Impending Doom  

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9/20/2005 5:31 am

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Impending Doom

So Kate Moss allegedly has drug fuelled sex parties. This made front page news? Is that so difficult to comprehend for some people. I used to hang out in crowds whose sole basis was to get fucked up on drugs and fuck anything within arms length of you. Its called being a musician.

In other news, today i managed to hook up with some girl at a bar i went to. I couldnt be bothered going in to work today, so i went to a bar and drowned my sorrows. Seems another person was havng a similar week. We managed to exchange numbers etc. I told her i wasnt in the mood for relationships, she said the same. She later said if i wanted to come by this weekend i should send her a text on her cell and let her know. So i may do that tomorrow. Depends on how i feel about things, still being apprehensive about everything, considering i only broke up with my girlfriend 2 days ago. It would probably be a sympathy fuck, and i dont think i can cope with that at the present time. Sympathy that is.

Maybe i just need to be bitchslapped and told to snap out of it. Or i just need to go to a place where no one knows me and start over again.

I know what i want. I just need to be motivated to get it.

I miss Barcelona, life was much simpler there.

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