Twas the night before Christmas...  

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12/24/2005 11:32 pm

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Twas the night before Christmas...

and all through the house...well thats about as far as I can take that one...but this is a nice holiday gift thought.

Christmas morning...
I am awakened by my wife telling me that she has a surprise for me that can't wait...she wants to blindfold me because it is un-wrappable and she wants it to be a surprise. I agree.

She blindfolds me and walks me into our family room where we have our tree and other decorations, and seats me in a chair I know the feel of quite well, its my favorite recliner.

Once seated I feel restraints beign applied to both ankles and both wrists at the same time...I object to be told to relax, all was well. A moment later I am gagged, and unable to object any more. Then I feel the coldness of steel gently rub across my neck and under my shirt, as my shirt is cut from my body and then removed, followed shortly by my boxers.

Having no idea what was going on, but knowing that my wifes voice was still quietly whispering to me to relax...I now knew others were doing this to me...but what was this, what was happening, why...

Then I am reclined completely...
My wife leans over me, her hair brushing against my shoulders, gently pinches my nipples with her fingers and tells me that if I promise to behave she will remove my gag...and I nod yes. After removing my gag one final restraint is applied...a choker left snug but not restricting airflow at the moment, was secured to the back of the chair.

"Ladies, let the test begin!" my wife says in a normal tone. And with that, simultaniously I feel both of my hands, both of me feet, and my now seriously confused but aching hard cock sucked into 5 different silky wet mouths...and my wife starts to whisper something in my I know that there are at least 6 people in the room that know what's happening, and then there's me.

"Rich, when this is all over, if you can properly identify 3/4 of the people involved, and identify when or how they were involved, we will leave you tied to recover and then do it all over again! If you fail however, you will remian restrained only long enough for my assistants to clean up and leave. Is that understood?"

I nod.

"Is that agreeable?"

I not again.

Now things got interesting...all of the sucking stopped momentarily. I now felt my hands being ridden by 2 hairy pussies, and my feet by 2 bald pussies. There was a medium sized breast with a super hard nipple in my mouth while presumably its owners hands massaged my neck, and what felt like a leather clad hand massaging my balls gently while occasionally a tongue would lick my cockhead.

This went on for about 30 minutes I guess, until I heard my wife say "Ok, switch!"

At which point all contact stopped for a minute or 2. After some shuffling I now felt breasts in each hand, rather large ones and very firm as well. My feet were being massaged by hands, some petite woman had climbed on top of me into a 69, with her bald and pierced pussy hard in my face and my cock deep in her throat (so deep I could feel her nose pushing into my sack. My wife was again whispering into one ear, while nibbling it, and someone else nibbled the other ear.

This lasted for over an hour, with everyone in the same positions until I lost control and came in the mouth of the petite woman 69ing me. Then about 5 minutes later when my wife realized I had cum, she said "STOP" rather sternly. Everything stopped and I was without physical contact within a matter of 2 minutes, but still fully restrained.

My wife then said, "Quiz time...each time you correctly identify a participant, except for me, said participant will spend 10 minutes sucking your cock and then be seated. If you correctly identify 3/4 of the participants we will keep our word as given by me before we started."

OK, I said...first things first then...Jon(our bisexual neighbor), you were one of the people sucking on my toes at the start. I felt stubble on the cheeks, and later on my neck as well as you nibbled on my ear. At which point Jon silently proceeded to spend 10 minutes eating my cock like an ear of corn while massaging my balls heartily.

"Time Jon...give hime 10 minutes to suffer now" my wife said giddily...(some span of time passes) "Ok, time for another guess now."

Nancy, I said, if Jon's here you are too (she is Jon's girlfriend). I am guessing that you were the petite young thing that 69ed me in the second session. I remember what felt like a several clit rings of the barbell studd type that I have seen in your clit and hood. I also think it was your perfect breast that was in my mouth at the start. Nancy silently came over and deep throated me as she had before, but this time because of her changed position she was able to lick my sack while my cock was deep in her throat.

"Time Nancy"
...I cried as she stopped for just another minute more...
"OK Nancy, if you wish to you may for 30 seconds more...(30 seconds passed) TIME NOW!" My wife said and Nancy pulled off just as I was starting to cum for what was the second time. "Dam Nancy, remember to show me what you did sometime...ok 10 more minutes recovery time" said the wife who I was now falling deeper and deeper in love with with every minute I enjoyed this gift.

"OK, time for another guess now" said the wife. "No, wait...Nancy, you left a mess there you need to clean up...go get a damp washcloth and clean up all that spent seed."

Nancy said "I'll clean it up alright"...and proceeded to slirp the sticky syrupy mess from my sack, making an extra effort to make sure none was left in the folds of foreskin on my now limp cock...and as a result was responsible for making me raging hard again.

"Nancy...bad girl!" my wife said.

Julie...Julie has both inner lips pierced with hoops...I think I felt that on the pussy that was riding my right hand in the first session. And if I'm not mistaken one of the breasts I felt was one of your beautiful 36DD's. Julie quietly came over and positioned herself on her knees between my thighs and proceeded to spend 10 minutes giving my cock what I call butterfly kisses...something you might give to sensative nipples or clit. Then just as my wife was calling time she mouth fucked my cock fast and deep 5 times. It was amazing.

"Time I said Julie...Time!" screamed barked my wife.

"Sorry, this is all just very exciting..." said Julie, "I have never done anything like this before!"

"10 minutes cool down time" ordered my wife..."make him suffer some with anticipation!"

after about 10 minutes passed..."OK, next guess" said my wife.

Kendra (Julie's live in girlfriend) I think you were on the other hand in the first session...If I remember correctly you 2 showed us pics of the matching pussy rings you had, and I thought both pussies on my hands felt the same. That would also explain the other heavy breast in my second hand in the second session...but you have a nipple ring, a hoop type right?

Kendra came over and wasted no time sucking both my balls into her mouth at once and massaging them with her talented tongue while stroking my cock.

"Kendra, you are supposed to be providing head service" said my wife.

So Kendra proceeded to suck my cock into her mouth and work it with such suction that I imagined what an automatic milking machine must feel like on a cows teet. When I came after only 3 minutes she briefly stopped and was told that there was still 7 more minutes she owed me...which she proceeded to spend doing the same thing just as intensely forcing me to cum 2 more times, leaving my cock swollen and aching when she was done.

"Did you leave any for me?" my wife asked as Kendra walked over to sit down.

"Didn't know you wanted any this early on!" was her response.

I must have passed out from either exhaustion or sheer pleasure, becuase next thing I remember was waking bound, face down in bald pussy with a dildo in my ass, and someone vigorously milking my cock from beneath me. It took me a couple minutes to get my bearings, but this time it was my wife sucking my cock, and I knew it from the tongue studs she had...yes I did use the plural studs...

And I awaken to my wife asking what I was thinking about, pointing to my raging cock, and telling me to do something about that before our kids (who were at the door screaming about Santa) bust in.

Well it all seemed so real...

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12/24/2005 11:49 pm

Well Merry Christmas to you!

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

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