The Same Old Fears, Wish You Were Here  

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10/14/2005 5:00 pm

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The Same Old Fears, Wish You Were Here

This evening i have a gig. Prior to that i have an encounter with the woman i have mentioned in my previous posts. I am looking forward to it. Yes it is still going on. I just tend not to post too much about it because, well, who really wants to hear about that anyway?

I have been working very hard on writing new songs. It is a tough process. Especially now that getting that demo done is looking like more and more of a possibility. May even get some airplay if i peddle it to the right people. Having connections in the industry is a great thing. I doubt anyone will see me playing stadiums, but small bars and pubs is good enough for me.

Recently i have been questioning myself. I have been losing confidence in myself at a tremendous rate i think. I have been fearing i will have a nervous breakdown or something. I think its just maybe the stresses of life getting to me. Hopefully tonight will allow me to release some pent up frustration.

It will be Summer here shortly. I am debating on whether i should fly over to Banff to go snowboarding. Or at least go to see the Bear Rainforest on the west coast of Canada. No doubt i will end up getting stuck here, as usual.

There are two places on Earth that i want houses in. A place near the beach in Catalunya, CadaquƩs would be ideal because once you get out of the city, there are nice long roads where i can ride my bike. Can't do that in the city though. And anywhere close to good snowboarding in Canada. Preferably near Banff.

Wishful thinking.

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