Chapter One  

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12/6/2005 6:04 pm

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Chapter One

She’s a petite, vivacious, dark haired pixie with sparkling eyes and fine delicate features. She looks no more than thirty with incredible legs, an amazing ass and a great body. Her pussy is totally shaved, with beautiful lips. Her name is Sylvia. She’s married, but not to Brendan and not to me.

He’s tall, fit, blonde and handsome, with a great butt and a beautiful, thick, long cock that goes on all night long. His name is Brendan. He’s married, but not to Sylvia.

I’m medium height and build, fit, blonde and good looking, with a nice ass and a thick cock, slightly smaller than Brendan’s, but more than enough to go around. My name is Tony. I’m married, but not to Sylvia and not to Brendan.

Brendan and I had met once before, and had really connected. We had many shared interests and had had similar sexual experiences. We lost touch for a couple of years, then, out of the blue, he e-mailed me with a most intriguing proposal - get together with him and Sylvia at his place for a few drinks and whatever else might happen…

Fast forward a few days, and I’m sitting in front of Brendan’s house, feeling more than a little apprehensive. My pulse is racing and my cock is twitching in anticipation of what might lie ahead. Trying to appear calm, I stepped from my car and headed toward Brendan’s front door. I took a couple of deep, calming breaths as I waited for someone to answer the door.

Brendan had sent me some pictures with his e-mails, so I had some idea of what Sylvia looked like, but I was not prepared for the exotically beautiful woman who answered the door. The warmth of her genuine smile set me completely at ease and I stepped into the house. Following her up the stairs into the main level of the house, I admired her tight hot ass, which was accented beautifully by her form-hugging pants. Smiling broadly, Brendan shook my hand and winked as he noticed my eyes roaming over Sylvia’s form.

I sat on a love seat, uncertain of what was expected. Sylvia relaxed against Brendan on the sofa across the coffee table from me. Sipping our drinks, our conversation soon turned to intimate matters. We exchanged stories of past adventures and as our descriptions of previous sexual encounters inevitably grew increasingly graphic, Sylvia and Brendan began to caress each other’s bodies and kiss with growing passion. As I watched Sylvia’s hand stroking Brendan’s thighs, I realized I was unconsciously holding my breath. Brendan gestured that I should join them, and I willingly moved over and began to caress Sylvia’s shapely, smooth, deeply tanned legs.

I realized that I was not the only one trembling in anticipation as I massaged the length of her tight, firm legs. She sighed and parted her legs slightly as Brendan’s hands slipped beneath the silky fabric of her shirt to caress her beautiful breasts and back. My fingers slid between her hot thighs, tracing the outline of her pouting pussy lips which pressed tightly against the smooth, thin fabric of her pants. Sylvia sat up between Brendan and me, kissing first him, then me full on the mouth, her tongue playfully darting and probing our mouths.

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