The Encounter  

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9/26/2005 5:13 am

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The Encounter

The weekend turned out to be more than i expected. I went on that chance encounter. We met on Saturday evening, as suspected we went to the bar, a couple sips of courage would calm the nerves. We got to chatting, apparently she is semi well known in the social scene here. I didnt really care.

We went down to the harbourside, a walk, more chatting, we kissed, we fondled. We left it at that, she would see me again the next night. I felt teased, but it was good to be teased.I had missed it.

I received a text message the Sunday morning. She wanted me to meet her after work. I obliged, picking her up in my beat up car. I asked what she wanted to do.

"I want you to come home with me."

I asked if she was sure. She was.

We went home, as soon as we got through the door, she pounced, we had unbelievable sex, the whole night. In the morning i got up for work, she woke me up, we had sex again in the morning.

She said she would see me again this week. She would text me. I received a message tonight. The next encounter would be in 3 days.

Its passionate. Its lusty. Its exactly what i want...

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