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waking up horny

by wilddan2007 10/22/2016
What is your most attractive feature that make you attracted to the opposite sex?

by anais985 10/21/2016

by Otis_Good 10/21/2016

by sigrhetman 10/21/2016
What makes a woman moan the most

by nokendoll1979 10/20/2016
Rough Digits

by OJAD53 10/20/2016
Like desperadoes waiting on a train / remote control sex toys

by Otis_Good 10/20/2016
Is it ok to buy a woman FRIEND (not fwb) a dildo/vibe sex toy as a gift ?

by brestmn05 10/20/2016
which way to make a woman moan the best?

by wilddan2007 10/20/2016
Ex on AFF

by stealthmode00sx 10/19/2016
How many women love wearing easy access tops or hard to get off?

by wilddan2007 10/19/2016
AFF Video

by SexOnMyMindWithU 10/19/2016

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