time I looked back at her face, she was smiling a mischievous smile and still just looking back at my eyes. She moved to the couch and put a foot up on either side of me, standing straddling me. Noticeable, I was reoccupied with these events as I hadn’t say back in the couch, I was sitting up tall. This made her pussy just above eye level giving me a perfect view of a discernible discoloration in the crouch of her panties. She moved in closer to me wafting her smell into my nostrils. Her panties mere inches from me she knelt down nearly brushing me all the way down. She pushes me back into the crouch and rests her crouch on the noticeable bulge in my pants. She gives out a hushed moan. I’m nearly paralyzed. Her lips are in front of mine. The sweet smell of her breath, she kisses me again. My cock is so hard it’s burst under the pressure of my clothing. Perhaps I shouldn’t have worn my jeans. As if someone was reading my thoughts, I feel Michelle rise off of my hard dick and I feel a pair of hands undoing my belt and unbuttoning my pants, since Michelle’s hands were in my hair… That would only leave one person. I leaned a little to my right to see Glenda knelt in front of me. Michelle moved her breasts into to me, so I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her bursting breasts sat on my lips. As I used my tongue to tease her right nipple I felt my zipper being opened. Glenda was reaching in to expose my cock that is aching it’s so hard.

Michelle takes off my shirts. I now see Glenda looking up at me with a mischievous grin of her own. She has my erect cock in my hand and is stroking it slowly. Her other hand is out of site. It looks to be between her legs, but that could be to prop herself up. My mind is changed about that when she changes hands and I feel that her fingers are very slippery.

Michelle squats back down and rests on my chest. I can feel the wetness of her pussy juices. It’s like a soaked cloth. She begins grinding against my chest. I reach up to touch her tits and I feel Glenda’s other hand on my dick just as slippery at the other. I have to taste Michelle. I reach behind her ass with one had and with the other I move her panties aside. I press her up into my face and as my tongue makes contact with her engorged clit, I feel wetness encompassing my cock. Glenda is taking my cock into her mouth. She uses her tongue down the soft sensitive under side and her lips are like a tight asshole. Apparently she has not gag reflex as I can feel her lips on the base. I amazed, when I’m this hard I stand over 8 inches. In my excitement I shove my tongue inside of Michelle and get a welcoming squeal. She grinds her pussy into my face so my nose is pressing against her click. She throws her head back holding on to me so as to not fall over as she expulses air in satisfaction.

Glenda is masterful with a blowjob. Spending equals times tasting the tip and diving deep taking it all in. She cups my balls massaging them lightly. Then takes one in her mouth to lick and suck it. I move back to Michelle’s clit much to her enjoyment. Another moan tells me I’m doing it like she wants. Michelle has both her hands behind my head helping to guide me in her pleasure zone as my hands are on Glenda’s head. Michelle is so excited her clit is visible as I caress it with my tongue. Michelle’s moans are getting more frequent and Glenda has quickened her pace. The feeling in my dick is incredible, these two beautiful women

I feel Glenda’s hand slide below my balls and begin pressing against my anus. It is very slippery and so it slides right in. I’m figuring she has used more of her pussy juices to lubricate. She moves it in and continues fucking my dick with her mouth. Just as I feel I’m going to pop, I feel Michelle beginning to quiver. She’s beginning to cum. I feel her juices running down my chin and legs clamping snuggly against my head. This reaction fortunately distracted me from my own pleasure. Glenda stood up and allowed Michelle to lean back against her. Glenda began playing with her breasts eliciting a small squirt. Michelle mouth beckoned Glenda to kiss her. She obliged by giving her a deep passionate kiss.

It’s time to give Glenda some attention. She did have on a pretty little khaki skirt and definitely didn’t have any underwear on. Her white tank was raise up over a breast so she was able to fondle herself. I helped her remove her skirt and tank. There she stood, absolutely beautiful. She had brought out with her some lubricant and had placed it on the coffee table. I opened the container and proceeded to get my cock covered with it. I turned Glenda around and pressed up against her putting my dick between her cheeks and applying some pressure so it would slide up. I cupped her breast, turned to my head to the right to crane forward and gave her a long passionate kiss. She loved the taste of Michelle on my face. She reached her arm around my head a pressed me harder against her lips. Michelle had stepped to the bathroom and clean herself off and was missing this part. I stepped back and took the lubricant and put a good amount on my fingers. I reached down and put my hand between her already slick cheeks. I slowly introduced my finger to her asshole. She moaned with a gasp as an after thought. First a single finger moving in and out of her while I played with her right breast while finger fucking her ass with my right hand. I then pushed in two fingers. I’m getting her tight ass ready for my bulging cock. Finally, I push in a third finger. This is Glenda’s thing. I feel a drip of her twat lube on my foot. She’s so excited she’s dripping from her hole. I grasp my cock and grip it to give it a little added firmness and replace my fingers with it in her ass. She is so tight. It’s so incredible. I slide it all the way very slow. She cries out in passion. Very quietly Michelle had come back and had squatted in front of her. She moved in and began sucking on her pussy. I could feel the heat of her with my balls. As I plunged my cock again all the way into her ass I could feel my balls resting against her face. With the hand that is not spreading Glenda’s lips I feel her reach between our legs push a finger for the second time into my ass. I hasten my pace. Glenda is already cumming on Michelle’s face. I can hear the wetness of her pussy moving against Michelle’s face as my dick is sliding in and out of her ass. I’m not going to cum, but I begin pounding her ass. We are all making fuck noises. Michelle’s are muffled by Glenda’s wet pussy. Mine are deep guttural moans and Glenda’s are out load declarations of grandeur. She has hands on either side of Michelle’s head commanding to be ass and pussy fucked harder. Michelle stands up and unbeknownst to be had a strap on all ready. She jammed it into her pussy and stayed in rhythm with me as we both pulled down on Glenda as we both thrust up together. Glenda absolutely began screaming to be fucked faster. Sweat is rolling down my face and body. We both obliged and increased the pace. Glenda’s screams are guttural as well, but with incredible passion. I begun pulling her and then she let loose. She began gushing. Her squirting drenched the lower half of all three of us. I could feel her ass ring throbbing on my cock with each thrust during her orgasm. Thrusting one last time, she screamed long and hard finishing her cum.

My legs shaking, I pulled my stiff cock out of her ass and stumble backwards a touch. With the strap on still engaged they fell on the couch giggling and laughing. I decided to wander down the hall to towel off. I feel like I had just gotten out of a swimming pool. I grabbed a towel in the bathroom and head back to the women. I figured they’d want to do the same. I was mistaken. They had switched who had the strap on and Glenda was fucking Michelle. Glenda was quite in tune with how Michelle liked it. I sat down and began playing with myself as I watched them, as they made love. The kissing and the touching was very passionate and sensual. They sensed I was back stopped momentarily to turn over so Michelle was on top and then asked me to come join them again. Michelle wanted my cock in her ass now. I lubed up my fingers again and put some on my dick and reached down to push a finger in her ass, when she said just jam it in there and fuck me hard. I moved the tip to her anus and shoved it in slapping against her ass. I kept banging it. She let out a high pitched scream that would have woke the dead. Within 5 thrust she was squirting all over Glenda. Glenda, feeling the weight of me banging michelle’s ass, was getting the dildo ground against her clit. I wanted to cum in her ass, but I wanted to wait for her to finish cumming before announcing it. She clenched her cheeks together and began cumming. With each thrust another gush of cum. She was cuming all over Glenda’s chest getting her tits wet. Before I could begin cumming myself, Michelle grabbed my dick at the base and pulled it out of her ass at which point both of them got up and began sucking on it. It was incredible they could both deep throat with such ease, first one then the other in rapid succession. Glenda poked a finger in my ass and I began cumming. My cock was in Glenda’s mouth when the first big load shot out and before the next pulse I was in Michelle’s mouth and I shot another large pump of giz into her mouth. Finally Glenda took over again and took me all the way in and keep it there with short small pumps. I was in heaven.

It turns out that the other person that Michelle had told me she was getting involved with that created the awkwardness between us so many months back, was Glenda.

Sean, you wouldn't want to do this again sometime would you? We'd sure like you around a lot in the future...

ladycasilda 60F

2/23/2008 12:48 pm

nice story!!!!!
hope to read more in the future.


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