TEN MOVIES to Watch at Home With a Date  

zephlynn69 47M
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11/20/2005 10:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

TEN MOVIES to Watch at Home With a Date

Contains potential plot spoilers!

Mind you, these are not films I’d show a potential sex
partner on the first or second date. More like the third
or fourth date. Either her place or mine. Depending on
whom I’m trying to woo out of her shoes, these ten would
be among my ballpark choices. This is assuming she
doesn’t object and/or has her own ideas on what we
should sit through. Hopefully, watching ONE of these
movies might encourage us to engage in intellingent
discussions, lively arguments and , hopefully, provoke
physical reactions like close snuggling, sholulder rubs,
and foot massages which could lead to...other things.

It’s French, romantic, pulpy yet non-macho, and it’s got
opera music. If she likes opera, chances are she’ll
enjoy it. Hopefully, she’ll also enjoy the off-the-wall
characters, the visual style, and a cool chase scene
through a subway tunnel.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind[2004]
My idea of a good date flick. A clever variation on a
sci-fi concept, yet it works as an amusing approach to
the old-fashioned idea of true love triumphing over all
obstacles. This (along with THE TRUMAN SHOW) is the
perfect Jim Carrey flick for those (like me) who don’t care
for him otherwise. The visual ideas and gags are cool, and
I think the story itself could inspire some interesting conversations.

A good choice, I think, for a couple of reasons. If she
doesn’t get it, one could spend many enjoyable hours
trying to it explain to her. If she does it, one can insist
on seeing it again and having her explain what really
happened. Of course, we could just lose track of the
story and get sidetracked doing certain things during the
running time.

Fatal Attraction[1987]
This one caused a lot of controvery during it’s
original run in the 80’s. Many feminists blasted it for
its supposedly reactionary attitude toward Glenn
Close’s character. My reaction: Close has sexy
looking feet! Okay. It’s well photogaphed and
acted, and it’s not boring. Frankly, I think Close
should have just dismembered Michael Douglas and
boiled his head instead of that poor rabbit.

Un Chien Andalou[1929-French]
The first film from Luis Bunuel: Spanish filmmaker, surrealist,
athiest, anarchist and foot fetishist. It’s silent (except for
some classical music) and less than twenty-minutes. A good
film to spark arguments about what the plot is (if there is
one). Worth viewing just to catch her expression during the
notorious ‘eyeball’ scene.

In my opinion, this represents both the best and worst of
Oliver Stone’s filmmaking style (often both at the same time).
It’s over three hours long, so she might want to cuddle
if she’s getting bored. But Stone’s over-the-top methods
might keep one interested. If nothing else, we would enjoy
the various perfomances of the many actors, and have fun
agreeing and disagreeing over theories of who conspired
with who and why.

If she digs horror, she should dig this. It’s slowly paced
compared to today’s stuff, but I think it helps build the
suspense. Hopefully, she’ll be gripping my chest during
the infamous ‘chest burster’ sequence.

Fight Club[1999]
A useful film to explain to certain women why some guys
like violent movies. The script is a tad messy, but the visuals
are good. The acting (I think) is excellent, including Brad Pitt. My
take on the film is that it’s a real sick yet funny black joke on
modern male masculinity. One might look forward to her
take on it.

So sue me. This was sexy and has a good plot and great
acting. Even though I did think that Joe Pantoliano acted
a bit too much like Joe Pesci at times. Of course, I’d ask
her if the main gals turned her on. Worth a shot.

The Fly[1986]
If she could handle ALIEN, she could handle this. Yeah,
it’s pretty gross at times. But it’s also rather intelligent. It’s
Dave Cronenberg’s most mainstream flick and the best one
of his to start with. It’s even got some romance, despite
the male protagonist messily mutating into a giant insect.

Well, these are my choices for breaking the ice during a
date at home. What would you pick?

cuddlykittenn 42F

11/20/2005 11:15 pm

i would agree with you on all of these movies ecept for the following ..the fly and Memento.
imo, momento was a horrible horrilbe movie. ground hog day did a similar story line with greater sucess.
imo, i just found the fly a boring si-fi movie.

you should try replacing one of these with the movie unfaithful (provided that she isn't currently cheating on her husband)... it's a chic flick that is steamy and sensual. if you get lucky, you won't even have to get to the ending before you can get her away from the remote.
just one girls opinion,

zephlynn69 47M

11/20/2005 11:57 pm

Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions, cuddlykittenn!

I haven't seen Unfaithful[2002] yet. With Richard Gere and Diane Lane, right? I might check it out. Not a big Gere fan, however. It's directed by Adrian Lyne, the guy who did FATAL ATTRACTION, NINE 1/2 WEEKS, and the LOLITA remake. I'm sure it'll be well photographed, no doubt. Again, thanks for you two cents.


; )

MissTicklish 39F
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12/4/2005 1:11 am

Yes! Yes! YES!!
I love this movie! I got a weakness for french movies and opera singers! Loved the subway chase too! I really liked that Zen guy. Was he cool or what?

Yes. it's a good date movie (I saw it on a date with someone). But I didn't really care for the Kate Winslet character. She just rubbed me the wrong way. Carrey was good, but I liked him better in TRUMAN SHOW.

My friends hated this movie! They didn't get it. I liked it, though.
Within my opinion, Lenny didn't have a physical disorder. He was just crazy. That's my take on it, anyway.

Haven't caught this one yet. But I agree, Glenn Close's feet are very sexy!

Didn't see it. Never heard of Bunuel, before. But I am curious...

Not a big Oliver Stone fan. His NATURAL BORN KILLERS gave me a headache. Haven't seen this yet. But I just might. I'm a bit of a conspiracy buff, myself. (my guess, Oswald did it, but not alone).

Oh YES!! Another favorite of mine. To tell the truth, I liked ALIENS better.

Didn't catch it. But you make it sound interesting. I might check it out just to give you MY take on it.

Yippie! One of my ALL TIME FAVS!! I sooooooo luv Jennifer Tilly to DEATH!!!

Ah ha. Another Cronenberg fan! Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum are one of my many fantasy couples. My fav Cronenberg is VIDEODROME. So sick, so twisted, i luv it! Did you catch HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. Dave did that one.

As for MY pix, I'd have to get back at you after a little thinking.


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