Sleep Deprived  

zanzibarus 37M
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4/6/2006 8:33 pm

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4/7/2006 3:19 pm

Sleep Deprived

I couldnt sleep last evening. I was either cold or hot. I know i'm not sick, cause thats not why i couldnt sleep.

I just couldnt stop thinking about sex. I went to sleep, and woke up 2 hours later as horny as i was before i went to bed. Then it would subside, only to come back again 2 hours later to wake me again.

If i had someone lying next to me that evening, i doubt there would have been any sleeping going on. In fact, i am sure i would have annoyed said imaginary partner that they would have left the bed to sleep on the couch.

These last couple of days have been spent feeling awkward about walking around work with an erection.

"Is it showing? Can the temp see it? Oh god just go away!"

I am contemplating going out tomorrow sans underwear. I just feel a whole lot more comfortable without the fandangled contraptions. I am also curious to know if people can tell when men dont wear underwear. Stupid curiosities take up a lot of my time. Time that i will never get back.

I have a bottle of vodka waiting for me at home today. It looks like the horniness wont subside, because when i drink the clear elixir, it just makes me much much worse.

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papyrina 50F
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4/7/2006 6:20 am

i have never seriously noticed if a guy is wearing anything under his jeans

I'm a

i'm here to stay

frangipanigal 44F
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4/7/2006 6:50 am

Got to love an undie free day..I know I do!

Jeez, I throw an invite for drinks out and you still didnt bite..hmmmm

Have a vodka for me and hope the mood passes soon.

Frangi x

zanzibarus 37M

4/7/2006 3:19 pm

papy - thats good that means i dont have to wear underwear

frangi - aww darling weekdays are har for me with drinks cause i never know when i actually finish work. i hope the mood doesnt pass on! as frustrating as it is, i enjoy being horny heheh. when i do bite i hope you bite back

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