Savanna Wins!   by Editors with Savanna Samson

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Savanna holds her award along with other winners in the hot porn film parody La Dolce Vita.

Here's our conversation with Savanna fresh from her triumph, just a few minutes after this media moment:

Adult FriendFinder: It seems like you take a lot of pride in your work, that your performances are very 'real.'

Savanna: Once in a while someone that I might find attractive�that I choose�will come to the set and they aren't really into it the same way I am, and I'll be thrown off.

How could that even be possible??


S: Well because some people don't have the same mindset as me, and it�s not gonna come off as great.

You're the professional.

S: Well, I don't know, I think it's more than that; it's all about chemistry.

This is a great award and very interesting. You might be one of the first women to win an acting award at the GayVNs.

S: Yeah, they said, 'it had never been done.' When Michael Lucas asked me, I said sure, and I didn't think Steven [Hirsch of Vivid] would have a problem with it, you know (because I'm contracted with Vivid). And actually what happened was that Steven loved Michael Lucas' work, and was interested in having Michael direct for Vivid. But he's so busy with his own work. So I was at the HBO DVD launch of Thinking XXX when Michael was there, and he asked me if I would be interested in playing Anita Ekberg's part in La Dolce Vita. And I thought, 'yeah, that'd be so cool.' But of course they didn't make it the same as the original.

Yeah, but they saw you in her! And what was your first reaction when he said that?

S: Well, I always loved the film. I�m a big fan of Fellini, and one of my favorite movies is Nights of Cabiria. So I thought, what a great idea! How fun. And I called Steven Hirsch at Vivid and asked if I could do it, because of my contract. It was fine because it was a non-sex role.

What was filming the movie like?

S: Filming the movie was great�I saw a whole new side of Michael and the gay porn world, and how it works.

Was it shot differently? What's different in this kind of porn film?

S: The difference is that they pay attention to styling and shoes and clothes and lighting�that attention to detail. They want to make sure that you look fabulous! In straight porn, I bring my own wardrobe and have a lingerie budget and I go crazy on my own style, but most people just wear whatever and they wear the same things a lot. I'll never wear the same thing in two different movies though. But Michael had a stylist for me and everyone was 'ooh-ing' and 'ahh-ing' about the shoes. And there are so many gorgeous men that I'm like, awwww.


I feel like, 'oh gosh, I wish our two worlds could collide,' you know?

Maybe someday�who knows?

S: Yeah, maybe. The thing is that the straight (porn) world is tested, and the gay (porn) world is not�because they use condoms, you know? They would lose half the industry if they were, so�

Oh, true. That's something else.

S: We're tested every 30 days, and when I work non-condom I make sure to take my tests within a week of each partner, even though I�m still at risk, you know?

Well we should let you go, so you can bask in all this.

S: Yes, I�m going to go change into my party dress!

Thanks Savanna!