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Incredible Sex

After a quiet candlelit dinner, and soothing conversation, she headed for the kitchen asking if I wanted a drink. I quietly followed her in to catch her at the fridge softly grasping her at her sides. Not saying a word I caress the inside of her arms keeping her back to me. As soft as I can I trace her arm from her hand to her shoulder and back again. Inside her wrist I softly lift her arm, guiding her arm to reach up behind and cradle the back of my neck. Then I caress her arm back down finding my way to her neck. Bringing my other hand up to touch her chin, I softly pull her chin away to expose her neck. As a vampire preparing to feed I ever so lightly kiss below her ear then another as I work my way down. Then she feels a breathe of warm air brushing the side of her neck, a soft whimper escapes from her lips. My hand still holding her chin having my lips explore her neck, my other hand finds its way back to her side working its way across her waistline. The tip of my small finger barely invades her oh-so-tight jeans as I work my way across. Once I reach the button of her belly I firmly pull her to me pressing our bodies together. She turns her head to face me hungrily reaching for that first kiss. Tauntingly I pull back not to allow this kiss, but only for a moment as I embrace her to give her that kiss. Softly and gently our lips meet, my knees were suddenly weak, my hand quivers. As I allowed her to turn and face me I caught her in mid-swing scooping her up into my arms. Releasing our kiss I walk to the bedroom gently placing her on the bed as I lay beside her. One arm cradling the back of her neck the other free to dance across her body. Another long soft kiss, she reaches to deepen her kiss yet I withdraw enough to lightly tantalize her. My fingers glide down to her luscious cleavage passing by her perky tits. She squirms wanting and waiting, with me only playing with the buttons on her blouse. With the magic of my one hand, one button - then two coming loose, then another till her blouse falls to her sides. Exposing this black lace bra, which looks like it was made just for her. Her nipples hard with the pleasure of the want, want of being touch, licked, worked over with my passion. Hmmmm, it’s one of the bra’s that hook in front, oops as her bra bursts open. Oh My God!!! I thought to myself as I peer at this pair of lively, beautiful, tasty tits begging me to perform my magic on them. Feeling her quiver as I cup one in my hand, massaging every inch. Reaching the nipple she lets out a moan that strikes my very drive, I couldn’t hold back anymore as I nestle her tit to my face licking and sucking with the hunger of a beast. I reach down firmly pressing my hand to her as I glide it down her thigh, bringing it closer and closer to her honey spot. Pushing my fingers down between her thighs rubbing her pussy, I can feel it pulse as her jeans start soaking in her love juice. Uncontrollably she continues passionately moan and squirm in my arms. Suddenly as I touch the button of her jeans they open allowing me the slide the zipper down. I move to sit over her, kissing her as I work my way down, suckling each delicious tit. Making my way down to her waist, caressing her softly with my lips. Taking my time, I feel her wiggle beneath me impatiently wanting more. I grasp her thighs lifting her off the bed while I slide those tight jeans off of this incredible body. Leaving her panties on I reach to kiss her above her panty line, working my way closer to her pussy. Dancing my tongue over her clit, I lick and suckle her through her panties. Deciding that she has waited long enough I pull aside the barrier allowing me to fully access her hot, juicy pussy. Carefully, and softly my tongue dances on her clit, she gasps in pleasure getting more vocal each time I lick. Giving her more as she begs for it, then pressing my lips to her I give one last moment of bliss. I then move up caressing her body with my lips, on my way to give her that deep fulfilling passionate lip lock. She only allows me a few moments to taste her lips, she then rolls me over climbing atop of me. Grabbing my hands placing them above my head she leans over and starts to nibble on my ear. She sits back up brandishing an evil grin with devilish eyes. Raking my chest, digging her nails into my flesh. She begins this sultry lap dance that’ll put the pros to shame. I cannot help but groan in pleasure, this beauty has only begun and I’m goin crazy. With my hands still above my head as though they were tied, she caresses my body. Searching for that spot, the one to drive me insane. She then begins to kiss my neck, my shoulder, then my chest. She finds my nipple and promptly nibbles at it, just enough to give me this pleasurable pain. Then, slowly she slides her way down my body till she face my rock hard cock eye to eye. She places her thumb below my sack massaging my muscle below and begins to lick my balls. A quiver, a tremble, my God it feels so good. She works her tongue up my shaft, flicking at the sweet spot. The harder I breathe the closer she gets until, ohohohoh yaaaaa! Softly she suckles the tip of my dick, taking her time to drive me crazy. Suddenly she goes wild sliding my rock into her, in and out, twisting and thrashing while sucking me as if she were starved. She then grabs hold of my cock and gives me a hand job better then I do. Holy shit she is good!!! Licking my balls, a hand job, she moves her thumb down to massage my arse. She begins to suck harder on my balls moving her way to the top. I couldn’t think straight, OMG, she is taking it all in. looking up at me with those beautiful eyes she drives my very inner soul crazy. I feel it building, I open my mouth but nothing comes out, I reach down but I couldn’t stop her. Finally, force it out “I’m coming”, she places both hands on each side of my balls continuing to suck me harder. I take a deep breath, hold it, and then let out this grunt from deep inside me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Shit ya! She continues to suck every drop she can out of me as I tremble to her gift. When she finished she crawled her way back to my awaiting lips allowing me to kiss this wonderful woman. While passionately kissing her I run my fingers up and down her back, getting her to quiver for me once again. We rolled over putting me on top, now I can give my gift to her.

Wasting no time I began to run my fingers around her tits, cupping them both in my hands working them. Rolling her nipples in my fingers, she quivers and moans to my touch. Then moving over to her side I then peel her panties off then lifting her legs up towards her chest. I lay my arm across under her knees holding her legs up exposing her ass and her wet pussy. I reach down with my tongue and begin my treatment for her condition. Licking ever so lightly she tries to thrust her hips to me, I hold her down keeping her still. I reach around to grasp her ass, firmly holding her in place as I reach deep inside with my tongue exploring her pussy. When she realizes that she cannot move with the motion, I slide my hand over to massage her pussy. Then pressing one finger in, her body tenses and she starts to moan continuously. Licking and sucking her clit, I give her two fingers. Slowly working my way in and out again. Moving on to my next step of her treatment, I start to rub her juices down to her arse circling and massaging. Softly slipping one finger in and place the other finger into her pussy. Pumping my hand to her she cannot hold back the screams, she cries out unable to speak. She reaches down to grab the hair on my head I feel her whole body tense, heavy breathing, deep gasps. I know she is about to explode, and then it happens. She screams in between the gasps of pleasure, “oh God” escapes from her lips as she tightens up her face as if she were in pain. She lets out a deep gasp then another, and another. Trying to squirm yet unable to her body begins to relax, breathing deeply she pulls me up to her as I position myself between her legs. Our Kiss becomes wild with hunger, she bites at my bottom lip as I slowly bring myself inside of her. As slow as I started I guide my cock in and out of her. Then I become motionless while deep inside of her except for the pulse of my cock. I kiss her again, our bodies begin to motion together as one, “ohhh! She feels so good”, giving her more as cries for it. I lift her legs to rest on my shoulders as I’m pumping my rock into her. Without a spoken word together we roll, she straddles me and begins to work her magic. Grinding her clit into me swaying back and forth she seams to be in her rhythm. Digging her fingers into my chest she throws her head back repeating “Yes” “Yes”, she becomes wild as she gasps deeply. Driving all my senses crazy I feel myself building once again. Expressing her pleasure she screams out bucking wildly as my own pleasure screams. Together we reach our ultimate sexual bliss, I came so hard and so long I could barely catch my breath. She slowly lays her head on my chest, exhausted but it was so comfortable just to hold her in my arms. Neither of us could move, we didn’t want to.

What seemed like hours, even though it didn’t matter, I moved her over asking her to follow me. Barely able to walk I led her into the bathroom starting the shower. Escorting her I brought her in and just held her while the hot water sprayed on the two of us. My body is feeling life again as I start to wash her body, massaging the lather to her skin. Every square inch of her back I worked over and over again. Squeezing her ass pulling her into me as we kissed. I turn her around and begin to wash her breast playfully working the lather as I fondle her. Then washing my way down her belly, her thighs, reaching under to lather up her pussy. Taking my time as if she were dirty. After a few moans and giggles, she turns to return the gift. She soaps up my chest and rub my nipples clean. Reaching around to wash my back pulling me in for more of her kisses. Stepping back she reaches down to my cock, stroking it firmly driving my crazy as she stares into my eyes. Keeping my lips planted on hers we finish our shower and grabbed a towel. Stepping out why drying her off we keep our passionate kiss locked. I lean on her pressing her against the wall to keep her close to me. The hot shower relaxed me, her touch enlighten my soul. The heat of our kiss aroused my passion, as I reach down and my hands around her ass I lift her up wrapping her legs around me. Holding her pinned against the wall I plunge my cock deep into her. Fucking her with a wild passion, squeezing her ass while holding her suspended. I take a step back with her leaning on the wall allowing her to buck as I feel her pussy tighten. The moaning grew louder, as she fucked me hanging there in my arms. The pleasure was so intense I was gasping “ oh yeah, give it to me”. She screams, again and again, I can feel her juices dripping from my balls. She stares me in the eyes as she explodes, the look on her face alone drives my juices to build. She senses my climax drawing near as she unwraps her legs climbing down, sucking my rock as I am about to explode. Screaming and gasping I unload as she sucks every last drop. My knees are weak again as she helps me to the bed, we lay down arm in arm again not wanting to move. Only to caress her arm as I thought to myself, …and I only met her a couple of hours ago. You see, I just moved here starting a new job, which required a full physical. My appointment at the clinic is where I meet this beautiful woman. After my physical was finished and discuss a few situations, the doctor wrote out on a prescription pad a remedy for me. She handed it to me placing a kiss on my cheek, the prescription read:
“Dinner - my place - 6 o'clock”

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