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  Sex in the News

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Editors with Savanna SamsonSavanna Wins!

(March 14)
Two weeks ago, Ms. Samson was the first female porn star to walk away with the "Best Non-sexual Role" award at GayVN for her beautiful sequence in Michael Lucas Productions' La Dolce Vita. Savanna plays a jilted girlfriend enjoying New York by night in a scene that includes musical beauty, scenic luster, and a water fountain. We caught up with Savanna all aglow, just after she won the award...
Duke Lacrosse
The Valentine's Day Alternative

(February 8)
"If you invite every single girl you know for a Valentine's Day party, they'll probably show up." If you're single and dreading V'Day, Duke Lacrosse feels your pain. Check out how this single guy turns Nightmare on Heart Street into Hook-up Heaven.

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Colonel Lingus
Porn*s Big Night Out

(January 20)
"The lovely and talented Katsumi ‒ She may have thought I was being creepy when I insisted she sit with me on the love seat behind the scenes at Digital Playground's expo booth, but if so she hid it well." [member Colonel_Lingus] shares his hot times at the tres exclusive AVN awards and announces the winners.

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Duke LacrosseIonie Loves E.D.

(November 10)

Polyvinyl pounding! Flaccid fellating! It's plastic playtime in this flick, which "features a bevy of buxom British brunettes squeezing themselves into all manner of PVC getups before the traditional sucking and stuffing." Duke Lacrosse reminds us not to forget the pleasures of plastic in this month's Tasty Stuffing feature review of "I Only Love...PVC".

Your EditorsMasquerade Winners

(November 7)


Check out the first place winner of 3 months of Gold! from our October Masquerade contest.
Your Masked Editors
Masquerade Ball: Final Countdown

(November 1)


Last chance to vote for your favorite member Masquerade. Check out the 9 creative AdultFriendFinder members who offered their costumes up for your viewing and judging pleasure. In the comments, let us know who should win the 3 months of Gold!.
Your Masked Editors
Have a Masquerade Ball

(October 5)

If life is a Masquerade...what good is dressing alone in your room? Join creative AdultFriendFinder members by getting in costume, showing off, seeing what other members create, and reading what they think. It's all inside(pictorial):
Twisted Teacher
Twisted Teacher's Pussy Parts 101

(September 7)
For our School Daze issue, we've invited the celebrated Twisted Teacher to present some of his unique pussy pointers. The professor may be a little addled, but his graphic approach to playing with partners' pussies is quite stimulating.

WE HAVE A COSTUME WINNER! Announcement Monday.

Mark J. KingTraining for the Million-Dollar Money Shot

(September 7)

When it comes to cock size, you're pretty much stuck with what you've got. When it comes to LOAD size, though, a little training goes a long way. For our "School Daze" September, Coach King lends AdultFriendFinder his expertise. So check out our exclusive article for a hit-the-gym regimen that'll soon have you pumping out shots like Peter North!
Diana Dillinger
Semi-Public Sex

(August 9)
"My favorite memory is getting eaten out to a huge, trembling cum by the loss-prevention manager on top of a palette of paper towels, knowing we could get caught any second and not even caring. After I came, he flipped me over and banged my soft, wet cunt until I couldn’t think straight anymore." Oh, Diana Dillinger has wild tales to tell about doing it in public. Read more and share the wildness in this "Wet and Wild" month special.
CJ Watson
Tera Patrick is Desperate

(July 18)
"Shy's got really bouncy, pouty tits and you can tell by the screams that she enjoys her 'work.' With an ass like that it's no wonder that she enjoys opening her back door." CJ Watson gives us an insider's peak at Tera Patrick's recent DVD release, Desperate.
Greta Christina
The Courage of Her Submissions

(June 16)
"The author is a woman who gets paid (rather well, at that) to be spanked, caned, bound, exhibited, fondled, and otherwise sexually tormented/dominated/used, in an entertaining assortment of ways." A surprising profession. A spicy review. Check it out in Greta Christina's review. Photo: David Naz
Greta Christina
The Scent of Jasmine

(June 3)
"Eventually I was having tiny little orgasms every time it hit the top level... and that’s when I started ejaculating, with small but ferocious squirts, like my body was trying to squeeze every possible bit of pleasure into every orgasm before the power dropped back down again." Greta Christina's juicy review uncovers another hot toy with all its little quirks.
Chris MarsdenThe Notorious Bettie Page (Review)

(April 25)
"After she signs it, he looks her deep in the eyes and with hushed, pregnant voice asks if she doesn’t get so angry at fans like him that she wants to punish them." Been hearing a lot about The Notorious Bettie Page lately? See what reviewer Chris Marsden has to say about it.
Halle PetutiOffice Sex

If you've ever worked in an office, you may be surprised to know the lurid sex acts that have gone on in and around your work space when no one is around.Photo-journalist Halle Petuti went undercover into offices across the nation --and the amazing world of after-hour sex she's documented will amaze you.
Kis Lee
How We Met

"Once in a while, we get a follow-up question -- 'Where on the internet?' Then, we look at each other, smile, and lie." You may look at chat rooms a whole new way when you read Kis Lee's AdultFriendFinder success story.
Greta Christina
Open Wide

"There are women with dildos in their pussies, or their assholes, or both -- dildos all made of glass or clear plastic, so as not to obstruct the view." Reviewer Greta Christina uncovers a gem of an erotic picture book in this juicy review of Stainless Ladies.
Greta Christina
Bored With the U.S.A.

Greta Christina describes how the video Hot English Punishment "shows that the dirty-minded Brits who made wanted performers who loved kinky play and were good at it..." Read what other delights Greta found in this kinky DVD.
Colonel Lingus
Playpal Pirates

"Stone is quickly becoming Bruce Campbell with a Boner (not that the B-Movie Titan doesn’t have a boner, he just doesn’t pop it out for public, erm, consumption)." Read what our jizz wizard and film critic Colonel Lingus has to say about the hottest adult DVD of the year: Pirates.
Greta Christina
Learning Can Be Fun

"Nina loves both spanking and being spanked. She's been doing it for years, and she knows a huge amount about it." Greta Christina reviews the latest DVD from America's most beloved former porn star, Nina Hartley.
Greta Christina
Is the Pyrex Half Empty or Half Full?

"The pretty blue light cast these wicked-cool patterns on my lovely testing assistant and her lovely vulva. The blinky red lights … definitely added to the space-age, alien-probe quality of the toy." Read Greta's review of this unique, futuristic dildo.
Long Live the New Flesh, Part 2: The Operation

"As the patient's exposed penis draws the doctor's attention, the inspection grows less doctorly..." In an ongoing series about films and flesh, RK looks at the sexy, bizarre work of Jacob Pander.
Long Live The New Flesh

Sex, desire, and the sometimes squishy nature of the human body -- read RK's essay on the great movies that have shaped our images of desire.
Mark J. King
Best Teen Amateurs Vol. 2

"I was mesmerized. She then hops onto the brown Formica desk and he slides into her pretty little pussy." Read Mark J. King's review.
Colonel Lingus
“Big Gulps” Blows … In a Good Way

Recently, we got to preview Adam and Eve's new line of gonzo DVD's, just out in July. And here's what our porn reviewer "Colonel Lingus" has to say... <<<<<>>>>>
Tara Tainton
In Pursuit of Sexual Adventure

"When was the last time you got more adult action out of your computer than just cybersex with a stranger or dirty chat with someone who claimed to be a 20-something hottie?" -- Tara Tainton talks up Sexual Pursuit. >>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<
Greta Christina
A Hankerin' For Some Spankerin'

"There are girls here in white schoolgirl panties, and girls in slinky slut-gear, and girls in almost nothing at all." -- Read Greta Christina's luscious review of Spank Me.
Greta Christina
Fashion Police

"The sex -- much of it, anyway -- is passionate, intense, and unbelievably dirty." -- GRETA CHRISTINA reviewing Fashionistas <<<<<>>>>>
Lacy Stahl, a Review
Three Kinds of Asking for It

Three stories of sex like nothing you've dreamt of in your philosophies -- Lacy Stahl's review of Three Kinds of Asking for It.
Greta Christina
Comic Relief

"Casual Sex ... it'd be very easy to miss on a crowded newsstand. So I wanted to take some time and tell you about it." -- GRETA CHRISTINA. Read her review of this sexy comic series. ===
Greta Christina
Finger on the Pulse

"The highest setting was what had me whimpering and wriggling and begging for mercy," says Greta Christina of the Pulse-Right Bullet Vibrator -- and she's a hard woman to please. Read more inside.
Tristan Taormino
The Name of the Rose

Sex enthusiast, anal expert TRISTAN TAORMINO asks female celebrities what their favorite words are for "vagina."
AdultFriendFinder Editors with 4joy82
Girl 2 Girl

We couldn't help noticing the popular and perfectly delicious 4joy82, camming away on the site for hundreds of approving eyes. So we had to ask -- What's the action like on AdultFriendFinder for women seeking women? (Maybe not what we thought -- read inside). ------------------------------------
Greta Christina
When Art Porn Works

"Yes. Oh, dear Lord, yes. This is what I've been waiting for, what I'm always waiting for and so rarely get!" -- Reviewer GRETA CHRISTINA raves about Maria Beatty's erotic film, Ecstasy in Berlin 1926. [Note: Graphic content and images within.]
Greta Christina
Hide and Seek

"I can tell you this for certain: It's not like any other dirty magazine you've seen." Reviewer GRETA CHRISTINA exposes the dirt in Dirty Found.
Greta Christina
Ramp It Up, I'll Take It

Our Sex Toy Reviewer GRETA CHRISTINA gets bent, shaped and assumes the position -- any way you want it -- all in the name of research for AdultFriendFinder members.
Greta Christina
Throat Culture

Reviewer GRETA CHRISTINA clues you in on the new, hot documentary: Inside Deep Throat.
Greta Christina
Home is Where the Naked Girls Are

Stripped Naked. GRETA CHRISTINA reviews Peter Gorman's book.
Geoff Smullins
V-Day Foreplay

V-Day Foreplay to the rescue, the perfect gift on or around Valentines Day: mood, romance, action, and you in a romance novel.
Melanie RenutoThe Day We Hired a Pro

Will hiring a hooker help ease a "virgin" couple into the world of the threesome? AdultFriendFinder member 369foru2 wanted to know.
Mona Garrison
Nick Knack Paddle Whacks

There are some things you should know about paddling: It's naughty, it's adventurous, it's a rush, and...
Lisa ChavezToys for a Happy XXXmas

A toy guide for Adult Santa when s/he sneaks off to buy those panty stuffers.
Lisa ChavezKINSEY: Movie Review

"For any sexual adventurer who's ever felt stifled by the world around them, seeing Kinsey will be liberating"
Lisa ChavezThe Grim Reapings of Girly Golf

It's been a wild world of sex in the news, this week. So many juicy sex stories vying for our attention. And the winner is…
Lisa ChavezReview: The Ultimate Guide to Sexual Fantasy

Violet Blue's new book tells you where to go to make your sexual dreams come true. [Also see our interview with the author in our "Sexpert's Corner."]
Lisa ChavezTechno-Tits

Just listen to the sound of my phone. Your breasts are getting heavy. Soon you'll be falling into a deep, deep, bra cup. Got Those Ringtone Boobs? Read all about them.
Shayla PandavaLatex Sex

Condoms in your favorite porn films -- what's the world coming to?
Shayla PandavaUltimate Guide to Adult Videos: A Book Review

Violet Blue's guide will break a virgin porn-watcher in, smooth and easy. The book may even surprise the porn cognoscenti.
Lisa ChavezThe Naked Olympics: A Book Review

Such outrage -- that they should disseminate 130,000 condoms throughout the Olympic Village in Athens -- so close to the games' sacred origins in Olympia. Sacrilege! Or...?
Kris KennedyWatching Sex: A Book Review

The wonderful world of pornography -- David Loftus explores the question "who are these visitors to Planet Porn?"
GirlchickJayneTalk to Me

AFF member and journalist GirlchickJayne has all kinds of thoughts on sex, life, and, in particular, her sex life. But she admits the latter could use some help. Read, enjoy, and feel free to contact her with your comments.
Lisa ChavezGourmet Eating at the Y

Going down on the Venus mound? Well, then. Here are just a few little things everyone should know about cunnilingus.
Shayla PandavaMay is Masturbation Month. Celebrate!

Sit down, now, children. We're about to talk about an insidious evil that lurks in every household in America: masturbation.
Maris LemieuxAn Old Taboo

When you say "taboo," people immediately think of the ghastly or grisly: sex with corpses and that sort of thing. But what happens when you mention a woman of 55 dating a man of 39? Or say she's 60; he's 44?
Shayla PandavaNaked Protesters on Parade

Political activists have caught on to a powerful way to help the publicity wing of their activities: Naked protesting. Don't like your congressman? Get naked.
Maris LemieuxRemote Strip Searching

If you thought the movie Phone Booth was implausible, imagine your boss strip searching you according to instructions from someone at the other end of a telephone. Well it happened again -- this time in Arizona -- and it wasn't a movie.
Shayla PandavaCollege Kids These Days

Sex on college Campuses? Ya think?
Emory MellistosBad, Swing Clubs! Bad! (II)

Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Gilroy California -- Ahh, morality statutes. Where would a dull job be without them? From lowly patrolman to suited lawyer and public official, swingers going up against morality statutes keep the hot pulse of America beating.
Emory MellistosBad, Swing Clubs! Bad, Bad!

Fort Lauderdale, Phoenix, Gilroy California -- Ahh, morality statutes. Where would a dull job be without them? From lowly patrolman to suited lawyer and public official, swingers going up against morality statutes keep the hot pulse of America beating.
Maris LemieuxTo Dreamers or not to Dreamers

Sex, nudity, NC-17. This means a financially painful art house death according to film wisdom, the same wisdom that believed Fox Searchlight would have to chop the prominent privates from Bertolucci's film The Dreamers. Fox kept the privates and told the MPAA where they could stick their NC-17. So they did.
Shayla PandavaTo Swing or not to Swing?

So you're thinking about swinging. Should you or shouldn't you?