Sept. 09  

01davidmg 43M
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9/8/2006 11:11 am
Sept. 09

I have had very little sex in the last month. I mean only 5 times! Why have a girlfriend then. I think that sex gets boring because it ends up being the same. Looks the same, feels the same, same time same place. I need a quick fuck. No names just sex and see you later. I really think my nuts are turning blue.
What is with all the emotional bullshit too? Why does everything have to have an alternate meaning? If a guy says he is hungry then he is. A girl thinks there is some other reason lying deep in the mans mind that would cause him to say that he is hungry. The truth is its been six hours since lunch and our stomachs are growling. Which when explained to the female is cause for an argument.
Fuck relationships. Just sex and fun and when its over just hug and go our seperate ways. Call if you get bored.
Be safe!

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