Serious questions about doing Greek  

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Serious questions about doing Greek

This was a question asked by me to a Porn Star about doing Anal-sex:

Serious questions about doing Greek (27-01-2005)

Looking for answers on a few Greek (Greek=anal-sex) related questions.
Can you shed some light about this please?

1. Am convinced that many people think that doing Greek is gay/sex but in some cultures it’s a habit. The males practise Greek sex and they aren’t gay/bi. Is it true what they say about doing Greek, that it’s gay/bi (preferring to gay female and male)?
2. The anus and the rectum are no sexual/genital organs. It is common the anus bleeds after doing Greek (even with lubricant) that isn’t normal, is it? The rectum however is a different story: 2a. In which shape is the rectum when a large penis has penetrated the anus? 2b. how deep can you go? 2c. are there any side-effects in the intestine after doing ‘Greek Hardcore’?
3. The intestinal canal is very huge and has a complex process. Digestion brings different kinds of acid along with it. It’s ‘nature’s call’ inside the rectum. Does this process shrink the penis without having safe-sex (condom)?
4. Why can you get Diarrhoea when doing Greek without any lubricants?

First off, yes some cultures, men use each other for practise. Matter of fact, there’s a reason why anal-sex is sometimes called ‘Greek Sex’. The ancient Greeks (and Romans) routinely taught boys how to be men, and sexual performance was included in the teaching. Thus the men taught the boys by means of anal sex.

Enjoying anal-sex does not make you gay or bisexual. It just makes you more open for more fun.

The rectum isn’t a sexual organ, though you can certainly feel pressure within it. There aren’t any nerve endings there. The anus, however, is incredibly sensitive and while it is not a ‘sex organ’, it does register the immense pleasure of insertion. The rectum will adapt to the size of the object entering it, and you can go as deep as you can without harm.

The acids of digestion are long gone by the time any fecal matter reaches the rectum. There’s no damage to the penis, and no ‒ the penis doesn’t shrink. If you get loose stools from anal-sex, it may well be because of semen being trapped in the rectum. The semen can tend to loosen things up a bit.

Use plenty of lubricant, go slowly and enjoy

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