State of Confusion  

zadebr3 52M
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7/3/2006 3:45 pm
State of Confusion

I am one who is on here looking for Aa long term relationship with someone who shares some of, but not all of my interest's and one who has an extremely high sex drive. I have for the most part of my life never been one who has met someone for the first time and had sex with them.
Here is the confusing part. I have seen a few profiles of women here and had an email or two from them. There profiles list and I am not qouting word for word but cut to the chase, looking for just sex with someone who is open minded and has a High sex driveand sex is what they say they are only interested in. Some are married, some not. But the problem is this; the moment I get an email or talking to them on IM and start talking about our first meeting and sex in the same phrase, you never hear from them again.
My question is what in the world do they think is going to happen when they make a statement like I am only looking for sex!!!!!!!! People like me and I am sure I am not the only one who thinks okey they only want to meet for sexual pleasure and that is it. Then you talk to them once and you never hear from them.

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