FIVE MOVIES to Watch While Discussing FOOT FETISHISM  

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11/22/2005 7:46 pm

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FIVE MOVIES to Watch While Discussing FOOT FETISHISM

If one has a foot fetish, and is very shy about talking to one’s
sex partner about it, here are five movies that could help
one bring up the subject during the running time.

The Adventures of Baron Muchausen[1989]
D: Terry Gilliam

Robin Williams’ character tickles some gal’s
wiggling feet on a bed. Strickly done for laughs.
But one could ask questions about who gets off on stuff
like that.

Married to the Mob[1988]
D: Jonathan Demme

An amusing comedy that has Michelle Pfeiffer’s character
getting a great barefoot massage from the male hero.
This scene might give someone an idea. One could
offer a foot massage to someone at that point, perhaps?

The Last Emperor[1987]
D: Bernardo Bertolucci

A big historical, Oscar-winning, costume epic about the
last emperor of China. Yet, there is a rather sensual
scene of Joan Chen having her toes sucked by another
female who then slips a ring on it.

War of the Roses[1989]
D: Danny DeVito

A wild black comedy about a divorce that turns nasty.
Has one scene where Danny DeVito gets to play
with some gal’s foot under a dinner table.

Pulp Fiction[1994]
D: Quentin Tarantino

Possibly the best film for someone who wants to casually bring
up the subject of foot fetishism. It could be done during the
post-opening credits scene of John Travolta and Sam Jackson
discussing the symbolic importance of foot massages while
keeping an appointment to kill some guys.

Anyone know of any better films to bring it up?

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