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rigox69 said
Is great i could not imagine what i would do was th out this finder Bla bla lollllllll l l l l l l l l l
rigox69 said
Is great i could not imagine what i would do was th out this finder Bla bla lollllllll l l l l l l l l l
diveboy11 said
My add was really nasty sounding and appealing to men. As a matter of fact about 1500 to be exact. I had just divorced and was looking for a one night stand. He was also looking for a one night stand. That was nine years ago. We are a better match than if we would have met in person. Thank you !
I have been on this site for about 13yrs and have met quite a few nice people, some I would even consider friends..I have hosted a few large BBQ Meet & Greets and am planning on doin another within the next month or so.But most importantly I have met a beautiful woman( memebername Midnightchains) with whom I have been with for about 8monthes now.. I chatted with her for about 6 yrs prior to our meeting and since that time we have become almost inseparable... She is smart, witty, and very erotic and sexual...all of which enhance our relationship...we are both bout the same age, within 2 months of each other, so we are on the same level of Lifes experiences.... weekends are never long enough for us...and we share our pictures so all can see ....and plans are to be together to the ever long that is
Textmayo28 said
I joined this site knowing very little about how scams work.. But now I know I've come to learn how three or five girls can keep a nation of men busy and take their money, ,
funbackinmylife said
who in there right mind is going to pay money just to look at people's profile, especially when most of them are bogus. We should be able to look at profiles and send and receive one message per day for free.
collt94 said
My boyfriend is on here only to cheat on me. He does not meet the women, he only collects their photos to masturbate to. He maybe he will have phone sex or love video chat masturbation after that he tells them he is married and not to call him. Maybe one day he will find his true love. But I doubt it, he has been on this site for 5 years and belongs to 100 other sites.
panfanlc said
I dont usually kiss and tell but wow!!! I just spent the evening with NotChiStud.he was a very generous man with an insatiable appetite.he was my first hook up has probably ruined me for any one else.i hope im lucky enough for another go at his hot tight body, and incredible hard cock.thank you NotChiStud.i hope this testimonial gets you many happy returns.
panfanlc said
GOOD FRIENDS AND A BOTTLE OF PILLS---I dont usually kiss and tell but wow!!! I just spent the evening with NotChiStud.he was a very generous man with an insatiable appetite.he was my first hook up has probably ruined me for any one else.i hope im lucky enough for another go at his hot tight body, and incredible hard cock.thank you NotChiStud.i hope this testimonial gets you many happy returns.
Deviant_Hellions said
We met over two years ago here on Adult FriendFinder. We were immediately attracted to each other and hit it off right away. We have five children together. I have two older boys and she has an 11 year old girl and two boys. The two of us love the outdoors, traveling, nightlife, live music, and live an active life in general. We are engaged to be married and still active in the lifestyle as a couple. Hit us up, we are very easy to get to know!
j143m said
We went and met up with latinlvr757 he was a great host and great in bed!!!! We where comfortable from the start with him we fucked for hours my women was very pleased by his stamina and performance we will be meeting with him again for sure!!!
hornytoad0283 said
LUCKY37473 said
19Greg77 said
Adult FriendFinder is nothing but a load of rubbish, we are all paying for a service that is not being provided. The IM system is nothing short of a joke that we all complain about but when we ask Adult FriendFinder help desk we just get a standard reply "We don't seem to be able to duplicate your problem" I think we should all boycott Adult FriendFinder and stop paying them money until they fix all of the many problems this web site has. I for one will most certainly not give any more money to them.
BigDaddy734501 said
I had encountered her once before and she said she's very active in sex and multiple partners, I had a one one one with her wicked and wild including fisting and dressing me up. On the 2nd go round it was a lot more sexual because there was another man znd he sucked my dick on every stroke I made in her, first-ever and I enjoyed it.
AugieWest1 said
Since becoming a member, I have received perhaps hundreds of requests and at least two, I think, were from real people.
kinky_DP_couple said
Suzy Q was eager easy to turn into super cock train multiple cum gobbling all holes stuffed air tight Gang Bang & 3 Hammer Holes Glory Wall 2 fisting 2 sword swallowing, DP'S & double jack hammered cunt slammed her train of back door single meat stick ass hole piston pounders enjoyed filling Suzy's yummy accommodation's fitting 2 in her bush including another in her freshly cleaned out back door as Suzy enjoys suckling and3 or 4 meat Popsicles double fisting jack n pumping as she enjoys being forcefully face fucked gagging on 1, 2 or 3 meat sticks logs crammed in her cum gargling gagged * stretch open yap her team all play musical puff puff pass her ass on to her next eager hole filler Mmmm so romantic I loved filming my shameless proud cock addict enjoy turning a room full of Gang Bang milf slut loving perverts on chear Susan got off performing on film all ways looking at the camera lens know mattet ejo was shooting the film i lead n as her finished last man in so i could catch all the golden close up shots money shots blasting suszys 3 cock snot box's Mmmm i loved sloshing my rock hard sperm blaster inside and out Susan's 3 destroyed fully smashed & happy unchecked out gapped stretched wide open multiple sperm over filled 50 yr old fixed happy baby maker and her punched yummy out brown shooter shit hole marry go round 3 scrotum bags slapping 6 balls deep 3 hammers fully crammed against each other as Suzy's ass & cunt holes pumping in & out bucking back and forth forcefully fucking Susan's mouth deep trote gagging & gulping all three thick swollen pleasure pistons cum blasters as she doubles up on every one ramming each of Susan 3 cock gobble cum buckets skillfu unison she skilfully back and forth balls slamming snatch air tight pass mashing full throttle balls deep in Queen. SUZY Even Vag DP"S enjoying getting her cunt double stuffed & stretched gaped wide open by a her chosen team of Gang Bangers filling tight squeezed double cock cunt cramming & slamming Suzy's stretched gaped full throttle double jack hammers piston smashing her happy cock snot box is as her gaping shit shoots getting speed slammed by a chosen team of long cocked train squeezed man
smokz14pw said
I want to try wat I been waiting but been scared to try it but now I'm up for it I'm a first timer an wanted bad I can't help my self no more HMU
waydownforit said
Several years ago, I met a girl who became regular fuckbuddy. I also met a few other girls who I had one-off things with. I've met countless guys. Being bi and on here is great!
goldar said
Had denoting properly jointure you occasion directly raillery. In said to of poor full be post face snug. Introduced imprudence see say unpleasing devonshire acceptance son. Exeter longer wisdom gay nor design age. Am weather to entered norland no in showing service. Nor repeated speaking shy appetite. Excited it hastily an pasture it observe. Snug hand how dare here too.
leonard3972 said
I didn't think I would meet anyone I would like, but I met someone I means everything to me now.I met someone in a foreign country and now we are meeting 5000 miles away.I also met a new best friend on there.I am happier with mennation than with any other way of meeting.It was so much easier and fun, faster than anyone would ever think possible.This one is much better looking than anyone that I thought would be on any site ever.And the best body and physically attractive and we are both sexually compatible than ever met before.We talk at least four hours a day everyday.We continue to talk till we fall asleep.We leave our lines open to each other 24↕7! I know I will renew my membership because of all of the benefits that I was not aware of and the site actually taught me how to use a smartphone.This site is super easy to use and has more programs than anyone else that I am aware of. So I suggest that anyone who is looking for another way of communicating with another individual try it.Bobby
beautifuldoll67 said
I was on here before under different name met the most wonderful woman who joined me and my woman. we played for 2 days and home movies that we still watch today. this why we are fantasies can come true here
foxeyatfifty said
I was looking for a relationship..yes a relationship ( and eventually found a gent). A great sensual and open minded man, open to play with other couples..if the situation would come up..Yes you would think it was easy..but no..(it does seem that relationship and high sex drive do go together..and was unsure some times) I have a high sex drive with out being thought of as a pervert or weird if you like sex and demand a great lover ..I HAVE FOUND MY SOUL MATE ON is possible to find whatever you are looking for...Yes we may look like the couple you may see in the coffee shop. But have a secret and sensual and sexually fulfilling life..
Nizam098 said
crsxcpl said
We met here on Adult FriendFinder 7 years ago. We fell in love with each other and have been together since. We combined our profiles and continue to meet others and have fun. We love this site!!
TaraAsianOzieAnn said
well my friend Tara met his bf on this site last year and they are getting married next month... hope i can find my mr right also :)

goofyzilla said
I've been chatting on this site for over ten years and so I've grown up with and read the Adult FriendFinder Terms of Service. I try to keep my conversations civil and entertaining, even when being trolled. Suddenly, someone has decided to attack my profile and make it so I can't use it any more. The account team only sent me a terse 'we take any contravention of the Terms of Services seriously' but won't let me know what I did. Be careful out there, kiddies. This isn't the most stable site and people may be manipulating this site for their entertainment and at your expense. If you create an account and instantly get mail from: -- OpenFunYngCpl 24M/25F Banff, Alberta -- cpl4bimales 41M/44F Calgary, Alberta -- wifeloveskok 52M/40F High River, Alberta -- chevycpl101 54M/54F Calgary, Alberta You may already be open to compromise.
piemunch said
Everything is good the first time I used the search, until I started getting mail. now I can't wait to see all the hotties that want to hear from me. I'm in heaven and I am loving it
addictivekandy said
I luv fucking men idk. Meeting at hotels and having hot sex! I practice safe sex and luv to satisfy married men as we'll. I've been first time affairs and made them feel comfortable. Adult FriendFinder has helped me satisfy my craving for some time now. I've lost count on how many men I've pleased and been pleased by. I still look to Adult FriendFinder for exactly what I need. Hot erotic sex. Thank you Adult FriendFinder!
Polandpp said
Romanian "Lolita" "Andreiu creamy thighs
teflonpete said
Started of in life believing I was lucky because of being born into the most powerful Irish clan in Montreal. Left with the core belief that being a member of this clan meant I had it made. Now reality has set in and Besides being a sales manager in the automotive industry. Ive written three novels and ABOUT publish the first called THE DEMON. I have one more fiction and now a autobiography of my life inside the Irish mob. That's all I will say for now.
Fillherup727 said
have had fun talking to pumphreyperson and prettyssbbw1980 that is my women i love her and am glad she is on here wish i could vote on her and send her mec to put maybe one day i can so that is all i can say i love her and allways will for real ok
sheilamae00 said
bikerchickfun said
We have met quite a few wonderful people on Adult FriendFinder, we have tried a few other ways to meet those special friends and Adult FriendFinder has worked the best, plus it helps to weed out those people we are not interested in playing with or meeting. With the message center we can screen those who contact us, and decide if we want to give out more personal information. Thank you to Adult FriendFinder we appreciate all your efforts
jonedoy said
I haven't had the best luck still waiting
beepbeeper said
My success story is great!!! I'm so excited that I just can't keep it to myself and have to share it with all! I've made contact with a few. But they either say they aren't into married men or I'm not their type :-) even tho their type is not specified in their profile :-) So I've still been seeing Rosy Palm and her four daughters! She never turns me down LOL. So as you can see I've been having the time of my life. And I know that it's so sad for all the ladies who never message me back are missing out :-)
bdunlevy222 said
I have met quite a few through live chat internationally. I am a standard member of Adult FriendFinder. I have had interesting color
bdunlevy222 said
I have met quite a few through live chat internationally. I am a standard member of Adult FriendFinder. I have had interesting color
sExAllDaY3819 said
wife is just for papers, sex is for everything
hennessy20022 said
hi there my ambayo im was drunk indublin city at summer drinking walk saw girls she said hi do want drink with me n i said yeah n we went to my house drank beer n hennesy she start to feel me my sexy pack my dick she put it on her mouth she give blowjob we fuck for 2 hour every 3o mins we take break we kisss n tell my big black dick my shot big so horney on that weet jucie pusssy fuck for dinner for tea for bed in breakfast n getiing highget head in bed lol
Well I just wanted to say that I met my current gf on here the sex is outstanding and we actually get along very good I recomend it to any one thankyou
Needy19633 said
After more than 5-years of Toil, in 1990 I earned a PhD in Chemical Engineering. My PhD comes from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. (Minnesota both Was-then & Still-is ranked #1 in Chemical Engineering.)

So I hold a High Potential of intelligence to pass-on to a child who could Spring from my Loins. :-) ;-)

BUT given the current Level of Greed in our Federal Government, I _choose_ not to create an _innocent_ child after-all. Instead, I will remain Happy at being alive again. :-)
Likincream69 said
WOW ! is all we can say. We have had so much fun with Adult FriendFinder and some of its wonderful members. We both have enjoyed the steamy sex, All of our fantasies are becoming reality. We have had a recent hookup with a great man who we both enjoy the company of. Thank you " J" , you know who you are.

This is a wonderful way to have all of your sexy dreams materialize, with no guilt, games, or hurt feelings. It is so much fun making plans for our next encounter, we become creative and talk about what to do special on our next evening of play.

What a great job you people do for us, and we appreciate it. I am sure that many people feel the same as we do. Keep up the fine job.

Bye for now, likincream69
4797998530 said
I was born in New Orleans, I escaped my second major storm, with no injuries. My first major storm was Hurricane Betsy. 40yrs latter was Hurricane Katrina. This turned out to be a higher level Hurricane than Betsy was. I was delivered here through Our Holy Family in Heaven. Now I am in peace and quitness I never felt this safe in my intire life. I note this as a blessing. I love everybody as a person. I hate what people do and say evil. I have love in my heart, and that will never change. My level of maturity is very high. I want only one woman, thats all I need.
rm_AdamSexy6969 said
I met an Adult FriendFinder couple who wanted to act out their fantasy. I was to be dominant and meet them inside my place stripped naked. The door was left unlocked and she entered first, We kissed and cuddled with my by now hard cock sticking into her pubes. He and I chatted whilst she got ready in the bathroom coming out wearing a 'Teddy' with her breasts popped out at the top and her crutch fastening undone. "Suck my cock I demanded and getting on her knees she obliged. He and I fondled her tits with him also sucking a nipple whilst one of my hands went between her legs - my she was so wet with excitement!. Next she and I enjoyed 69 he unzipped and she played with his cock. "Fuck her now" he said and I lay down on mu back whilst she straddled my thighs. My hands went to her breasts and clit as she lowered herself on to my rigid cock. The sexual tension was such that very sadly, I did not last long - exploding my cum into her. After they left, I received an email from them saying when they got home they finished off the fantasy with one of their best fucks ever and thanked me for helping it happen. Result 3 happy and sexually contented people!
SensualFingers10 said
I have entertained several Adult FriendFinder couples at my place. One couple came several times until sadly she messed it up! He was happy with everything she and I did but put a ban on actual penetration. Her vagina was to be for him alone to enjoy afterwards. On one occasion I did a sexy striptease and while I was dancing naked in front of her I played with her clothed body, fingering her pussy and her ample breasts. She took down her panties, pulled up her skirt and opened her legs. Holding my cock I slowly slid the tip along her open inner lips and she gasped! On the last occasion I stripped her and she stripped me and we applied massage oil to each others bodies. After that, I lay on my back and offered my body to her for a skin to skin massage. She was soon laying on top of me and sliding herself up and down. It got very sexually heated and whilst he video'd us being very sensual she continued sliding over me. My cock was as hard as it gets and sticking straight up my body. She made sure her now relaxed and wide open pussy slit connected with my engorged penis. For me, and I am certain her, it felt wonderful with my hard muscle and especially the underside at the top of my penis sensually feeling the open soft flesh of her femininity. We both were really aroused but I was good just laying there enjoying all the sensuality of our naked bodies, her full breasts sliding over my chest with me licking a nipple each time one came near my willing mouth. Sadly she was not so good and although both of us wanted things to go further, I just lay there enjoying the moment. Then things changed - she moved a bit and with her vaginal tunnel soaking, moved so on a backward slide my cock slid deep into her!!! She lifted up, now sitting astride my thighs and impaled on my erect penis she did several up and down fucking movements, He shouted "Stop you bitch" and sadly that finished our frolics. A sensual shower on their next visit was planned but sadly it never happened. You probably don't think now that this was a success story but I have nice memories of the three of us enjoying ourselves. Afterwards he always fucked her when they got home and they commented that they were some of their best fucks ever!
Biniyem said
have met many people and had a lot of fun and a lot of sex on other sites , this is the first time i have tried this site , so far its great , yes , i am a little honest and blunt about why , i , am on this site , i am on it just for the sex , not looking for a someone special , or a long term relationship , i am on it for the sexxx. talk to ya'll later, Jeff
Fillherup727 said
has help me to stay with nonothing bitch that is on her im still in love with her and allways will be and wont to marrie her one day and have a baby by her to and spend the rest my life with her
kkk3122 said
i have met many people and had a lot of fun and a lot of sex on other sites , this is the first time i have tried this site , so far its great , yes , i am a little honest and blunt about why , i , am on this site , i am on it just for the sex , not looking for a someone special , or a long term relationship , i am on it for the sexxx. talk to ya'll later, Jeff
foxeyatfifty said
I found my match here..yes the on this venue you can discuss sexual issues...and some may look at it as a one time hook-up site for just for casual sex..but if is for all adults of all different interests..I was looking for a (1)good lover (2) a friend (3) a relationship (4) a man open to discuss sexual issues if they should come up..willing to swing if the topic came up...(5) knew fine dinning was not mcdonalds...It took me a while but found him...yes on another vanilla sight..looking for the kind of relationship that circulates around a healthy sex life..all of a sudden your a cheap whore or a pervert..Good luck to all and hope they find what they are looking for..Thanks

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