The final installment...  

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1/1/2006 8:39 pm

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The final installment...

Sylvia’s frisky tongue explored the crack at the tip of my cock, flicking and caressing, playfully drawing my pre-cum into her waiting mouth. With her mouth continuing to work on my prick, Brendan lubed Sylvia’s fingers. She slowly, carefully inserted first one, then two skillful digits into my tender butt. She continued to massage and relax my tight hole with her fingers as she sucked and licked my hardness. The buzzing well-lubed vibrator felt exquisite as it passed over and around my butt hole, my cock jerked in pleasure as its vibrating tip slowly worked inside of me. I don’t know how far in they got it, but I had never felt so completely filled as they slowly and gently fucked me with the black shaft.

Keeping the shaft inside of me, we shifted positions then. Sylvia lay on her back in front of me, smiling up at me as she caressed her breasts with one hand and caressed my heavy balls with the other. Brendan continued to slowly stroke the dildo in and out of my ass as he moved to wrap his full lips around my throbbing cock. He sucked me deep into his throat as Sylvia’s fingernails stroked my nut sac. I told them then I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold back much longer. Sylvia licked her lips sensuously then, and asked if I would please cum onto her chest. Brendan pulled away then, slowly and reluctantly, and Sylvia’s warm, skillful hands firmly grasped my stiff cock.

Straddling Sylvia’s beautiful body, I stroked Brendan’s thick, meaty shaft with one hand and finger-fucked Sylvia’s snatch with the other. Sylvia’s hands on my prick matched the rhythm of my fingers fucking her. Overcome by the total eroticism of the entire scene, my body began to tremble, and my cock started to pulse. Pulling the dildo from my ass, Brendan’s hands stroked my body and Sylvia’s hands flew as she squeezed and pulled my cock. Her eyes locked on mine as she moaned out loud, “I want you to cum all over me – cum now, right now, look into my eyes when it cums…”

I knew then I was past the point of no return. My back arched as my balls pulled tight against my groin, and I don’t know which of us moaned most loudly as spurt after spurt of my milky fuck juice sprayed over Sylvia’s upper chest and chin, covering her tits in pearly drops of pleasure. She cried out in pleasure as Brendan and I rubbed my juice into her satin skin.

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