Chapter Two  

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12/6/2005 6:12 pm

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Chapter Two

Sylvia continued to stroke Brendan’s legs, waist and chest with one hand while her other hand somehow found its way to my thigh, then firmly grasped the growing bulge in my pants.

With a smile, she turned to me as she unsnapped my jeans and pulled down my zipper. Pulling off my shirt, I moaned, my eyes half-closed, as Sylvia’s hot tongue slid down my chest, leaving a cooling trail down my body. Her full lips wrapped around my now-rigid shaft, her tongue flickering gently around my throbbing cock head.

As Sylvia’s head bobbed delightfully in my groin, Brendan pulled down her pants, slowly revealing her tanned ass, her hot pussy and her firm, smooth legs. His tongue soon buried itself in her honey pot, drawing deep moans of pleasure from her throat. Her fingernails gently scratched my heavy balls as she slowly sat up, her swollen lips searching hungrily for my willing mouth.

Brendan sat up then, pulling off his clothes to reveal his golden body and his full, smoothly shaved cock and balls. His cock quickly grew to its full girth, pre-cum glistening temptingly at its tip. Leaning toward us, he kissed Sylvia’s open mouth, their tongues hungrily seeking each other while I gently grasped his pulsing manhood with one hand and caressed her smooth thigh with the other. Sylvia reached around both Brendan and me, pulling us together in front of her. She turned toward me, kissing me hungrily while Brendan sucked her beautiful breasts into his mouth. She pulled him up toward both of us, and as all of our lips brushed each other, his darting tongue soon joined ours in a playful dance.

We kissed, caressed and stroked each other’s bodies all over, tongues, hands, lips, rigid cocks and tasty pussy sliding everywhere easily. Sylvia and I soon found ourselves sharing Brendan’s beautiful shaft, our lips meeting around his beautiful cock. As her mouth sucked first one then the other of his heavy balls into her mouth, I slowly drew his enormous cock past my lips, through my mouth and deep down my throat. I sucked him like that until I ran out of breath, and, when I surfaced to take a breath, Sylvia’s mouth quickly took my place. As she sucked her lover’s prick, I took her smooth butt cheeks in my hands, squeezing and caressing, my fingers flicking carelessly over her smooth, hot snatch.

As one, we lifted our heads, smiling as we slowly licked our lips. Refilling our glasses, Brendan suggested we head up to the warm, candle-lit master bed room.

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