more smiles in the dugout...maybe a reader  

zamazar 62M
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6/15/2005 1:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

more smiles in the dugout...maybe a reader

will be able to make a useful observation
regarding this message to the AdultFriendFinder help desk:

"a couple of days ago i noticed that i had
250 points: further clicking told me that
i could view a profile for 100 pts so i clicked 'redeem' but didn't get a place where i could enter a name; i assumed i'd made a know--clicked 'redeem' again with the smae,[sic], result

"now i see i have 0nly 50 points; please help me here, thanks, zamazar
ps...the blogs are a great idea"

tra la la...i put three months insurance on the
motobike: a 1980 honda 750 cc and the pleasure is extreme; i'll see if i have a pic

well i do but blog machine doesn't want to show it, a case of mechanical jealousy perhaps, which just reminded me of the following:

"Subject: suddenly so sleepy

that back to bed seems best just now; not on
plan yet, we'll see how long it actually takes
them--i'll sue, i'll sue, i'll sue for pain,
etcetera, resulting from not being able to hear
your voice, let alone its counsel, thats why i
drove the dump truck over the mayor's car, there's
your proof right there of my distress, i would
not do a thing like that otherwise.

"anybody who knows me knows i wouldn't even try
a thing like that with a dump truck, it's a job
for a good old fashion grader: tall tires, high
clearance and a heavy blade in the middle sticking
out on both sides: dumptruck! i don't think so.

"i imagine that that right there is evidence of
distress any judge would easily understood, don't
you think, well that's why we call them judges, eh?

"so that was my next disappointment

"jury is different i know but that there's where
you get your lawyer to do the talking for you see
any way honey, i feel better after pecking out this note, i got a lawyer this time, and there will be a jury this time too, i had thought the judge and i could talk it over but you know how i dislike being shouted at and afterwards everybody told me he had gotten years ago a nickname: the shouting judge

"turns out he'll be a lot quieter in the future which is quite an improvement for everybody but me, the lawyer says i'm my own worst friend oh well, at least the lithium seems to be working, tapping the keys seem to have woken me back up
so who knows,,,

"i am looking forward to yr next ee, i haven't
had one lately so i'm thinking that we get our
outside communications rationed...ll,zz"

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