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Member Advice Lines

Got a question? Have answers?
I love you.

by ntnwillis98 7/31/2014
You're Advice Please

by Negril43 7/31/2014
Best Female Masturbation Movie Scene

by horniecockie 7/30/2014
"Là ci darem la mano" --or "the wrong girl"

by stevenjosepht 7/30/2014
How many people you've met here "at least met" your expectations?

by johnmoyers5 7/30/2014
Safe sex is what ?

by MovingLife 7/30/2014
The Chase

by p51bmustang 7/30/2014
At a cross road

by free2b25 7/30/2014
To swing or not to swing?

by Nolalove0428 7/30/2014
how to pick up a right man

by opencpl4fun4 7/30/2014
do you have any question

by opencpl4fun4 7/30/2014
Ever Had Sex-Like Experience During Sleep Paralysis?

by youradmirer1 7/30/2014

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