sultryraenee 58 / F
"Professional in my real world; slut in my play world."
Denver Metro Area, Colorado, United States
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Member Since: January 27, 2005

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sultryraenee 58/F
Denver Metro Area, Colorado
Looking for a fun couple wanting some fun with me and my lifestyle partner
Professional woman in Denver who desires to explore new but discreet and safe boundaries--or lack of boundaries. I have a favorite straight male playmate and we often play as a lifestyle couple.
I am considered outgoing, adventurous and sensual. I have a great imagination and fantasy life that I would love to try out. I am usually so in control in my professional life; I like the illusion of being out of control in my fantasy life. I have a husband at home who is much older, uninterested in sex who doesn't know I play.

My Ideal Person I am looking for discreet adult fun with a man, men or select couples who are adventurous and stable for a 1:1, MFM, FMF, 2:2 or my personal favorite: 3M2F !

I am not really bi but like to be with a woman to put on a show for a guy(s)--however if there is not any male action for me I am not interested.

I am NOT INTERESTED IN ANY EMOTIONAL ENCOUNTER other than as fun FWB sex buddies for play dates! I prefer a face picture followed by a phone call to set up a public Meet and Greet to test the chemistry; safety on both our parts first. I will not normally commit to anything until after the M&G.

One of my fantasies is to be the "stake" for a poker game, "entertainment" for a bachelor party or football game party halftime, or gang banged in a fire station, locker room or something similar. I'd especially like to be Gang Banged by a group of black men. Would love to learn how to do a confident lap dance or striptease. I LOVE being the center of attention! Variety is great: in partners, places, positions and fantasies. I don't enjoy real pain or marks but almost anything else is a possibility. Not interested in Cybersex nor long email chats--I absolutely HATE spectator sports!

Only serious, D/D free, non-smoking, discreet, safe-sex, playful persons aged 35-55 need reply.

When you respond, no explicit pictures/language please as emails go through my work server.

You do not have permission from me to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal action

Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!:
[\B]Fantasy #1 The Anniversary Abduction

He blindfolds me and leads me into a room where he ties my hands above my
head to something in the ceiling, I'm almost pulled
up on my tiptoes. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me to him,
kissing me hard and deep as he runs his hands over my body. In spite of my fear I am aroused. He kisses
my neck as he unbuttons my blouse and runs his thumbs over
my erect nipples. Running his hands down my sides and across
my stomach, he unzips my skirt and pulls it off my hips to
the floor. Now I am dressed only in a white lace push-up bra, white lace
see through string bikini panties, thigh high stockings
and heels with my toes barely touching the floor. My blouse
is unbuttoned and hangs open on my shoulders trapped by
my uptied wrists. I feel his hot breath on me as he slowly kisses me from my neck,
down the sides of my body and up each thigh--though I move toward
him--he avoids touching me where I yearn for him to touch
me. He pulls away from me and leaves me tied and breathless.
I feel hands on my back and ass--rubbing me and pressing
his hips against me. He unhooks my bra and cups my tits in
his hands and I feel his hot cock push against my ass. As he
nibbles my neck I arch back into him and feel his pre-cum
wet my panties. Suddenly I feel hands grab my panties from the front and
pull them roughly down to my ankles. A mouth takes one of
my erect nipples and sucks on it. It can't be the man
I came with I can still feel him behind me! I struggle against
the wrist ties but its no use. I ask for them to stop but no
one answers me except the man in front--a stranger--he
whispers as he puts what feels like a cold knife blade against
my neck--don't stuggle and you won't get hurt!

I feel him lift the bra strap from my right shoulder and cut
it, then he does the same with the left strap and my bra falls legs are shaking as he runs the flat of the blade
up the inside of my left thigh and down the right one. He pulls
my stockings down but not off as they are trapped by my heels.

The man--my man?--behind me is rubbing his hard cock up
and down my ass crack and reaching aound pinching both my
nipples hard. In spite of my fear--or because of it--I moan
and arch my ass back against his cock. He slips his hands
down to hold my waist and pulls my ass back against him hard--the
tip of his wet cock is flirting with my ass hole. I feel a mouth on my right tit--sucking my nipple in hard.
Then incredibly another mouth is on my left! That mouth
takes my nipple and bites me just enough to make me flinch.I
feel someone soaping my pussy with something wet and warm,
then what I guess to be the knife I felt begins to shave me
as the man behind me holds my hips hard enough to keep me from
shaking and getting cut. My nipples are still being sucked, my pussy shaved, a cock
is against my ass and what I now take to be someone else's
cock is rubbed against my lips then shoved into my mouth.How
many men are here? What are they going to do to me? Against my will my breathing is now coming hard and fast--my
pussy is getting hot and wet. The shaving is done and now
I feel a tongue flick my swollen clit. I can't believe
that that one touch sets me off so fast. My muscles contract
and I cum for what promises to be the first of several times
that night. The man behind me lifts my hips and my feet are off the floor,
I am suspended only by my tied wrists and his hands--he plunges
his hard, hot cock into my wet pussy. The one in front and
between my legs sucks my clit into his mouth, working it
like a little cock just as the cock in my mouth explodes.
Gasping for air, I swollow as much as I can, the rest dribbling
out my mouth off my chin and onto my right tit. The one who was sucking that nipple moves to lick the cum
off of me and then deeply kisses my mouth. I am shocked at
the softness of the kiss and it occurrs to me that I am being
kissed by a woman--one who was moments ago sucking my tit!

As her kiss intensifies I feel pressure from in front of
my pussy--my head is so blood hot it takes me a while to understand
that the man in front is now pushing his cock into my already
occuppied pussy! I am being double fucked in my pussy while
a woman kisses a man's cum from my lips! In no time at
all I cum hard on them both--and it feels like the man in back
cums too. I can feel some space in my pussy now as he pulls
out. Hot sticky cum is drippling down my legs, the man in
front still fucking me and the woman has now given me one
of her large tits to suck on. I feels pressure behind me again and someone takes their
finger and dips it into my wet pussy--spreading cum up and
down my ass crack. With no notice I get a cock shoved in my
ass. Now the d/p is one each in my pussy and ass and I am sandwitched
between them--totally at the mercy of their rhythems.

Her tit is replaced by another cock in my mouth--and I can
hear her moaning almost as loud as I am so I assume she is being
taken too. How many people are here seeing me? Taking me?
No time to think as I feel the man in front pump me harder and
his body tighten--he shoots in me and as he pulls out, on
my newly shaved pussy... Soon after the man in my ass shoots,
his hot jism filling and then pouring out of my ass. The cock
in my mouth ups his thrusts and then pulls out to shoot a large
load on my face, hair, tits. My own cum drips put of me and
down my legs mingling with the men who have gone before.

Were it not for still being tied and my heels barely touching
the floor I KNOW I would colapse I am shaking so hard and breating
so fast! I am left totally alone tied, shaking and covered
in cum getting cold and wondering what to expect next. I
call out--is anybody there? I get no answer and fear I am
being left just like this. After what seems forever and is really only a few minutes,
I feel a warm wet rag wipe the cum off my face--but only my face. Then a man--my man I think kisses--me softly
and tenderly. You were incredibly hot and sexy he whispers
in my ear and I know it is my lover. I turn my head toward him
and he is gone. Again I am left tied, blindfolded, still
covered in drying cum and alone. Now more hands are stroking my body everwhere and I hear
my lover say--that was just the beginning... I can't
believe I am getting aroused again but I am. My pussy is pulsing
with heat and want. I twist on my tied arms toward a sound--it
sounds like a little buzz saw and I am scared of what they
have in mind. I cry out to my lover to stop and he laughs and
brushes a kiss in my hair whispering--this will be the best
night of your life baby! I feel hands on each of my ankles and thighs--pulling my
legs wide apart--again I am barely touching the floor.
I gasp and cry out as the "buzz saw" is pressed
against my clit. This vibrator has something that buzzes
hard and fast on my clit, something that rotates pushed
in my pussy and another thin pulsing, vibrating piece pushed
up my ass. My muscles are spasiming inside and out of me as
the power is turned up one notch at a time. A soft pair of hands are massaging my tits and flicking my
hard, sensative nipples. Now I feel cold metal clamped
on each nipple and pulled tight. That does it and I gush in
an explosian of cum, I hear a scream and realize its me! Still
they keep on with the toys and I cum at least 2-3 more times
before they are stopped. I feel what I take to be the cold knife blade again against
my neck and the strange man's voice says--if you are
a good little slut, I'll cut you down; if not, I'll
simply cut you and he moves the tip of the blade to touch my
clamped left nipple. Too afraid speak and starting to cum
again, I only nod, he kisses me, grasps my wrists in his hand
and cuts me loose from the ceiling. I totally colapse into strong arms holding me from behind. I am lifted
and carried somewhere--a soft bed it feels like--and the
nipple clamps are removed but my still bound wrists are
again tied above me. I feel at least 4, maybe 5 mouths kissing & licking my
body from top to bottom and everwhere in between--justlips,
no hands but at one point I feel what I am sure is a hard cock
brush agaisnt my side. Once again my body betrays me and
I lift my hips up begging to be eaten or fucked or better yet--both!

I hear my lover's laugh but am sure the one entering
me is not him. This cock is too thick and seems much longer
than his well endowed cock even. Roughly the one fucking
me takes me, pumping me so hard the bed hits the wall and our
hips slap hard against each other. Someone is softly stoking
my hair as I am getting fucked unmercifuly--it feels so
weird--the hard and soft of it all. The man fucking me flips
me on my side still fucking my pussy and someone enters my
ass from behind with no prelude at all. God it hurts and tears
escape from my bindfolded eyes. The ass fucker kisses my
neck and I am shocked to feel soft, feminine kisses--she
must be using a strap-on on me! Another cock is slapped against my cheek till I open my mouth
and begin to suck on him. The 3/p continues until the one
in my pussy cums only to be replaced by another..same with the one in my mouth. The woman in my
ass of course keeps going. One more cock replaced in my mouth--5
men now or a repeat or two? After all the men have cum and me
too several times, she pulls out of my ass. I am untied from the bed and the arms I recognize as my man's
are wrapped around me holding me on his lap, my back to his
chest, he rocks me while I cry. Worridly he lifts my chin
and kisses me asking if i am ok? Again I am too breathless
to talk so I only nod yes (the tears are of sexual release)
as we kiss with more and more intensity. He unties my blindfold
and I twist around to look at him. Kissing me deeply he breathes--you
were so fucking incredible tonight! I push him back and straddle him and I fuck him this time--first
slowly, almost shyly, our eyes locked on each other--the
world forgotten. Then I can't wait any longer and beg
him to fill my pussy--he happily complies minutes later
and I follow shortly after. As I colapse in his arms I hear applause. I turn my head and
see FOUR men and TWO women, all dressed now and sitting on
a couch and chairs drinking wine and watching us. I am suddenly
shy and blush, hiding my face on my lover's chest. One
man says--don't worry--this is the only tape of your
"abduction" and tosses it to my man who slaps
me on the butt with it! Each of them come over to kiss me and
thank me for a really really hot & wild party then they
leave. My man carries me to the jacuzzi tub and gently puts my abused
but satisfied body into the bubble bath. Lowering me in
he whispers as he kisses me--happy anniversery my Raenee.

[\B]FANTASY #2 The Making of a Slut/B]

John takes me out to a "couple friendly"
adult store and helps me pick out some sexy clothes. A pushup white
lace bra and lace string bikini, lace top thigh high stockings,
3" platform heels, a red leather mini skirt and a white
silk see-through blouse. He sends me into the ladies room
to "costume up." When I look in the mirror, I can't believe my transformation
from a professional grad school professor into this slut
looking back at me. I am excited by my own image and embarrassed
that I am excited too. I am almost afraid to go out into the
store--will he like this "new" me? I was in there
so long John asked the saleswoman to check on me. She came in and saw me sitting at the mirror. When I saw her,
I began to blush and tried to pull the short skirt down--to
no avail. It didn't help that she was a strickingly
beautiful exotic woman of African-American and Polynesian
heritage. She came & stood behind me and put her hands
on my shoulders as she looked directly at my eyes in the mirror.

"First time for this dress up deal?" I blushed
and nodded yes. "Don't worry he already thinks
you're hot or he wouldn't have brought you here
and quite frankly any man--or woman--would agree with
him when they look at you." As she said this she slipped
her right hand off of my shoulder and titled my head up and
back to look at her. Keeping her eyes locked on mine she bent
down and gently kissed me. When I didn't pull away, she pulled me up, turned me
to face her and slipped her tongue around my lips until I
opened to her. Then she moved her other hand down and unbuttoned
my blouse. While still lightly kissing me she took her thumb
and rubbed it softly over my nipple; it quickly got hard
as my breathing quickened and she gave the other nipple
the same treatment. Pushing me back against and onto the
counter, without breaking our kiss, she lifted both my
tits free of my bra. Her touch was electric and I fet my pussy
get damp. How strange to have someone who feels so soft be
so commanding of my body... She bent and sucked a nipple in as she put her other hand under
my skirt and rubbed my clit through my panties. As I moaned
with excitement she pinced my nipple hard between her red
nails>> To my surprise and excitement I came without
warning. Smiling she knelt in front of me and sucked my cum
out through my panties. She kept that up until I couldn't
help wiggle my ass on the counter and lift my hips to her warm
and talented face. Pushing my panties aside, she now ran
her tongue around my pussy lips in exactly the same way she
had my mouth when she first kissed me. As I looked down, those
georgeous brown almond eyes looked directly up at me. Without breaking
eye contact or stopping her tongueing of me, she smiled
and winked up at me. Oh fuck how I wanted her to quit teasing me and suck on my swollen
clit! I was pumping my hips against her mouth faster now
and holding her head against me. She must have read my mind
because she moved back and roughly yanked my skirt off and
pulled my panties off of me leaving my partialy shaved and
wet pussy at perfect eye level. Smiling and licking her
lips she slipped one, then two, than three perfectly manicured
fingers up inside me. She curved her fingers and expertly
found my G spot. As she began to finger me faster and faster
I found myself arching back and playing with my own tits
as she played with me. Before I suspected what she had in
mind, she pulled out a small vibrator from her skirt pocket
and buzzed my clit while still finger fucking me. I almost
screamed with pleasure and within minutes I was cumming
uncontrolably. Not giving me any break from playing with my pussy at all
she said, "Yeah baby--you are so fucking hot, aren't
you? You like being a little slutty bitch for me don't
you? Bet your man would love to see this now wouldn't
he? He'd want to fuck this wet pussy but I'm not
ready to give you up yet! Damn woman--look how your squirting
all over my hand--you're dripping all over my hand
and down my arm!" She was right, I was. I don't
think I had ever done that before and I tried to pull back
& stop--embarrassed that I felt like I was peeing on
her. "No baby, don't pull back or get wierded
out--this is great! Not many of us women are so uninhibited
that we squirt. Look how much I love it!" Pulling her wet fingers out of my dripping pussy but without
removing the vibrator, she grinned up at me as she first
licked around my pussy lips then sucked on her 3 fingers.
Then she stood and put those same, still wet fingers in my
mouth saying, "See how good your sweet cum tastes?"
After I had tasted my cum on her, she pulled me tight against
her and kissed me hard and deeply. I could taste my cum on
her wet lips and it excited me even more. Soon we were frantically
kissing and I found myself cupping her cute round ass and
pulling her tightly to me as we ground our hips together.I
took off her skirt, blouse and bra leaving her in just a red
thong. I have never been into women except for a little kissing
and touching> more just to get the watching men aroused.
Slowly I bent and slipped her thong off, stood up and just
looked at that beautiful coffee & cream colored body
with her dark thick racing stipe haired wet pussy standing
in front of me. I was shocked to find out I wanted this woman
and I wanted her now. I knelt before her, cupped her round
ass cheeks in both hands and went to work on her with my tongue,
lips and teeth. In no time I had her quivering and moaning
and cumming on my lips. Ummm she tasted good... Even when
she asked me to stop I kept tongue fucking her till she came again and I finally released her. Pulling me up
to her she kissed me deep but softly. "Now honey, see how that hot little slutty outfit makes you feel
and act? Good huh?" Winking at me she turned my head
toward the door where I saw my man John and another man standing.
I was confused, embarassed, shy and...well yes excited
too. She reached over and took my bra off finally totally
freeing my size B tits with their swollen nipples. As she
rubbed and pinched them, she made me forget about being
shy or embarrssed. The strange man moved in and unzipped
my mini skirt and they both pulled it slowly and senuously down over my hips. Now
both of us women were totally naked, wet with sweat and cum
and shivering with anticipation. She kissed me and turned me around until
I was facing the other guy. She pushed me against him with
her naked body at my back and they kissed around me as John
came over and reached to caress my face and her naked tit
at the same time. Soon the two men had undressed and were rock hard ready for
what ever was to come next. I was pretty sure it would soon
be all four of us and several times! The other guy was around
6', white, clean cut with blonde hair, blue eyes and
around 210 of hard muscle like a football player. His cock
was a long 9 1/2-10 inches but not overly thick. (Which is good I thought, as I am pretty tight). John
is the same 6' height, white and with a 185 lb swimmers
type medium build. He has thick wavy dark hair, a mustache
and penetrating hazel eyes. His cock is a nice average length
and a bit thicker than average. I could already see the pre-cum
glistening on both of the men as they moved toward us. Once again it was the exotic beauty that took charge to get
us all involved. With another kiss to the blond man she bent
me over the counter so my ass was up in the air and I could see
us all in the mirror. Rubbing her wet pussy hair against
my ass she reached for both men and took a hard cock in each
hand. She bent and sucked first one than the other alternating
for a good while. They were each playing with one of my tits
as she kept me pinned to the counter with her hips. John put his finger in her pussy and his other hand was stroking
my hair while Blondie was finger fucking me and had his other
hand holding me down on the counter. I wanted a cock in my
pussy so badly that I caught myself wishing she had a strap-on
on her! WOW--NEVER EVER thought I would have wished for
that! Fortunately I didn't have long to wait for real
cock. John handed the guy a condom and he guided his big cock into
me. I had always liked it doggie style but this was incredible.As
he began to pump me harder, he grabbed my hair and lifted
my head up. I saw she was sucking on my man as hers was fucking
me. Watching us all in the mirror increased my excitement.

John lifted her up and set her ass on the counter next to me.
I reached over and helped him open her legs for him as he entered
her. Now she & I were both being pounded in rhythm. I
wiggled over to suck on her tit as she began to stoke my hair.
We were both moaning and groaning in passion. I think I came
first but she was close behind. The men were pleased with
themselves to find us both mult-orgasmaic. Her guy was
a talker which I like. "Fuck what a tight, wet cunt this one has. You were right Tasha, she is a fuckin slut!"

John is usually pretty quiet but I heard him murmer, "Oh
yeah" and I saw his ass tighten. I knew he was close to cumming. Tasha was rising up off the
counter to meet John's thrusts, saying, "Shit
yeah baby make me cum again. Fuck me harder!" I was
pushing my ass back against the other guy and telling him
to pound my hot fuckin pussy. Tasha and I were moaning, shaking
and cumming over and over. She grabbed my tit so hard when
she came I thought she would rip it off. That only made me
hotter and I bucked into the guy more--his balls were slapping
hard against my ass. Finally I felt the guy tense. With a moan he pulled out of
me ripped off the condom and shot a porn sized load of cum
on my ass, back and hair. John soon followed, pulled off
his condom and shot his wad on her pussy, stomach and tits.
We were all breathless and flushed and panting like we had
just finished a triathalon. The guys went to the sinks to wash up and Tashsa pulled me
to her and kissed me--rubbing my man's cum over my body
with her body while rubbing her guys on my ass & back.
She wispered, "You are sure one hot fucking slut. Doug and I would love to be with
you guys again." Still breathing hard I kissed her
and said I am sure John would love it and so would I!"
Doug handed us towels and said, "Why don't you
ladies wash up in the shower over there and when you come
out, I'll have a surprise for you and John." We gigled as we got in the shower and soaped ach other down.
If we weren't so tired and well fucked, we probably
would have had fun playing in the shower together. As Tasha
soaped my swollen pussy she whispered, "There will
be lots more times for lots of new adventures." After
we dried off and dressed we went out of the ladies room and
back to the sales floor. There were several single guys and a few couples huddled
around a TV monitor. I couldn't quite believe my eyes
when I saw they were all watching a video of our restroom
action! John wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to
him as I shyly buried my head in his chest, my cheeks flushed
with embarrassment. Doug said, "This is the surprise I have for you Raenee.
As you can see we made a video of you and Tasha and also of the
four of us so you will have something to remember just how
hot and sexy you are---dressed as a slut or undressed!"
Kissing me hard he put one hand up my skirt and stroked my
swollen pussy and with the other hand he roughly squeezed
my tit. Tasha took the tape out and handed it to John. Kissing him
and stroking his already hard again cock trough his jeans
she said smiling, "Y'all come back again soon--we'll
be ready for a new adventure any time! Take care of that new
little slut John" As John pulled me to him again and
kissed me, several of the "spectators' made
appoving sounds and comments. A few asked if the party could
be larger next time. One woman told me, "You will be
the reason my husband gets fucked good tonight!"

What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?:
on a pool table in a crowded bar

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Light Bondage, Role Playing, Threesomes, Slave/Master, Making Home "Movies", Participating in Erotic Photography, Handcuffs/Shackles, Breast/Nipple Torture, Clamps, etc., Blindfolds, Massage

Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity? Who? What turns you on about them?:
Nothing--I'm into real guys not actors--on TV, Stage,
Movies or real life!

Have you ever had cybersex?:
I've tried it, but it's just not the same.

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  • 58 / female
  • Denver Metro Area, Colorado, United States
Sexual Orientation:
Looking For:  Men, Couples (man/woman), Groups or Couples (2 men)
Birthdate: March 15, 1958
Relocate?: No
Marital Status: Married
Height: 5 ft 4 in / 162-165 cm
Body Type: Average
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: I don't use drugs
Education: PhD/MD/Post doctorate
Occupation: Teach grad school
Race: Caucasian
Religion: Spiritual
Have Children: No
Want Children: No
Male Endowment: Average/Thick
Bra Size: 36 / 80 C
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Red/Auburn
Hair Length: Short
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or Contacts: Either
My Trophy Case: