Gig Night  

zanzibarus 38M
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9/30/2005 9:54 pm

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Gig Night

Its Saturday. Long weekend this week so i get extra rest. Tonight i have a gig at some bar in the city.

It should be great. I love nothing more than to go on stage, the hot lights from the ceiling, the noise, the crowd. Next to sex, it is the only thing that gets me so excited.

For a period i had forgotten about it. I gave it up in search of actually becoming a citizen. Paying taxes, owning a house, all that stuff. I accomplished that, but i still had that feeling, that void that was missing from my life. So i started again, and even though i may not make any money from it, i dont really care. I feel fulfilled being on stage and entertaining. Yes its the same old bullshit cliches you all hear about. I dont do it for the money, i do it for the music. I dont know, for me, if i stop doing something i am passionate about, i feel empty, there is something missing. So even though now, i get paid nothing to do it, i would never give it up again.

I have a job, i make good money from that, but if i had to make a choice between that and my passion, i would rather be broke playing my guitar, than stuck doing something just for money.

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