The Day Draws Near  

zanzibarus 38M
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9/23/2005 5:42 am

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The Day Draws Near

Tomorrow is the date. have been texting her on and off today. Well she started it, hoping i wouldnt chicken out. I assured her this was still going ahead as planned.

We are to meet at her place, which i think is peculiar, but nonetheless its agreed. We will probably go out for drinks, lord knows i will need something.

I hope i will be able to perform, i hope she's not married. If she is she probably wont tell me. This has progressed far enough to throw all formalities out the window. She's alluded to this becoming regular if its worth it. I dont mind that, i just hope it doesnt become serious. She's assured me it wouldnt, but you never know. I have seen weird things happen after sex, and this becoming serious would be less weird than most, so im not holding my breath.

one great fact though, she is Italian, or at least part Italian. The other half is Irish. Hopefully the Italian will come out of her in bed, although admittedly, i havent ever had sex with an Irish girl, so who knows what that is like.

I do have one thing i am craving to do though, and that is go down on her. I am dying to taste a woman again.

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