My life is going great right now...oh wait...  

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2/27/2006 12:35 pm

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My life is going great right now...oh wait...

Today I got into another accident with a work related vehicle. This time it is my fault, I was trying to keep it on the sidewalk (it's a golfcart), but I failed and scraped against one of the metal poles. The cart seemed fine, but the paint is kind of scratched.
This is the second accident in two weeks, which is unacceptable. They've already told me that they're revoking my privallege to drive campus vehicles, but I feel like that's not enough. So I'm just going to "dock my pay" for about $500 by understating the hours I've worked for however long it takes. I figure 3 hours a day should do it. Since I work for minimum wage around 4 days a week, that means I should have paid off more then $500 by 8 weeks, so it should be done before school.
I'm also considering resigning, as I'm obviously a poor worker. For the first month of this semester I showed up late to my 900 work schedule in the morning, sometimes by as much as a half an hour, which shows that I lack motivation to work and that I have poor responsibility skills. And now I wreck company vehicles all over the place, which shows that I have poor judgement (maybe I shouldn't drive it so close to the fence), lack of patience (perhaps I should have gone slower, or maybe even GON AROUND), and a lack of respect for the institute which hired me. So I think I'll save someone the paperwork of firing my ass and just quit. Only thing now is whether I should do it now, or whether I should wait until I've paid off the cart.
I'm just resigned right now. Resigned to being a morron who can't even drive a stupid cart straight on a sidewalk.

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2/27/2006 1:07 pm

My favourite blog entry of the day! You win!!

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