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Member Advice Lines

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is anyone Down to fuck

by Taylisa_the_slut 11/20/2014
mfm equiette

by shinyandsmooth 11/20/2014
How can people be so heartless???

by 12_tikl_ur_fancy 11/20/2014
Ten Percent?

by ntnwillis98 11/20/2014
Advice line

by sexyinblu4u 11/20/2014

by alt4139 11/20/2014
Separate bedrooms

by slowcurious 11/20/2014
why do member names (some) have an "rm" in front?

by u24funin661 11/20/2014
how do I get verified?

by Dicknight_95969 11/19/2014
I've been cheated, been mistreated.

by 12_tikl_ur_fancy 11/19/2014
do you like hard sexe?

by milk008 11/19/2014
How long do you usually wait to trade phone numbers?

by Cakelover42 11/19/2014

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