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Masquerade Winners   by Your Editors

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AdultFriendFinder is all about being bold, being exhibitionist, putting it out there. In October we gave creative members the chance to express themselves by showing off their sexiest disguises. And yes, a little fantasy, a lot of sensuality, and some fun creativity went a long way.

Now for the Masquerade contest winners...
drum roll please:

The Winner: morgann2006!

Runners Up:

Second place: funluvin1226
Third place: 21andWant2cum

By overwhelming margin, you voted for morgann06's sexy photo, helping this lively member couple to win a 3-month extension to their AdultFriendFinder gold membership.


Since you all made it happen by your votes, we thought you might like to hear what the winners have to say. So we asked them a few questions and they graciously responded.


AdultFriendFinder: How does it feel to know that so many members saw and loved your picture?

morgann2006: Feels grrreeeeaaatt! I'm truly surprised. There were several hot ladies I would have voted for.

AdultFriendFinder: How did that awesome picture come about?

morgann2006: I love to "dress up" as we all did that night, whether it's costumes, lingerie or leather. That pic was taken by my husband during a date with another couple, he has an eye for catching just the right shot. We had a memorable night, the kind that gets you hot weeks after just by thinking about it. The best part: we met them here on the site!

AdultFriendFinder: Do you find people who read and participate in the magazine are different from the population at large? If so, how?

morgann2006: I've noticed they seem to change seasonally. During the winter months there seems to be more thought provoking questions and answers that really go into a lot of detail. Where as summer participants seem to party harder and longer. As a whole the questions seem a bit simpler but just as sexually driven as the winter people. Perhaps it's because school's out and there is more time for reading for fun and pleasure.

One of the things I do is, I always look at a few of the questions a person may have asked or answered on the magazine when I'm checking out someone's profile. It helps give an idea of what kind of person they really are.

Whatever the season they are a great group of people to be associated with. Thanks to everyone of you that voted, hope you don't mind that I checked out a few of your profiles too. Some of you are darn cute!

AdultFriendFinder: You're obviously creative; do you have any tips for keeping sex creative and exciting?

My partner and I both go that step further to keep things interesting; it's a two way street. Everything is discussed and rules and boundaries are set long before any action gets started, whether we are playing together or with another couple. This also allows the anticipation to grow and that only makes things hotter. When things get a little slow we take out our "Hamper of Desires and Slight Perversions" and pick a fantasy scene at random. It's guaranteed fun...of course...we were the ones that wrote the scenarios.

Relax and let yourself go. Sex is supposed to be plain fun... let it.

Here are our Second Place Winners: funluvin1226

Check out what funluvin1226 had to say:

Hello! WOW! We are so thrilled that our photo came in second place. It's very cool to be part of such a fun site. It's not every day that you get to dress up in costume and have fun doing it. Winning second place is truly an honor.

A little bit about the photo. First, that's just one of many shots that were taken that night. Before we even knew about the contest, the photos were nothing more than fun and creativity. My husband takes amazing pictures and of course as you can see...I love to play dress up. Then we came across the contest and it seems that the "Bad Bunny" was born just for that. LOL!

We are glad to be part of something that peaks our interest in so many ways. Thanks again!

Here are their answers to our questions:

AdultFriendFinder: How does it feel to hear that so many people appreciate your photos?

funluvin1226: We are just really glad that we have a place to express ourselves. And the fact that we get to share our sexuality with others is part of the excitement.

AdultFriendFinder:How did that awesome picture come about?

funluvin1226: My husband and I are very sexually open and we enjoy spicing up our sex life. This photo was taken on just an ordinary night where we were feeling frisky and fun. We wanted new pictures for our profile & they turned out pretty good for just a digital camera. Don't ya think? LOL!

AdultFriendFinder: Could you tell us what's the most fun you've had on the site?

funluvin1226: Honestly, having over 3500 viewers during a sexcapade while we're live via our webcam. Other than that, we're new to this and we're always looking for new adventures!

AdultFriendFinder: You're obviously creative, do you have any tips for keeping sex creative and exciting?

funluvin1226: Remaining open to new ideas is important. Also, being responsive to your partners sexual desires & wishes is a must. We being a secure couple, know that keeping things fresh & alive is very important in a relationship. This site has open a door into each others sexual fantasies.

Be on the lookout for our November contest -- "Good Enough to Eat"