And just when I thot life couldn't get better...  

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1/2/2006 9:01 pm

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And just when I thot life couldn't get better...

I was Christmas shopping for a friend just before Christmas - looking for just the right necklace and earrings. Shop after shop, lots of bright shiny baubles, but not just the right piece. That is, until I saw this small shop, just off down a short hall from the big stores.

Having nearly given up on finding what I was looking for, I didn't expect to find much here either, but when the sales attendant looked up and smiled at me, it turned out I didn't really care if I found any jewellery. Large, dark eyes were framed by beautiful wisps of shimmering hair. Her full, sensuous lips glistened as she casually flicked her tongue across them.

She wore an elegant business jacket over a silk camisole, and I caught my breath as my eyes slid down her slim frame - her butt was absolutely perfect - flawless, beautifully tight, perfectly round and just the right size. Her suit pants clung to her ass perfectly, not too tight, caressing the flawless line of her form (no panty lines here). Although she was wearing pants, I could easily see how shapely her legs were, and I smiled as, for a split second, I imagined them wrapped around me.

As my eyes returned to her beautiful face, I thought she noticed my appraisal and did she actually wink(?) as she asked with a mischievous smile, "See anything you like?" Smiling back at her, I replied, "I certainly do..." I couldn't believe I responded with something so cheesy, but she didn't seem to mind. She slowly moved behind the display case then, giving me a great opportunity to see that incredible ass in action.

As she turned to face me across the counter, I saw that her name tag proclaimed "LISA - Manager". We did the client/shopkeeper thing then, as I told her the sort of necklace and earrings I was looking for. Lisa made idle chatter, talking excitedly about a new sushi restaurant she had just discovered, explaining how rarely she had a chance to enjoy sushi.

She pulled out several samples and laid them on the black velvet display mat for me to get a better look. I felt the heat from the lights in the display case and as I loosened my coat, Lisa laughingly explained, "The lights are hot, but they're the only way we can get our customers to take their clothes off."

In the same vein, I casually replied, "I'm sure you don't have any trouble with that...".

Our eyes lingered on each other for a couple of beats, and I tried to read where she was going with this. Then, as though all was normal, I narrowed it down to two necklaces and two sets of earrings - exquisite, unique designs in white gold, but simply could not decide.

Lisa turned and called out to her assistant, the only other person in the shop, and sent her on her break. We chatted casually as the assistant picked up her bag and waved with a "Back in fifteen..."

Leaning forward, Lisa's long, slim fingers picked up the first necklace. My eyes lingered on the flawless, smooth skin of her cleavage as her breasts formed the perfect frame for the beautiful pendant. She smiled up at me then, her eyes flirting shamelessly as she said, "Well, do like what you see?" I was momentarily tongue-tied ...this wasn't really happening to me, was it? I must be misinterpreting. My response was a well-controlled, "Yes, very nice!"

I wasn't listening too closely as she removed her own earrings, then, assuring me she wasn't going to wear them, held up the matching earrings to her ears. They looked perfect, but wanting to see if I had misinterpreted her actions the first time, I hesitated.

Looking straight into my eyes again, she asked, "May I show you other set?" Smiling at the obvious double entendre, I agreed. Once again, with the most sensuous movements, she removed the first necklace and slipped the second necklace around her neck. The second pendant nestled even more perfectly between her tantalizing breasts. As she held the earrings up to her ears, the tip of her tongue flicked ever so discreetly across her lips.

"What do you think?" she offered.

Her assistant returned (had it been 15 minutes already??) A wide range of thoughts raced through my head then, and I knew that our flirting was nearly at an end. Before I knew what I was doing, I heard myself say in a most casual tone, "Do you want to go for sushi some time?" I hoped my smile didn't betray how much I hoped she would say yes. She gazed deep into my eyes then, smiled broadly and replied be continued ....

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