zanzibarus 38M
419 posts
10/8/2005 9:59 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


I would throughly enjoy sleeping with saintlianna

zanzibarus 38M

10/9/2005 1:37 am

its not possible

i live in australia

bella_ 47F
4030 posts
10/9/2005 5:41 pm

so would I

zanzibarus 38M

10/9/2005 8:13 pm

we should convince her to agree.

I'll have to be there in spirit though. Damn oceans.

rm_saintlianna 45F
15466 posts
10/11/2005 1:13 am

Blech, what the hell does that mean? We can always cyber-sleep together.

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