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magick is not the reality you make it to be, for choice is the embodiment of being a magician; one who works with magick.
magick is beyond conscious thought, beyond dreams and beyond grasp.
magick is that which is sought after but never found; it is the result, which is death.
the magician is who longs for magick, lusts for magick, lives for magick and dies daily.
the knowledge that magick is is the purpose of the magician and the goal of the curious.
ask me to show you a "magic" trick and i'll push you off the cliff of ignorance and into the abyss..

karma is the quintessence of the memory making faculty, all ancient morals are but common-sense (not to be feared, but used).
like attracts like, doing "this" will result in "this".
logic slayed that beast called "moral structures" long ago leaving a mess of self doubting buffoons to scramble in the streets; rise above the quagmire of thine existence, be thou!
doubt, other than positive occult skepticism is the embodiment of society, faith is a lie; therefore, i say, embrace certain truth.
truth is the epitome of the magician, his armor, his sword and his crown thereby he is hated by those who have faith.
certainty is of the perceiver, be certain of your self, surroundings, passer-byes, media & your mind.

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11/29/2005 5:44 pm

Magick is intangible and therefore unseen and like a conspiracy, hard to prove. I've been studying associative magick and people I've talked with about this unorthodox method simply state it's too much like synchronicity to be termed as 'Magick'. I disagree for when one uses sigil magick is it not the purpose to forget one's intentions prior to and during the casting thereof? Associative Magick is the act of doing something which causes several things to happen that directly correlate to that act of doing. For example, I randomly took an old belt and other stuff I had in my storage bin and made a leather collar. I haven't used it nor do I intend to do so, I just decided to make one. Within one week I met online and off four women who were slaves who wore collars and enjoyed being whipped and etc. That is an act of associative magick. It is doing something which one doesn't really know the purpose of and understanding after the fact (i.e. when the spell is sown). And, I believe that by being a magician we are, by nature, very contradictory (from a certain point of view).

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