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5/23/2005 1:06 pm

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casual to serious

i have been dating this one guy since January or so....knowing that both of us are dating around and it was casual.

Then after a bit, and many really awful bad blind first dates-- i said why do i keep doing this if i like being with the one guy and i told him that not knowing how he feels and realizing he is dealing w a complicated end the marriage divorce thing so his head is in a different space.

but after 6months...its not casual anymore, even if you think its casual because otherwise why would you still keep seeing each other. today he gave me a key to his apartment because he decided that he likes me a bit...rlol...well maybe more than a bit.

he said i gotta be good....i cannot be inviting a girl over here cause you have a key and u have my permission to come and go as you please and I know you would out and out kill me if you walked in and there was a girl in our

see thats kinda cool

which is good cause quite frankly the whole date a whole bunch of folks and commit to know one, was foreign territory to me. I really do like being in a one on one situation.

course, i am not sure if I am in a one on one situation yet. Just cause he does not invite any other girl to his house...doesnt mean he cannot go out w em still....ah life, everything is sooooooo damn complicated.

either way....i knw whre i stand so things r looking up

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