Amy the captive...just part of day 1  

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Amy the captive...just part of day 1

A female prisoner’s story of falling in love with one of her captors…

They say its typical that captives often relate to and bond with their captors…I had just never known anyone personally who had been in that position…

It’s mid May, and Amy has been held captive since January. She was abducted because she knew someone or something that was important to one or more of her captors. What that is we know not, and I don’t even know if Amy ever told them what they wanted, or would have known if she did. She has been with her captors for several months now, being interrogated daily for the information they want or claim to need, her clothes long since shred away to nothing as the conditions of her keep as well as the daily beatings and abuse wore them threadbare. Her only dignity is that there is a toilet facility in her makeshift cell so that she doesn’t have to sit and stew in her own waste. She is given nothing but occasional food and toilet paper. It seems her captors want her to be somewhat clean when they beat and abuse her several times each day. The following is how she describes a typical week:

She remains restrained, even in her locked cell; tied up spread eagled while squatted over her modest toilet facilities (which she describes as basically a bucket with a seat on it). Her captors constantly walking by, staring at her wholeness, this defenseless and naked woman tied spread eagled so that she cannot even have a bowel movement that isn’t being watched by everyone around. There is no dignity in this for either her or her captors. It is straight up abuse by every definition. Still, dirty as she is, appearing primal in nature since it has been months since she was able to bathe, there is some attraction to her from her captors (or at least the several of her guards who her daily).

Her week starts on whatever day, she has long since lost count. She is awakened, from what little sleep she managed while tied in her most uncomfortable position, by a splash of warm water as it is thrown at her from a gallon bucket in the hands of the guard bringing her what is to be her breakfast. He giggles a little exclaiming that he likes the wet look on his women. Still though, after all the abuse she has been through, her senses are not dulled any to stimulation of any kind. Emotionally she is mostly gone, but physically her body still responds. Her nipples still get erect when splashed with water, or pinched by the guards. They are large nipples, made even more noticeable by the shrinking size of her breasts as her body uses up body fat to keep itself functioning. The guard approaches and pinches one nipple rather roughly, while taking the other in his mouth and sucking it gently for a moment, then biting it before moving on to the other one and repeating his actions.

She is angered by this, but it is not visible on her face, as she bides her time reserving her energies. Your breakfast is here my pet, says the guard, and after you eat I have your drink for you as well. The guard stuffs part of a dry crusty roll in her mouth breaking off what doesn’t fit. She chews up and swallows what was in her mouth, and the guard repeats his action of stuffing the remaining roll in her mouth. After several minutes of eating a dry roll, she is told she can have a drink to wet her parched lips…only after she sucks it from his cock, which he is now fondling openly in her face.

Suck my cock good today, the guard instructs as he holds a knife to Amy’s throat. Suck it good and you will have plenty to drink and wash down that dry roll. He proceeds to force her down on his cock until he can feel her nose pressing against his pelvic bone, and holds her there for several minutes while she chokes and gags on this sweaty, nasty cock that has intruded her body without invitation. After several more minutes the guard pulls away, goading that she wasn’t that good today, maybe he aught not reward her with a drink. As she is just inches away she sees his cock start to twitch, and knowing it’s the only moisture she will have for some time she begs him. Please let me have it, I promise I can do better, you’ll see. As the guard rams his cock back into her throat she starts intently working it for just a few seconds until he starts to drain his semen into her throat. She backs off just a bit, allowing him to finish draining his semen into her mouth so that she can moisten her lips with it before having it all go down her throat.

The guard leaves, she is still bound spread eagled in the corner of this cell, naked to all the world, only now she is still damp from the water that was thrown over her body, and she is left with the nasty salty after tasty of sweaty cock and semen in her mouth with no way to relieve herself of it. Her body, wet and partially clean in some areas from the water thrown on her, has a new look to it…a slightly more attractive look since it is her chest and face that were washed by the water. She now even looks somewhat sexy to the average guard, and her nipples remain hard from the breeze blowing across their wetness.

Seemingly an hour or so later, the same guard comes by to repeat the same routine, with the same results. He does this several times each day, Amy’s estimation being that the most ever was 7 times in 1 day, and the least was 3.

Around mid day or slightly later, only estimable by the location of the hot sun overhead, another guard comes by, this one with ‘lunch’. Here is your lunch today, biscuit and bologna with mayo…says this guard. Once inside her cell he informs her that she can have the bologna biscuit only after he is done with her. He proceeds to untie her, and then re-tie her arms and legs once she is on the ground bent over, face in the dirt and ass high in the air. He takes a wipe from a box out of her reach while she is restrained, and cleans her behind and privates. Then he proceeds to penetrate her cunt repeatedly and roughly. She is dry at first, there is nothing remotely sexy about this to her, so this is painful until her body starts producing lubrication to make things go more smoothly. After ripping into her for 15 minutes or so he cums deep inside her cunt, only to pull out and then slam himself violently into her ass without any lubrication. As one might imagine this hurts her immensely and she cries out, only to be stifled by the dirt in her face. After several long minutes of violently pounding in and out of her ass he again cums, this time deep inside her ass. Now he unties her and re-ties her in the previous position, spread eagled over her ‘toilet’ and while all his fluids drain from her body into the bucket, he proceeds to her orally. He cums deep inside of her again, this time in her throat. And after all that he claims she barely earned the biscuit, but not the bologna, and removes the bologna from the biscuit. Leaving her with only a mayo covered biscuit for lunch after being for what will amount to the 5th time this day (and its only mid day).

Amy had hoped to give us a full accounting of the average week in her captors torment, but she has just become emotional and asked us to stop for the day. Perhaps we will learn more later.


1/8/2006 4:03 pm

Wow! that's all I can say. I mean that's one hell of a nightmare to go through. I tell you one thing I can see it so your good with your words. You go boy

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