Chapter Three  

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12/6/2005 6:13 pm

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Chapter Three

Brendan lit a row of candles on the dresser as Sylvia slipped out for a moment to freshen up. We both undressed in the dimly lit, pleasantly warm bedroom and lay on the crisp linens as we waited for Sylvia. Our semi-rigid cocks brushed against each other’s bodies as we got comfortable. Somehow, I found Brendan’s thick shaft sliding between my lips as he sucked my throbbing prick into his skilful mouth. I slid my arms around his thighs and pulled him toward me, swallowing his hardness deep into my throat. He groaned, his tongue vibrating on my cock head as he mouth-fucked me.

Then, Sylvia was there, kneeling on the bed beside us. Her warm, smooth hands slid easily over Brendan and me, caressing our heavy balls, squeezing our butt cheeks, stroking our bodies. Brendan and I reached for her then, inviting her to join us. Our fingers explored her beautiful body, probing, caressing, massaging, gently squeezing. As Brendan’s head lifted from my rigid shaft, her lips met his around my cock head, their tongues teasing my cum hole, licking and flicking, as they took turns sucking me.

Sylvia straddled Brendan then, and I happily stroked his heavy nut sac before wrapping my fingers around his girth. She positioned herself above him then, her swollen pussy lips just brushing the tip, where pre-cum glistened in anticipation. Teasing them both, I moved his thick, pulsing cock back and forth across her cunt, rubbing it over her hardening clit, smelling their growing desire. Ever so slowly Sylvia lowered herself onto him, the slick heat of her pussy consuming his thrusting manhood.

As she sat there barely moving, completely impaled on Brendan, I somehow got close enough to allow the tip of my tongue to flick her smooth pussy lips. She pulled up then, sliding deliciously along the full length of his thick shaft. My tongue followed the trail of sex juice on his cock, tasting her nectar on him before flicking her sensitive clit. She sighed as my tongue found the mark, flicking hard against her joy button as she slowly rode her lover.

I don’t know how long we continued like that, Sylvia astride Brendan’s prick, my mouth, lips and tongue kissing, licking and sucking. Every so often, Brendan’s cock slipped from her cunt, and I happily sucked it between my lips, savoring the delicious combined flavor of Sylvia’s pussy juice and Brendan’s pre-cum. First Sylvia, then Brendan, took turns skillfully sucking my rock hard prick, caressing my big, heavy balls, squeezing my ass. We sucked and fucked and licked and kissed, with no regard for who was doing what to whom. The sweet sounds and smells of our lovemaking filled the room.

At some point, Brendan pulled away for a moment and softly slipped from the room. Sylvia and I continued to pleasure each other, and eventually, she slipped a condom onto my cock, then pushed me gently onto my back on the bed. For the first time, I felt the heat and wetness of her snatch on my rigid prick, and I moaned when her pussy muscles skillfully squeezed my shaft as she slid onto me. I caressed her gorgeous breasts, then slid my hands down to cup her perfect ass as she rode me with increasing passion. She gazed down at me with a seductive smile, then, licking her lips leaned all the way back until she lay on my legs, my cock inside her pushing hard against her g-spot. Slowly, I spread my legs, allowing her to fall against the bed. My cock felt the most incredible sensations, with the delightful pain of being bent so far down mingling with an even more powerful sensation of exquisite pleasure. I reached down between our legs, and with my thumbs gently rubbed Sylvia’s tender clit. She reached down to pull her sweet pussy lips apart, giving me better access to her joy button. Her body shook as I continued to stroke her, her pussy muscles squeezing my pulsing rod in time with my caresses.

We both turned to smile at Brendan as he slipped back into the room, carrying some rather interesting objects…

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