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tgemily said
I was a virgin most of my love and it was a bore cause i had no one but since i found a man i been excited and happy and it even made me happy and cry cause me told me i was his dream girl and it was my first being told that and i liked him as well so i felt a good spark between us so i was excited and happy ever since
Crash_and_Burn55 said
My husband and I met on here almost 6 years ago now! He sent me a mail, and the rest is history. We still use adult friend finder to spice up our already wonderful sex life, so you guys continue to be amazing for us! Thank you!
couple2funn said
Earlier it was difficult to find adult partners like us, we are common found social couple, for whom it was very difficult to find fun, due to social life image, secrecy and identity issues, but this site has made it so simple, easy and possible for us, we satisfied our fantasy of swapping, group sex, threesome and foursome through this site. We love you AdultFriendFinder. And are enjoying with you. With love couple2funn
sachinm1986 said
I was sex with one bar girl in 2008 with my friends & this is my first sex in the age of 20s.
JerryMiller1975 said
Well I have to say this site has worked for me that is for sure I was on it maybe 2 months and have 6 or 7 meetings. All of them were great experiences the ladies were exactly as they presented themselves. So all in all I must say this is a great site. Thanks AdultFriendFinder
The_Spaceman86 said
I created an account on a whim to see if I could find any girls in the area that I could hook up with. I had all my settings open because I was a little curious about guys as well. A few weeks after I started looking in earnest I was messaged by an older guy seeing if I was bi. I thought about it for a week or so then decided to spur of the moment go meet him on a Saturday morning. We met up and he was extremely nice and friendly. It wasnt long before I had sucked my first dick and swallowed my first load of cum!
samshammm said
hi to all iss readers iam sam from bangalore this story is about me and my mom and a romantic section, first i will tell about my self me 5'6 in height and my mother sop she is a bit old looking 5'2 in height and 38, 32, 38 in figure i did not have such a bad feeling on her after a insident one day before some 4 years back my mother use to kiss on my chin but i dont know why because of some reason my mom kissed me on my lips for about nearly 5 to 6 seconds from that day i started noticing her closely she use to not wear any bra because of some health issue but i use to see her cleavage when ever i get chance to see. and now iam 22 years old and my mom is 45 years old let me come to the story directly before that i have 3 sisters 1 elder and 2 younger, elder sister works and younger sisters studying and on 5/7/2015 my mom was not well so as daily ruiten my sisters left for collage and work i and mom was alone at home what happend was my mother was having some joints pain so she was taking rest at her room and i was watching some movie on my tv suddenly i heard my mom calling me i went and asked her what she want she said that she require some massage so she lyied on the cot back towards me and i started to apply that oil on her neck part and after that i started massaging her lower back hip she said do massage for my whole back she was wearing a saree and blouse was in between so i replied that blouse is between how to massage back and she asked me to wait out for a minute and i went out and again she called out my name amd i entered the room saw my mom lying on cot topless and her back was visible to me so i started massage for more than 20 minutes and tried to see her boobs but i failed and pressed her legs also by back and i asked her to turn but she rejected and said enough and thanked for my massage and i went back to my room and jerk offed and slept and i was waiting for next massage i use to wait daily but she dint call me ever. but after 8 days she called me i wemt into her room this time she was already removed her top clothes before my presents and she was lying opposite again i started my massage on her back nearly 15 minutes and i reached her leg and slowly my hands were moving to her thighs and i reached her buts i massaged on her but also but mom did not said any thing and i massaged her butts for more than 15 min and asked mom to turn so i massage front also but she rejected and i tried to convince her but she did not agreed so i went back to my room and my 7''cock was out of control so i started jerking suddenly mom called my name and i reached there she said me can u help me to turn i was damn exited because mom was on the same position after massage so i helped her and finally i saw her beautiful milky nude boobs with lite brown nipple and she said start your massage son hearing this with in a sec i took the bottle from mom and flow the oil on her lower neck and boobs and navel i started to massage my hands want to reach her boobs but afraid to touch it i was massaging moms lower neck amd when i reached clevage mom started moaning litly by this i got courage and directly placed my hands on her boob she was silent so i started to massage boobs for more than 20 min but my hands were not leaving her boobs and mom herself moved my hamds to the navel and i was hardly massaging but mom was enjoying it by moaning but my eyes were on boobs and i think of sucking it but i was afraid and slowly my mouth nearing her nipple and there was a one inch gap and finally i kissed my moms boobs and she was still moaning and then i touched by my tongue same thing happened and now i was suppose to suck it mom herlself pulled my head towards her nipple and i started to suck my moms boobs after a long time so i sucked for more than 30 min changing left right and mom asked (sam wanna kiss mama) hearing this i started french kiss more than 15 min and i removed moms peticoat nada and peticoat with panty her pussy was damn hairy i went near her pussy to suck it and that smell pulled my tongue towards her pussy and i sucked nearly 15 min and my moms vagina was swellen so i removed my pant directly and placed my cock into moms pussy and i fucked my own mom nearly 10 min and shot my cum into her vagina and after that mom started sucking my pennis for nearly 10 min and again i said ma iam going to cum mom said cum sam cum into your moms mouth so i released all my load on moms mouth and aftet that we slept nakedly and we made 2 more times fucking section and it was 5 all my sisters came home back and we all had din togeather and slwpt that day. from that day till today me and mom do sex everyday some times at night when my all my sisters sleep mom comes to my room some times i go to her room to have sex. i hope it will continue after my marriage also, i belive that all of u liked my story please share your comments at AdultFriendFinder
69ways4us2cum said
My husband and I have been members of AdultFriendFinder for almost 8 years now and we can honestly say that we've had our share of success stories (yes, stories-plural). That doesn't mean that we didn't hit a couple bumps along the way, but that was just part of the process. You never know until you know.

We joined AdultFriendFinder after deciding that we wanted to add some spice to our already steamy sex life. And well our spice just happen to be well-endowed men who could fuck me all night long. We started to look for what I knew first. I had only slept with white men, so we began our quest with them first.

It went well and we ended up fooling around with a handful of willing, well-hung white gentlemen. Some were good. While others were more of a joke then anything. We were getting our feet wet though, and learning quickly as to what we did and did not like. Eventually we broadened our horizons and went BIGGER!

This is where we began to experience our BIGGEST success stories yet. We focused on what we wanted and we got it! Or should I say them lol! Our search for a few BIG BLACK COCKS was in full swing and we were diving right in. All it took was one sweaty, awesome night with a BBC and we were both hooked. I loved the way they fucked me and my husband loved watching me. This was our fantasy, and it was being fulfilled perfectly.

All in all we have had at least a dozen sexual encounters thanks to AdultFriendFinder and we can't wait to see what great successes we will find in the 8 years to come.
boygato27 said
I hook up with this guy at cruising point on a highway rest area. To make the story short after I pull my cock out my pants this guys just freak out " OMG are you boygato from AdultFriendFinder? I recognize your cock dude. I gotta tell ya I Jerk off several times looking at your pics and watching your hot videos". I felt flattered . I really like when people enjoy my posts. This guy thank me a lot after he get off shooting a massive load saying I really had made his day. I think it was really cool.
jman8310 said
I've had so much fun on this site. Hooked up with a few people. So far it's been a blast. I'm on everyday look me up!!!!!

gooberto said
Hi I'm looking for someone FOREVER 69, oralsexpartner
gooberto said
Hi I'm looking for someone FOREVER 69, oralsexpartner
Azisland said
After 15 years of self imposed celibacy, I decided to get back into the swing of things full throttle. I've met some terrific people on this site (and some crazy), but I've gained the confidence to get back into dating. For every body type and kink, there is a person who is a fan of it. Thank you AdultFriendFinder and AdultFriendFinder members!
SxyHardPlsr4U said
I'm a mature male, 50 but told I hold my age well and have had fantasies of giving my wife more. I'm not the most hung guy here, however, this site has also taught me lots there. We had our first mfm, which for us is the most ever we've veered away from our commitment to each other. We are secure in our relationship and agreed we'd try it. The first mfm has left a lot for other gentlemen to compare. We met, he was a clean cut, thin, good looking man, experienced with a huge cock! It was at least 9'' and thick as a tree. My wife is petite, we were both extremely nervous and he made us feel very much at ease. It was a blast and my petite little wife got to enjoy this hot young gentleman's huge cock while sucking mine. I let him fuck the hell out of her and she loved it. We've had a few more successful mfm experiences, a couple of duds, guys who couldn't perform and some who said they were hung, they were smaller than me. I'm 8'' and I've now found out that I am pretty hung myself. Not as thick as I wished, but I now know I have a big dick compared to a lot of men who say they're hung. Besides, I'm told my cock feels great in a womans ass while she's being fucked in her pussy. I'm very pleased with our experiences thus far and hope to have more soon.

We enjoy making videos and have learned to put it all out there up front, no bs. We've learned that a lot of men on here don't even plan on meeting in the first place. Wife and I put it off to the fact that we think most are married, not getting any from their wife's or partner, and simply there to masterbate while you talk to them about how things will work. They never had any intentions of meeting.

We've had a few really hot experiences and the men were real gentlemen. Very polite, educated, good looking, fit, performed very well, allowed us to video record and we've had a blast. We can't wait to make more videos but we've got to wait until we find the right person(s). Yep, we've considered 2 men at once for her while I film.
Hotblonde4U2have said
What can I say Plenty, joined AdultFriendFinder in 2013 and the fun started straight away. Loaded up pics and videos and went to chat and had instant success. We are a cpl and my 1st encounter was with a great guy that we met on here. Then that meeting went so well so we was on the prowl again for another young hot stud. There is so many to choose from and we found a cpl to swing with and then another guy. I have so many offers to meet that its mind blowing. All up we have had a extremely good time with everyone we have met. Everyone has been well mannered extremely pleasant and a hole lot of sexy fun and good time had by all. There is no shortage of guys, cpls, I love dressing up and going out of my way to be hot for the next guy or cpls Totally 100% pure fun and enjoyment every time I log on. We also have made great friends and I enjoy chatting with them all.
just1couple said
2007 I was on AdultFriendFinder searching for just sex and companionship. I ended up meeting my wife of 8 years. We are now on AdultFriendFinder looking for couples or select single males.
ps56875 said
I have been on here for over 10 yrs and met/played with cpls and gals from across this country. Quality folks. Sure, there are fakes out there.... try CL and you'll find them! Look at my testimonials - proof of real folks. That's a good screening tool, so please post them. And for you folks that are afraid to bareback, I've never met unclean folks here. Sure I test, but I'd never put my cock where my tongue would not go. AdultFriendFinder is the place to go to find quality folks. You'll get your variety too....
playwithus17417 said
Thank you passion we had our first live get together with a man from the site we had a blast I have a defishincy due to my diabetes an I can't always give her what she needs so we got into group sex but it dwindled so we got on here an its great he was large and she oraly got me off twice he got her off like 4 times an then rested and gave her another 2 Is while she gave me another then he blew it all over her face witch made her cum again bet ever looking to have more great exp from this site
eddie7d said
Wow this is just great. And real !!! I used to see a lot of tv commercials or ads online but always thought it was just spam but no! This is the real thing! U can share pics , vids and chat with ppl like u. 100% real. I've met a lot of sexy women and exchanged info. Try it and see it for yourself.
Spartydawg2 said
I have a couple of nice people on here. Some were great and couple were mean and nasty. But overall I have met the nicest and had some mind blowing sex that anyone would love to have.
tylerc29 said
To be completely honest I haven't had any luck meeting up with people because of the basic profile I cannot message or view profiles and I only get 20 I m messages a day
bbwslut1966 said
I have had many great adventures and met many great guys and gals. I love being on here and have great responses. I am one slutty bbw and I am not disappointed.
Wowmedic said
This site Is a great place to meet exactly what you're looking for. I have learned about myself a lot. I joined after a brutal divorce. Now I have many real friends with benefit and some normal friends. Just remember there are 15 dudes to every 1 lady. You need to be special to be the one she's sleeping with.
nakedslc said
ive had many great times hooking up with others from here ..i love to meet most everyone who ask's to meet and get off when im stripped out doors
trebORJS said
I have been on this site since before Christmas and have not been touched by a women from this site at all. ?????????????? I was getting one lady nibbling at me and somehow my message page went sort of blank and have not been able to find her back.
trebORJS said
I have been on this site since before Christmas and have not been touched by a women from this site at all. ?????????????? I was getting one lady nibbling at me and somehow my message page went sort of blank and have not been able to find her back.
black_test said
To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).
black_test said
To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).table
black_test said
To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).To keep it short and sweet, your story is limited to 1800 characters (about 300 words).ta
gulfgurl3 said
I just want to thank you for this amazing site. I have had to many encounters to count. And pretty much all of them have been with the person pictured. Only a couple weren't who they said they were. Lights off who cares as long as they were hungry and i was willing.
funkyt1973 said
Top n bottom I joined around 2009 met n Irish lass had loadsa Irish weekends away tons of sex then I moved to limerick after our engagement 💍 anyay due to the then recession we moved back to uk and still together today 😇
pussyloverdev said
I'm dev from Bhopal ..I'm very sexy man I'm pussy lover n sucker....I like fucking pussy all night n day....ummm aahhhh come n gate my Lund in your hot pussy.
321jcp said
having a good fun batter feeling in this site- but still looking for my partner who make me so happy
rigox69 said
Is great i could not imagine what i would do was th out this finder Bla bla lollllllll l l l l l l l l l
rigox69 said
Is great i could not imagine what i would do was th out this finder Bla bla lollllllll l l l l l l l l l
diveboy11 said
My add was really nasty sounding and appealing to men. As a matter of fact about 1500 to be exact. I had just divorced and was looking for a one night stand. He was also looking for a one night stand. That was nine years ago. We are a better match than if we would have met in person. Thank you !
I have been on this site for about 13yrs and have met quite a few nice people, some I would even consider friends..I have hosted a few large BBQ Meet & Greets and am planning on doin another within the next month or so.But most importantly I have met a beautiful woman( memebername Midnightchains) with whom I have been with for about 8monthes now.. I chatted with her for about 6 yrs prior to our meeting and since that time we have become almost inseparable... She is smart, witty, and very erotic and sexual...all of which enhance our relationship...we are both bout the same age, within 2 months of each other, so we are on the same level of Lifes experiences.... weekends are never long enough for us...and we share our pictures so all can see ....and plans are to be together to the ever long that is
Textmayo28 said
I joined this site knowing very little about how scams work.. But now I know I've come to learn how three or five girls can keep a nation of men busy and take their money, ,
funbackinmylife said
who in there right mind is going to pay money just to look at people's profile, especially when most of them are bogus. We should be able to look at profiles and send and receive one message per day for free.
collt94 said
My boyfriend is on here only to cheat on me. He does not meet the women, he only collects their photos to masturbate to. He maybe he will have phone sex or love video chat masturbation after that he tells them he is married and not to call him. Maybe one day he will find his true love. But I doubt it, he has been on this site for 5 years and belongs to 100 other sites.
MatterOfDistance said
I dont usually kiss and tell but wow!!! I just spent the evening with NotChiStud.he was a very generous man with an insatiable appetite.he was my first hook up has probably ruined me for any one else.i hope im lucky enough for another go at his hot tight body, and incredible hard cock.thank you NotChiStud.i hope this testimonial gets you many happy returns.
MatterOfDistance said
GOOD FRIENDS AND A BOTTLE OF PILLS---I dont usually kiss and tell but wow!!! I just spent the evening with NotChiStud.he was a very generous man with an insatiable appetite.he was my first hook up has probably ruined me for any one else.i hope im lucky enough for another go at his hot tight body, and incredible hard cock.thank you NotChiStud.i hope this testimonial gets you many happy returns.
Deviant_Hellions said
We met over two years ago here on AdultFriendFinder. We were immediately attracted to each other and hit it off right away. We have five children together. I have two older boys and she has an 11 year old girl and two boys. The two of us love the outdoors, traveling, nightlife, live music, and live an active life in general. We are engaged to be married and still active in the lifestyle as a couple. Hit us up, we are very easy to get to know!
j143m said
We went and met up with latinlvr757 he was a great host and great in bed!!!! We where comfortable from the start with him we fucked for hours my women was very pleased by his stamina and performance we will be meeting with him again for sure!!!
hornytoad0283 said
LUCKY37473 said
19Greg77 said
AdultFriendFinder is nothing but a load of rubbish, we are all paying for a service that is not being provided. The IM system is nothing short of a joke that we all complain about but when we ask AdultFriendFinder help desk we just get a standard reply "We don't seem to be able to duplicate your problem" I think we should all boycott AdultFriendFinder and stop paying them money until they fix all of the many problems this web site has. I for one will most certainly not give any more money to them.
BigDaddy734501 said
I had encountered her once before and she said she's very active in sex and multiple partners, I had a one one one with her wicked and wild including fisting and dressing me up. On the 2nd go round it was a lot more sexual because there was another man znd he sucked my dick on every stroke I made in her, first-ever and I enjoyed it.
AugieWest1 said
Since becoming a member, I have received perhaps hundreds of requests and at least two, I think, were from real people.
kinky_DP_couple said
Suzy Q was eager easy to turn into super cock train multiple cum gobbling all holes stuffed air tight Gang Bang & 3 Hammer Holes Glory Wall 2 fisting 2 sword swallowing, DP'S & double jack hammered cunt slammed her train of back door single meat stick ass hole piston pounders enjoyed filling Suzy's yummy accommodation's fitting 2 in her bush including another in her freshly cleaned out back door as Suzy enjoys suckling and3 or 4 meat Popsicles double fisting jack n pumping as she enjoys being forcefully face fucked gagging on 1, 2 or 3 meat sticks logs crammed in her cum gargling gagged * stretch open yap her team all play musical puff puff pass her ass on to her next eager hole filler Mmmm so romantic I loved filming my shameless proud cock addict enjoy turning a room full of Gang Bang milf slut loving perverts on chear Susan got off performing on film all ways looking at the camera lens know mattet ejo was shooting the film i lead n as her finished last man in so i could catch all the golden close up shots money shots blasting suszys 3 cock snot box's Mmmm i loved sloshing my rock hard sperm blaster inside and out Susan's 3 destroyed fully smashed & happy unchecked out gapped stretched wide open multiple sperm over filled 50 yr old fixed happy baby maker and her punched yummy out brown shooter shit hole marry go round 3 scrotum bags slapping 6 balls deep 3 hammers fully crammed against each other as Suzy's ass & cunt holes pumping in & out bucking back and forth forcefully fucking Susan's mouth deep trote gagging & gulping all three thick swollen pleasure pistons cum blasters as she doubles up on every one ramming each of Susan 3 cock gobble cum buckets skillfu unison she skilfully back and forth balls slamming snatch air tight pass mashing full throttle balls deep in Queen. SUZY Even Vag DP"S enjoying getting her cunt double stuffed & stretched gaped wide open by a her chosen team of Gang Bangers filling tight squeezed double cock cunt cramming & slamming Suzy's stretched gaped full throttle double jack hammers piston smashing her happy cock snot box is as her gaping shit shoots getting speed slammed by a chosen team of long cocked train squeezed man

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