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Photo Voting Preferences

This will set the voting preferences of all of your photos!

Turn on voting on all my photos
Turn off voting on all my photos

Photo in Member Newsletter Preference
By default, all members agree as part of their Terms of Use agreement to allow their photos to be used in our member newsletter. You can increase your chances of getting picked for the newsletter by getting ConfirmID, as confirmed members are picked first.

If you do not wish to have your photo featured in the member newsletter, indicate your preference below.
Yes, show my photo in the member newsletter
No, do not show my photo in the member newsletter

Allow my profile to be used in TV or Print promos

Network Album Privacy Preferences

Setting your album privacy preferences will cause ALL of your current albums and any future albums to take the new setting. However, you can overwrite this preference on individual albums when you create a new album.

Open to all my friends
Open to my    friends
Hide all albums


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