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Neurotic Erotic

I got bored, so i wrote a story...


The music was blaring. Thom was playing a blistering set for his first gig as a solo artist. Every chord was played to perfection and the audience was captivated by the sound. One moment he was singing softly and gently and then the next he was blaring out harmonies at the top of his lungs.

Thom loved being on stage. The power he had over the audience made him high. The eyes of the audience watching his every move, hanging on his every word. It was as close to God as he could get. He played his final song, a chilling song of lost love. As he played a young brunette out the front stood out at him. She watched him, her body swayed to the music, stuck in her own world, her eyes closed as she danced elegantly within the mass of other sweaty and drunk bodies. Thom finished his set, thanked the audience and trundled off the stage for the next band to go up.

He took all his gear off stage and packed them into his car, wandered back into the bar for a few after show drinks. He sat at the bar, ordered some red wine and drank. He lit up a cigarette and accepted compliments from the bar staff and patrons of the small club. The brunette came to the bar and ordered a drink. He caught a glimpse of her, her slight frame, a tattoo on the small of her back and straight brown hair. She looked at him and smiled slightly. Hesitantly she approached him.

"That was a great gig," she stammered.

"Thanks. I noticed you dancing out the front. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. What's your name?"

"Oh, my name's Tash. It really was a great show. I got lost towards the end. Especially in that last song."

"Yeah that one is my favourite. I always play it last."

Thom and Tash talked throughout the evening. Interrupted occasionally by gushing patrons wishing him well in his career and complimenting him. They flirted unconsciously. She touched him on his hand; he put his hand on her back. After a gig Thom always felt energised and excited. The more they drank the more open they became with each other.

"So who was that last song about? I could tell it meant something to you." Tash blurted out.

"Oh, it’s kind of personal. Just a girl I once loved. She had done some bad things to me. I was devastated over it. I'm over it now, but it still means something to me."

Tash admired him. Putting all his emotion into a song, and letting everyone share it. Thom was always like that though. He would share his life with someone if he could. If he found someone he trusted. Here he was though, talking to a complete stranger about things that he would never speak to anyone about. His childhood, how he lived, his opinions. He looked straight into her eyes and found understanding, not the adulation of a fan.

The final band had finished their show. The bar announced that they would be closing in an hour. Slowly the patrons shuffled out except for some hangers on and staff. Tash said she would also get going. Thom smiled at her.

"I was about to say the same thing."

"Will you be ok to drive home?"

"No, but that's ok. I'll get a cab home."

Tash was hesitant. She wanted to ask him to stay at her place. She never really invited anyone over, but she wanted Thom. She wanted to know if the passion he had for his music would be translated into physicality. At points in the show she would watch him flail his guitar around, strum it as if he were trying to put out a fire and then slowly move his fingers over it as if he were making love to a woman. He would yell into the microphone like a banshee at one point, and caress his voice over it the next.

Thom took some of his gear out of his car and put it on the floor.

"OK, I guess I’ll be seeing you then. Come to my next show. That would be great. I'm going to try and hail a cab."

"Do you want to stay at my place?" Tash gushed.

Thom smiled, "That’s ok. I don’t want to put you out. It’s OK."

"I have a spare bed. It is fine. Cabs are expensive; you can stay over and take your car the next day. I'm just down the street. I'm not a groupie though."

"That’s fine. I don't sleep with groupies anyway. They bore me. I won't be too much bother. I'll leave first thing. Thank you."

Tash laughed, "Let's go then."

They walked down into a dark street and up some stairs to her apartment. Tash opened the door and turned on the lights.

"You can put your stuff down over in the corner." Tash said


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zanzibarus 38M

10/27/2005 4:02 am

"Can I order some take out? I'm starving. I can get you something too if you like?"

"Sure, here’s the phone. Get some Chinese, there is a good one just around the corner so it won’t be too long and it may still be warm. Here is the number." She handed over the number to him. Thom dialed. Tash yelled out that she was going to have a shower. Thom made the order, put the phone down and got some money out. He could hear the water running in the shower and immediately thoughts flooded his mind. Thoughts of her washing her body, running her hands over her body as she cleansed herself. Her fingers sliding through her wet hair, the water running over her breasts and down her thighs. He wanted to go in and take her in the shower. He wanted to kiss her soft lips as there naked wet bodies pressed against each other in fits of desire.

Tash came out of the shower in her bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head.

"Sorry about the clothes, I'm embarrassed, but, well, I just had a shower," she laughed.

"No need to be embarrassed at all. It's your house. I'd do the same if I were you." He said reassuringly.

A knock rattled the door.

"Just in time for food too!" She exclaimed.

Thom got up and answered the door; he gave the delivery guy the money and a decent tip. He handed Tash he food and he took his. They exchanged talk throughout the meal and watched meaningless late night television and infomercials.

"Do you want to have a shower? I have towels and you can wear one of my brother’s boxer shorts or something." Tash suggested.

"Only if it’s not an inconvenience. I do feel a bit dirty. Beer and cigarettes don't make clothes smell great."

"Yeah I think you should, you smell."

Thom laughed, "Ok ok. No need to rub it in."

She grabbed him a towel and directed him to the bathroom.

Tash sat watching TV, she heard the water running, Thom started singing in the shower, she heard his voice and her body melted. She closed her eyes again and started to move her body just as she did in the club. Her thoughts ran wild. She wanted to feel him inside her. She wanted him to take her like he took that guitar, and make love to her softly, and then take hold of her and fuck her with that angry passion.

The water stopped and Tash was roused. Thom yelled out.

"Tash can you get me that underwear?"

She stood up and grabbed the boxer shorts; she knocked on the front door. Thom opened the door, he stood there naked. He had been thinking of her the whole time he was in the shower. She looked at his cock and saw how stiff and hard it was. His hair and body was wet and the shower was still running. He looked at her and lay out his hand as if asking her to come in. Tash's mind was overloading with desire and she wasn't thinking. She put her hand out to hand him the boxer shorts and Thom took her hand and drew her into the bathroom.

He pulled her close to him and started kissing and sucking her neck, his hard cock pushed against her as he hungrily moved his hands over her covered body.

"I don't do this, but I want you", he sighed in her ear.

"I want you to. Don't stop", Tash said in a breathless voice.

With that Thom pulled off her bathrobe hastily. With the water still running the shower he pulled her into it with him. The hot water washed over them. Tash was still wearing her bra and panties underneath the robe and the water washing over them made them semi see through. Thom pulled her close to him as he hungrily licked and sucked at her flesh. The water trickled down her body as he kissed her down her heck and over her collarbone. His torso rubbed against her as he took to her body like a demon, possessed. He pulled her bra off revealing her firm breasts and her hard nipples. He licked down her chest and over her breasts. He took one in his mouth and sucked. Her chest heaving as he sucked and licked her breast. His other hand on her back and running up and down her spine as his mouth ravished her. His tongue flicked over her nipple as the water washed over her face and body. He moved further down, leaving trails of soft kisses on her stomach; he got down on his knees. His hands lay on her thighs, he kissed and sucked the inside of her thighs, and he turned her around and kissed the back of her knees. Softly biting her buttocks, he motioned her to lean her body forward against the glass of the shower. Tash put her hands on the glass and leaned forward while Thom positioned himself between her legs and pushed his finger inside her. Slowly at first, he fingered her while his thumb massaged her clit. Her pussy was hot, the water flowed over her clit as he massaged it harder, constantly sucking and licking the inside of her thighs as he pushed his finger further in and out. He pushed his finger against the walls of her pussy as his thumb stimulated her swollen clit. Then he slid his finger out and lunged his head forward into her pussy. His tongue lashing her clit. His lips taking her labia in his mouth as he sucked on them. He slid two fingers into her as he licked and sucked on her clit. He slid his fingers back and forth as her body shuddered. Her moans becoming louder as he pushed her towards climaxing. His tongue plunging in and out of her pussy now, wanting to taste her as she came. His mouth covered her swollen pussy as her body shuddered, his tongue inside as she moaned loud, cumming, her juices filling Thom's mouth as he sucked on her pussy; she dropped to her knees kissing him hungrily on the lips.

She took his cock in her hand and started rubbing it with her hand. Jerking it back and forth, as she kissed him on his chest and sucking on his nipples. Thom slowly got to his feet, as Tash stayed on her knees; she looked up at him and smiled devilishly. She moved her head down to his cock. She kissed the head. Her hands resting on his thighs she slowly took it in her mouth. Teasing him with swirling licks on the head, licking down the shaft. She gripped it with her hand and slowly slid her mouth over it. Taking in the head, she slowly motioned back and forth on his hard cock. Thom leaned against the glass, sighing as Tash took him in her mouth, sliding down on him slowly, pulling herself off occasionally and rubbing with her hand and then taking him in her mouth again. Her pace started to quicken, her head moving back and forth, her thumb and forefinger wrapped around his cock, every time she moved her hand would move with her. Thom was moaning louder, she gripped her hand on his ass and squeezed as she flicked her tongue on the tip of his cock. The water showered down on his head as he breathed heavier. He held Tash's head in her hand as she sucked harder, taking his full length in her mouth and keeping it inside as she sucked. Thom moaned louder, feeling as if he was going to explode.

He pulled her up and kissed her hard on the lips, his cock rubbing against her pussy as they feverishly kissed, he opened the shower doors and stepped out. He lifted her up onto the washbasin and wrapped her legs around his waist. Sliding his cock inside her he thrust deep into her, their tongues interlocked as they kissed passionately. Their moans muffled by each other, Thom slid his cock in and out of her harder and faster, he put her arms around his neck and lifted her up against the wall. Every time he pushed inside her, her back slammed up against the wall, her face red as he thrust his hips forward, carrying her as he pushed in harder and faster, and her pussy gripping onto him with every thrust. The water evaporating off their body heat, their moans became louder; Thom held Tash and fell to the floor with her.

He bent her over on the floor. Her pussy, swollen, invited him to take her from behind, he moved his face towards it and gave it a teasing a lick, then he knelt behind her and slid himself inside. He let out small grunts as he thrust inside her, Tash fell to her forearms as he rocked himself back and forth, his thighs slapping against her ass. He moved his hand underneath her and started to rub her clit, his cock moving in and out, harder and faster as he rubbed her clit harder. He pulled her closer to him by her shoulders, wanting to push as far in as he could. Thom started to moan loudly, breathlessly repeating her name as he pulled her closer to him. He felt her pussy start to tighten.

Tash's moans became louder, her face grimacing as she felt all of him inside her. She started to rock back and forth as well, beckoning to have him as part of her. Tom pulled out and brought Tash close to him, he lay down on his back and Tash pounced on top of him. Taking his cock and guiding it inside her she straddled him. She leaned forward and kissed his chest as she rocked back and forth. Her hips moved elegantly, just as she danced, she was now dancing on him. For him. Then, just as the music changed, she changed. Her body started heaving onto him harder. Her nails dug into his chest. Thom moaned louder as she started grinding her hips down onto him. She started to move quicker, her breath becoming shorter, she lunged forward and kissed him, plunging her tongue inside his mouth, her breasts pressed against his chest she moved quicker. Her pussy started to tighten and release quicker, her kisses becoming more passionate, then she pushed up against Thom's chest and let out a loud moan, she rode him harder and faster, Thom breathed harder, he had no control over himself and he leaned up and took Tash in his arms, their bodies heaving together as their breath got shorter. Tash moaned loudly as she came. She squeezed Thom’s cock as he came deep inside her. Filling her with warmth as they rocked back and forth in each others arms. Their pace easing as they looked at each other and kissed passionately. The bathroom full of steam from the running shower and their bodies. Tash rested her head on Thom’s shoulders as he craned his neck up to kiss her softly. Staying inside her and holding her as they both collapsed to the floor exhausted. She lay on top of him, resting her arms on his chest, Thom then stood up and picked up Tash and took her bedroom, where he spent every night he could spare to fulfill each others desires. To be with her.

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