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10/22/2005 6:43 am

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The gig went very well this evening. I'm getting suprised by it and the music is being well received. So i am very happy. The demo may be getting done next week to so thats a bonus. Its gonna be a shitty one, but who cares.

An ex of mine once asked what i was gonna do with my life, i was a bum musician at the time working in a cafe serving lattes to the yuppies. I told her this was what i was going to do for the rest of my life. She broke up with me cause she thought i would be a loser. But in retrospect, they were the happiest times in my life. My responsibilities were to pay my cheap rent and bills and that was it. The rest of the time i spent working an easy job, playing music and hanging out with friends. It was great. It was great...


I have noticed that after reading many journals on this site, when a woman posts some depressing entry, the guys flock to comfort. Now comforting is great, but it makes me think if there are ulterior motives. I have been guilty of the comforting myself, but i have no ulterior motives. Fuck the people i want to say comforting things to are on the other side if the Earth, and i dont like being delusional. I'm sure that a lot of others are also sincere. But surely there is a group who thinks, "yeah, if i act like the sensitive new age spanker, i'll be gittin mah self some."

But honestly, is it really gonna get you in their pants? Not fucking likely. Just make people laugh. The best thing to get rid of any depressing feeling is laughter. Tell a nonsensical joke. Fall over. Take a picture of your cock with a tutu on it or something. Who cares?! Just make people laugh. We aren't on Earth for a long time, so fuck it, let's enjoy the ride.

And while i'm on making people laugh, in the vein of my previous Zappa post here's something to make you laugh.

Zappa has songs called....

I Promise Not To Cum In Your Mouth
Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
Titties & Beer


Lyrics from Zappa's song, Bobby Brown

Oh God Oh God
I'm so fantastic
Thanks to Freddy, I'm a sexual spastic

He rocks. Laugh.

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