So i wrote a story  

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So i wrote a story

I think it's crap, but eh, what can ya do. Here goes...


On cold days Angela regularly went for a job in the afternoon. The cool air caressing her face while she ran invigorated her. This was a daily ritual in the colder months which would also involve a massage. The masseuse would come to the house to revive her body of the ravages of a tough working week and exercise. It was the only luxury she could afford herself.

As she went out she called ahead of time and arranged an appointment. Then she went out to run for an hour. The Ipod would blare in her ears. Her face would become flushed as she grew wearier. Sweat would roll down the soft skin on her face. Her chest heaved as she gasped for more as she neared the end of her run.

She walked up the stairs to her modest apartment in the inner city. She leaned her body up against the frame of her door as she would gulp down the final remnants of her water. In a couple of hours the masseuse would arrive. She walked inside and went straight to the bathroom. She slipped off her sneakers. She would slide the running shorts down her legs and flicked them off with her foot. She slid off the t-shirt, the sweat sticking it to her soft stomach as she peeled it off slightly. She slid her sports bra off, her breasts hard and her nipples erect from the workout.

She turned on the water to her shower. The shower started to steam as the water got hotter; she stepped inside and let it wash over her. Her black hair guided the water down her body. It trickled down her spine, over her shoulders, down her arms, over her chest, down her stomach, between her legs, down her thighs. Angela closed her eyes; her hands guided the soap over her body. The soap licked over her breasts. She took long strokes over her stomach, buttocks and thighs. Her face became flushed; her skin feeling every sensation of her own touch, she leaned her hand forward against the glass shower screen. Her other hand led the soap down in between her legs. Her mouth gasped open, the water trickled over her open lips as she pressed the soap against her pussy. Her fingers let go of the soap and it tumbled to the floor of the shower. She leaned her arm harder up against the glass screen. Her fingers slowly massaged her clit. The warm water trailed down her arm to the tips of her fingers and trickled over her swollen lips. As she was about to slide a finger inside, her alarm went off, the masseuse would be here shortly and she would need to get ready. Her arousal quickly dissipated as she willed herself to finish. She turned off the water and stepped out; she quickly wiped her body down. Her face was still flushed as the towel soaked the last remnants away from her skin and hair. She wrapped herself in her bathrobe and opened the windows to let the steam out.

She stepped into the kitchen and made herself a tea. She stood at her kitchen bench, sipping her hot tea. Her mind was unable to remove her arousal. Her breasts were still hard, her sex still warm and moist and her face, still hot from the thoughts.

The doorbell rang. The masseuse had arrived. She put her cup down and answered.

“Hello. Angela?” The masseuse said. He had dark eyes and hair, his arms were strong, but he was unassuming.

“Yes, you’re here for my appointment yeah?” Angela blurted out.

“Yes, I’ll just get my table out and bring it in and we can start. My name is Christopher by the way.”

“Hi Christopher. I’ll just wait inside while you prepare yourself and you tell me when you’re ready.”

“Ok. I’ll be one second.” Christopher walked out to the car to get his equipment and Angela sat down. A few seconds later he walked through the door with the table under his arm and his backpack of massage oils with him. He propped up the table and motioned for Angela.

“Ok, I’m ready when you are.”

Angela walked up to the table and lay down with her head through the hole in the table. She pulled her arms back and Christopher took the robe off her back and legs, allowing it to cover her buttocks.

rest is posted as first comment, i'm not comment whoring, its just long

zanzibarus 37M

4/7/2006 6:43 am

He took some oil and poured it in his hands. He rubbed them together and placed them on her lower back. They were already hot as he first touched her. He slowly slid them up her back, covering her back with a thin film of the rose scented oils. His hands covered every inch of her back. They were big and his arms were strong, yet his touch was gentle and caressing. He moved his fingers over her shoulders and down her arms. Angela closed her eyes as his touch soothed her sore muscles. He slid his fingers up the back of her neck, her once tense muscles eased as his warm hands penetrated her muscles. His thumbs caressed the curves of her shoulder blades. He pushed two fingers up the side of her spine. He slid his hands down the side of her ribs to her waist.

The rose scented oil filled the room. Angela quietly sighed as Christopher covered her whole back. Her body responded to all his touches. He took some more oil into his palms and placed them on her calf. He slid his hand up and down her leg. He massaged her soft feet. He pressed the muscles in her feet, caressing the top of her foot as his thumbs rubbed the flesh of her foot intensely. His hands moved to her calf. He rubbed the muscle, pushing all the tension out from the area between his thumb and forefinger. His thumbs massaged the back of her knees. Her hamstrings were tight and sore; Christopher took them with both his hands and deeply massaged the muscle. Her body became a canvas to him. His hand would caress her with every stroke. Her muscles relaxed with ever press. Unbeknownst to him, Angela lay down. Her eyes wide open and her face flushed. She wanted him to go further up. She wanted to take him by the arm and guide his warmth between her legs. As he moved his hands further up, he would notice slight flinches on Angela’s skin. Goosebumps appeared as he moved his hands over her body. He noticed her back breathing a little heavier. Angela felt as if she were in the shower again.

The sensation became too much for her, as he slid his hands up her back again, Angela took one of his arms and guided it down past her lower back. She would guide him past her bathrobe; it would fall off as she pushed his arm further down. She took his fingers and slid them up the inside of her thigh. She could feel the heat of his fingertips before he even touched her. Christopher leaned forward and placed a kiss on her buttocks. Her breath shortened as his warm lips touched her. He started to lace her spine with kisses. His hot breath, tongue and lips kissed up and down her spine. His fingers slowly caressed her. She became wet as his fingers slid between her lips. His mouth kissed her entire back, shoulders, and legs. He would softly suck on the back of her knees. Angela held the side of the table as his mouth pressed against her skin. Her breath sighed and moaned as his fingers parted her lips and slid inside her. The oil on her body wafted through the air, his lips hungered for. His mouth lashed at her salty skin. He absorbed her body into him. He ran his tongue down the small of her back and rolled over the curve of her buttocks. Angela arched her hips up and invited him to taste her. She sighed as his finger explored her. He touched inside her; his other hand caressed her buttocks as his finger slid in and out. Angela’s sweet scents invited him closer. He took his finger out and lifted her hips slightly. It revealed her swollen and wet sex. Christopher parted her legs as she arched up and licked and sucked the back of her thighs. His anticipation grew as his mouth drew nearer. Angela could feel him getting closer and took a deep breath. He placed his mouth over the top of her moist pussy and kissed it softly. He parted her lips with his tongue and relished the taste of her. His mouth sucked as he penetrated her with his tongue. His oily hand massaged her breast. She moaned softly as her breasts hardened. Christopher’s oily fingers slipped over her hard nipples. He pushed his head further forward as his tongue probed her pussy. Every lash of his tongue brought a new sensation. Angela craned her head back as Christopher ravished her body. Her mouth opened wide as she gasped for breath. She pulled away from him; Christopher tried to lean forward to taste more of her as she pushed him away. She turned over and lay on her back. Her chest heaved as her breath became harder. Christopher leaned over the top of her and kissed her stomach. He trailed his tongue upward. His mouth and tongue circled her breasts. He teased and played with her hard nipples. He continued upward and ran his tongue along her collarbone. His tongue mimicked the hot shower water that had washed over Angela’s body earlier. Christopher’s full lips kissed and sucked across her collarbone and up the nape of her neck. Angela then grabbed the back of Christopher’s neck and drew him closer to her. Her mouth opened as she breathed heavily and pressed her lips against his. Their moans were muffled as their tongues intertwined. Angela pulled her body upwards and wrapped her arms around him. She pulled Christopher’s shirt off and put her palms on his chest as she continued to devour him. She ran her hands down his chest and stomach and pulled his pants off.

She took his hard cock in her hand as she started to masturbate him. They continued to kiss as he grew harder in her hands. Christopher moaned aloud as she pulled her lips off of his and started to devour his neck. Her hips moved further forward. She wrapped her legs around his waist and guided his hard cock inside her. Angela swung her neck back and moaned loudly with Christopher. Her pussy gripped him tightly as she pulled him closer to her with her arms. Christopher put his palm on her thigh and slowly pushed forward. He moaned loudly.

“Oh Angela,” His hot breath whispered in her constantly as he continued to slide inside her.

Angela pulled his hair as he grew inside her. Her gasps became more urgent. Christopher let out a guttural moan as he lifted her from the table. She held him around his shoulders as he pushed her body against the wall. Her legs gripped his body like a vice as he pushed her against the wall harder. His cock thrust deep inside her. He leaned his mouth forward and hungrily sucked on her breasts. Angela let out a high pitched squeal as Christopher pushed forward. Both their hips moved in unison as they became one. Their carnal desires exploding before them. Christopher took Angela away from the wall again and lay her down on the table again. She lay down on her back as Christopher took her legs over his shoulders. He slid his cock inside her. She leaned her head back over the side of the table and took a deep breath. Christopher started to slide himself in and out. Slowly at first. Then harder. The rhythm increased as he sped up. His thighs slapped against Angela’s buttocks the faster he went. He groaned loudly as he sped up. Angela breathed heavily. She released small moans between her breaths as her body shuddered. Christopher parted her legs an lay them over the edge of the table. He leaned forward and sucked hungrily on her breasts as he slid in and out of her. Angela clawed her nails down his back as he thrust deeply inside her. The table creaked with every push. Angela moaned loudly as her pussy began to palpitate. Christopher could feel Angela cumming. The small muscles inside her contracted and released quickly, gripping his cock and releasing him quickly. She wanted him to cum inside her. To feel his heat inside her. Christopher continued to thrust forward. Angela clenched her pussy one last time and released. She let out a piercing moan as Christopher thrust harder and faster. Angela was cumming. Her pussy swelling and becoming drenched. Christopher continued. He wanted her to cum more. He played with her clit as he thrust inside her. Angela also started to play with her clit as he thrust. She could feel herself cumming again. One of her hands squeezed and rubbed her breasts while she massaged her clit roughly with the other. Christopher thrust harder. He moaned louder and louder. Angela wrapped her ankles around the back of his thighs as he thrust harder. He lay one hand down on the bench. His moans sounded animalistic. He pushed forward. Each thrust forward was in a jerking motion; Angela moaned with him, her pussy pulsated again as she came for a second time. Christopher moaned loudly as he came inside Angela, with her. He pushed forward inside her as he moaned out loud. Angela pulled him by the back of the neck as their moans were silenced by their fiery kiss. Angela slowly whimpered as she caught her breath as she collapsed to the floor with Christopher. Both were breathless and exhausted.

Angela put her arm over Christopher’s chest and whispered,

“So… same time next week?”

They both struggled to laugh. The room was in disarray as they fell asleep with each other on the floor.

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