legal again, better than ever  

zamazar 61M
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6/16/2005 1:45 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

legal again, better than ever

the motorcycle i mean it's insured...

after all the laughter and 'it was okay's
about the party...i only remembered today
how lucky around alcohol i've been...

only a few times blackouts, more can't remembers.

..lots of times throwing up but only once that i know of when i might have choked:

aboard the great lakes freighter, the 'roy a. jodrey', such an unnautical name, my first deckhanding job, when i woke in my upper bunk it took me a while to realise why the bedding was so strange.

strange and horrible, not strange and nice...

fortunately it was early sunday morning,
twenty paces from my bunk--over the side went
everything but the mattress, which escaped the deluges,,i still think i'm lucky not to have
inhaled my own muck and died before daybreak

so folks you care about should sleep on their sides if sleeping after heavy drinking; if you can wake them, good: it's quite hard to roll a sleeping body onto its side single-handed -- a half asleep person who is willing makes the task easier.

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