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Training for the Million-Dollar Money Shot   by Mark J. King

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For the show-off in every man, semen volume and cum-shot radius are important considerations - if not vehicles - for heroic distinction. What’s a better time to claim your maleness than while blowing a load? And, conversely, there’s probably no worse time to be shamed into humility. In this article, you'll learn how to maximize semen volume and increase blast distance using common-sense theory, easy exercises, and some basic diet advice. There’s no reason to cheat yourself out of glory: follow this plan for a month and your life will change.


To start, you'll need to recognize that ejaculating is a biological mechanism, similar to any other biological mechanism in the body. Cells and tissues cooperate to prepare for this event by producing and storing the necessary fluids and creating the necessary conditions for it to happen (muscles in the penis, constriction of seminal vesicles, discharge from the prostate, etc.) The point to focus on here is that all of this is regulated, in the same way as metabolism, insulin balance, and body temperature is regulated, with activation/inhibition signals, concentration response, and hormonal influence. In our training program, then, we will make sure to tamper with the regulatory mechanism while avoiding any nutritional and hormonal disadvantages.

Biology tends to work in predictable ways, with easily identifiable patterns. Plants follow light and animals routinely display survival instincts. Even isolated systems within an organism can be understood from the point of view of survival. Take the example of starvation: the body has several mechanisms to cope with this situation, including recruiting the kidneys for glucose production and slowing metabolism dramatically. Another example is the endurance athlete running in hot weather. If routinely running in the heat and sweating profusely, the composition of sweat adjusts to less salt, thus avoiding hyponatremia.

But the best example for sperm volume is the concept of carbo-loading. For those unfamiliar with it, carbo-loading is used for endurance sports like the Tour de France to delay running out of energy. To carbo-load, an athlete does a cardio workout to exhaustion, effectively depleting glycogen reserves. Then he avoids (or limits) carbohydrates for one day. This causes the body to panic for carbohydrates and increases the production of proteins that store glycogen in the muscles. The following day, he overindulges in carbohydrates. Because his body is in a panic state, it stores additional glycogen, far beyond what would otherwise be possible no matter what was eaten!

The same thing can apply to semen volume.

If you ejaculate seven times in one day and then wait two days before the next orgasm, sperm volume will increase dramatically. In fact, it will increase much more than simply taking two days off. This mechanism can be further exploited with multiple iterations, just like carbo-loading. You will discover a natural rhythm that suits you and plan your orgies and catching up on work accordingly. You are effectively training your body to work under a broader set of conditions by alternating extremes.

On the days that you are not fucking or jerking off, you will need to train your cannon to deal with all that extra bulk to jettison. You will do three exercises:

  1. The sustained cock flex
  2. Kegels for men
  3. Forced exhalation

  • The first one sounds demanding but is actually easy (as promised). The principle being exploited by the sustained cock flex is the dual function of the pelvic muscle. Sometimes it’s a pudding pump but usually it’s a urine valve. The same muscle that stops you from pissing your pants is the one that packages and delivers your money shot. We make muscles stronger by exerting them repeatedly and the pelvic muscle is no different. The next time you have to piss like a racehorse, don’t run for the toilet, but try holding it for a bit by “flexing your cock”. It helps to avoid ceremony and dancing around. Focus on your control over it.

  • The muscle you became acquainted with in the cock flex is the one employed in the Kegels. The sustained cock flex is the endurance drill in the series while the Kegels build explosive strength by employing maximal exertion for short periods. Flex as many muscles in your body as possible while exhaling forcefully and contracting the abdominal wall. The focus of the exertion is the pelvic muscle and the stomach but flexing more muscles will only intensify the effect. Squeeze the muscles as much as possible then will yourself to go even further. Inhale and repeat. Pay attention to the timing of your breath: the quick exhale should coincide with the moment of maximum force.

  • Forced exhalation drills teach the breath/body relationship. Martial arts often combine the strike with a battle cry to “focus” the power. This transfer of power is much more efficient when combining breath and ejaculation since all the muscles involved are in the lower abdomen. This allows direct muscle irradiation (like flexing your bicep when making a fist) as well as the general forced breath effect of strengthening any abrupt action. Practice these in public, doing Kegels by yourself. Simply exhale slowly at first, then let the last half of your breath out rapidly by flexing your abdominal wall and using your diaphragm to force air out of your lungs. Push the air out explosively and notice the boost in strength. Master the timing.

These exercises should be done twice a week, with a few sets spread out throughout the day. And be sensible. Never go beyond the limits of reasonable discomfort to freakish extremes. If you really have to take a piss, don’t worry about it. The moderate regimen is the most effective in the long run; overtaxing your tool won't help, and you certainly don't want to damage anything. So stay within your limits, and you'll find a steady gradual increases in the distance to which you can ejaculate. It’s not unreasonable to clear a queen size bed and hit the difficult-to-clean blinds on the wall after several months of training. [ If you'd like, you can start a training forum in the AFF Groups, or just post your ballistics reports in the comments section following this article. ]

What about nutrition? Is there a cum-loading diet? Are you eating the right food? Semen is 90% water with some fructose and a bit of protein, and some dissolved electrolytes and minerals (kind of like plasma). Some experts talk about zinc and magnesium in semen, but it's unlikely that the amount lost through ejaculation has any physiological importance. Instead, focus on the water. Being well hydrated, (drinking way more water than you think you need) will ensure optimal water for semen. It’s very simple. Keep in mind that booze, coffee, high protein diets, and excess salt dehydrate you.

The remaining dietary concerns fall under the category of hormones. There is a wealth of literature relating testosterone levels to diet so we'll just touch on the topic. Since testosterone has a controlling influence on sex function, you should not be eating a diet that inhibits testosterone. And since cholesterol is a building block of testosterone, you should avoid very low fat diets. There is no advantage to eating excess fat, but do avoid the extreme here. Besides that, experiment with some aphrodisiacs. Try yohimbe bark supplements.

To sum up: Trade off lots-of-sex with no-sex on a weekly schedule, preferably with strings of multiple days, rather than merely alternating. On two of the no-sex days do your distance drills! Drink lots of water, all the time. And when you come, synchronize all the drills appropriately: flex/Kegel your cock, force your breath out right at the moment of cum delivery and repeat breaths/flexes with each pump. The karate battle cry is optional. Then grin proudly and survey the damage. Critique your performance, noting points of possible improvement. Over time, you'll transition from capable/average to “Oh my God . . . Wow!” until finally, the glorious finish will simply become your signature.