It's All Greek To Me  

zanzibarus 37M
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4/9/2006 7:49 pm

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4/10/2006 4:29 am

It's All Greek To Me

Work today has been a bit of a drag. There has been nothing much happening apart from me going up the road to get a coffee and perve on the new girl working behind the bar. I think she's Greek or something. Everytime she turns around, her ass seems to just be inviting me over. But that's just in my mind, and i don't want to go to prison. Bad things happen there.

As you can clearly see, i am a busy busy man with my priorities in proper order. If i werent so damn responsible, well who knows what would happen.

I received a phone call late last night, well this morning at about 2AM. It was from an ex flame. She tends to call at ungodly hours, i dont know why. Anyway, i awoke from my slumber thinking that it was work and there was an emergency i had to deal with. I didnt bother looking at my phone. Anyway we have some history. She couldnt sleep and so decided to call me, knowing that i'd probably answer.

We got to chatting, i couldnt recall what i was saying in my semi conscious state. I'm sure she mentioned something about masturbating in the back of my car while i was driving. We had an "interesting" relationship. We never really spoke much. It was more, see eachother, get naked, have lots of sex, go to sleep. I miss those days. I make it sound as if it were a distant memory while i sit on a rocking chair on the porch reminiscing to my grandchildren. Hopefully i wont be too senile and forgetful to actually reminisce about that, i dont want to scar them for life.

You know what i love, getting kinky text messages on my phone. They put me in a good mood all day...

zanzibarus 37M

4/10/2006 4:29 am

    Quoting LipsSayAll:
    So....a penchant for high assed Greek girls? Nice......

    I myself have an ex flame like yours...he text messages mostly though.....usually around 3 in the morning......I guess that's when he misses me most, huh?

    And we kinda had a just as "interesting" relationship....the emotional involvement and the bond and the caring all stemmed from sex...few words, no common interests, huge age the emotional involvement also involves the twins we had together....

haha a penchant i suppose. she's pretty hot. ah well. what can i do. I know your from Greece. and well, all i have to go on is your picture, but on that evidence, i wouldnt say no heh

yeah what is it with ex's missing you at ridiculous hours. is it their horny time or something.

aww twins. thats cute.

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