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Testimonials for dody203

HORNDOGGERS on Sep 28, 2012
When we first got into the lifestyle 10 months ago we took a close look at the couples on here we thought were livin' the dream. Dody203 remains at the top of our list.. the ideal. We thought "if we get it right it'll probably look something like that" - two people having the time of their lives, sharing incredible experiences.

Then, after a couple of months on the site, we had the chance to meet the masters.. but we found that there was much more to them than originally met the eye. They are not only sexy, and fun in bed.. but beautiful people and truly beautiful friends.

We treasure you guys.. Thanks for everything!!! ~ Ms. EPIC and Mystr-E

sunsport4u on Aug 20, 2012
I had the pleasure to play with this outstanding couple and still get goose bumps thinking about them nearly a week later. She has a beautiful fit body and he's a great team player who knows how to handle a woman. Half the fun was to watch them in action, best porn anyone could dream of and live as a bonus. He truly loves pleasing her and watching her with an other man. They are the perfect couple, fun in and out of the bedroom. Looking forward to 2,3,4,100...
Calirican_702 on Jun 15, 2012
So, I met this couple last week. I had a feeling I would like them. And boy was I right!! They are exactly the kind of couple I was looking for. Not only are they fun outside of the bedroom, but inside as well. They are the type to stay friends with. I mean the Mrs is a champ!! The Mr. and I completely tore her up and yet she still wanted more. Anyone who gets an opportunity to get time with this couple is lucky. I will definitely be seeing them in the future again!!!
classybutfun on Jun 6, 2012
I've had the pleasure and honor of spending a great deal of time this week with this one-of-a kind couple while K and D have been in Vegas. There isn't enough words to describe these quality people. They have given new meaning to this lifestyle, not to mention they are as beautiful and HOTTTT outside the bedroom as they are in bed. Here's to falling in shoes, eating pizza and the best sex EVER!!!!!! I can say now that you meet a lot of fakes in this lifestyle before you find the real deal. I have found them and am holding on tight! xoxoxo
sexysquirter82 on Feb 26, 2012
Sorry D Jaime is going to marry K so you might want to get your own profile soon. JK We absolutely Love them both awesome people inside the bedroom and out they are like watching comendy central funny as hell and so sexy. So if your thinking about seeing them dont because we are taking up all there play time.. JK Again but we can wish. Love you guys.
gymguy79 on Feb 3, 2012
Wow, these 2 crazy kids are a very classy couple, free of any drama and hang ups. Had a great time with them and looking forward to the next time. Hard to believe, but the Mrs. is even hotter in person
poppichulo34 on Dec 10, 2011
I'm sure everyone can tell from this couple's profile they are a lot of fun. D is chill and laid back like me and K is a sex bombshell. What an amazing body!!! I plan on worshipping it a few more times before we leave Las Vegas. Thanks you two!
fearfactor111 on Dec 8, 2011
They say that good things come to those who wait. I've waited a long time to meet this couple, and let's just say it was so worth it! Had an absolutely amazing time with them! If your looking to meet some amazing people with great character and charm, look no further! Dody203 is the real deal and a rocking good time!
rm_SJf4fun1000 on Nov 10, 2011
Incredible people! Absolutely sexy both in body and mind. These guys are an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Unassuming, respectful, hot as hell! We met Mr. and Mrs. Dody203 at a HUGE party (over 800 people) and out of everyone there we click with these two instantly... that almost never happens. The heat was undeniable from the start and we could not wait to get them all to ourselves. They DO NOT disappoint. Can’t wait to play with these two again... and again... and again... and again...
rm_Globalcock69 on Jun 22, 2011
An incredible couple and the perfect compliments to each other. They're a real pleasure to get to know and even greater fun when the clothes start flying off! She exudes sexiness throughout every inch of her delicious body and he is an absolute stud with unrivaled stamina. Should you ever want to meet the ultimate fuck team, this is it!
muscularmantoy on May 13, 2011
These two are the BOMB!! He is a great guy and she absolutely drips SEXY!!! Glad to call them friends. :)
wetdreamcumtrue on Feb 11, 2011
These two are much more attractive than there pictures and there pictures are already hott!!! They are so sexy yet down to earth and respectful. We had a great time with them and are hoping to get a chance to enjoy each others company again soon. They are as real as they get. Feel very lucky if they chose you to get to know! J&M